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What Is the Patella?

Commonly Referred to as the Knee Cap, the patella is the small bone that is in the front of the knee.


What is Patellar Inflammation:

Patellar Inflammation is related to the injury of the tendon connecting you kneecap (patella) to your shin bone. Often called Patellar tendinitis or jumper’s knee (similar to tennis elbow).

The area is inflamed by excess strain and injury causing a build up of fluid and tension around the connecting points of the tendon.


Repeated stress on the tendon that connects the kneecap to the shinbone Intense or frequent participation in physical activities such as jumping or running

A sudden increase of the intensity of impact on the leg, such as during sports Tight muscles in the legs, as well as reduced flexibility in the thighs and hamstrings

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Imbalanced muscles, meaning that if you work out some muscles more than others, the strain on your patellar tendon could cause jumper’s knee pain

The use of steroids often makes muscles and tendons weaker, causing jumper’s knee Arthritis, specifically rheumatoid, which causes inflammation of the knee joint


Pain between the kneecap and where the tendon attaches to yourshinbone (tibia)

Initial pain may only be felt right after a workout or straining physical activity. Overtime the pain worsens and starts to interfere with playing your sport.

Eventually, the pain interferes with your daily movements such as climbing stairs or rising from bed or a chair.

Pain Relief Surgical Options Available:

Debridement of the patellar tendon ( Link Warning Graphic), Oscillating Needle Procedure, Platelet-rich Plasma Injection

Less Invasive Means:

Stretching Exercises, Patellar Tendon Straps,

TENS/EMS Therapy


Consult with your doctor before determining a course of treatment for your Patellar Inflammation.

We recommend in less severe cases to forgo surgery and skip the less effective stretching exercises.  

Instead opt for the healing and pain blocking effectiveness of TENS/EMS Therapy.

TENS Electrical signals block the muscle tightening effects of a fresh injury. The signals loosen the are and allow for increased blood supply and healing

EMS  is used to treat the painful effects of a fresh or chronic injury. They reduce spasms assist in the healing process and ease muscle tensions.

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