Back Massager For Chair | Best Solution for Back Pain specially for Office Workers

Back Massager For Chair | Best Solution for Back Pain specially for Office Workers

If you are a person who sits in front of a computer or a laptop for 8-10 hours a day or you have to drive a car on long trips, you may be suffering from backache. A good massage can help you relieve this pain. A massage can do a lot such as soothing your muscles, relaxing your mind, relieving your stress, and generally, it may improve your day. While most of the people don’t have time to visit a spa regularly in this busy world or some can’t afford a professional masseuse, a simple solution is buying a massage pad for your chair. This pad will do the job in the comfort zone of your house and you will also save some bucks while investing on this device for only one time. This device will convert your regular chair into a massage spa using its massaging nodes and the soothing heat produced by this device. A good back massager for chair should be versatile and be able to attach with different chairs or seats, maybe your car seat too. If you are a person who spends a lot of time driving, a good back massager for car will help you a lot in your long road trips. This massage pad is a better alternative to upgrading your chair and many of these devices also come with car adapters which will make the task easier for you.

What are back massager for chairs?

A shiatsu back massage pad or massage cushion for chair is usually a seat-shaped device that can be attached to your office chair or other chairs. The back massager with heat for chair has massage nodes built inside it and sometimes it uses heat or shiatsu technique for providing better massages which help you ease muscle tension. These massagers often use rollers, air chambers, or nodes built inside them to provide massage or sometimes may even use the combination of all these to provide the best massage experience.This device can provide you different massages such as deep tissue massage or shiatsu massage along with soothing heat depending on the type of back massager your buy.

These type of back massager with heat for chair can be powered by single-cell, batteries that are rechargeable, a power cable, or sometimes the 12V adapter installed in your car if you attach this massager with your car seat. They are made up of fabric like mesh or cotton, or polyurethane foam designed to be adapted with your chair and some units are specifically designed for your car seat. These back massager for chair with heat can be used for your body pains including your upper/lower back, neck, shoulders, or legs.

Back massager for chair features:

A back massager with heat for chair often comes in a standard size to fit all sorts of chairs but the shape may vary depending on the model of these cushions. If you want a portable back massager for chair, consider a lightweight massager to move along with. Usually, these back massager for chair with heat are designed by the manufacturers to blend in with an office environment as well as your home.

These massagers have air pockets in them that inflate or deflate to smoothly press against your body while giving massage therapy. These air pockets mimic the hands of a professional masseuse while giving you the massage therapy. If you are looking for a better massager, consider buying a back massager with a larger number of massage nodes.

These massagers can also offer you percussion styled massages providing you deep tissue massage. This feature is best for people who want to experience intense massage after their hectic day. One of the best features offered by these back massagers is a shiatsu massage. A shiatsu back massager for chair replicates the hands of a professional masseuse as nearly as possible providing you the best relief. These devices offer a variety of intensity and speed settings to help you control your massage therapy. Some products come with vibration and heat features and some also come with a timer to help you set the timer and sit back enjoying the pain relief.

Choosing the best back massager for chair:

Choosing the best product can sometimes be difficult for you but it is recommended to consider these aspects before buying a shiatsu back massager for chair. A good back massager should fit around your chair with things like elastic strips so it would not shift around and you may able to comfortably sit on your back massager installed chair. Choose the massager which comes with various modes and intensity settings. A good back massager should be portable, versatile to fit your chairs and your car seat too, effective massager, and offers various types of massages. A recommended product for you is a ‘Zarifa Back Massager Shiatsu Classic’ which has some good reviews from its users. It is the only back massager available in the market which is a back massager HSA approved. Good news, this product is also a back massager FSA approved and offers 27 different modes. So, if you are looking to buy a good back massager, this can be a better option. You may also consider buying a massager with a memory recall function that remembers the intensity and mode setting of your massage.

Back massager for chair benefits:                                     

These massagers come with a lot of health benefits such as it induces the muscle and nerve endings relieving your neck pain. These massagers work well for your shoulder muscle stiffness and help to relieve shoulder pain. The muscle tension in your body whether in your back, neck, shoulders or even legs can be relieved by using a back massager for your chair while you sit on your chair relaxing. Many people suffer from migraines and massage has found to be a better way to treat migraines. Using this massager can offer you massage therapy which will treat your migraines and headaches. A massage therapy provided by this device has seen to be an efficient treatment for arthritis but it is recommended to consult a doctor before using this massager for the said treatment.

This device induces the blood circulation producing an improved blood flow within the body. According to studies, using this massager is an efficient treatment for back pain. The massage therapy offered by this massage can induce the body to release endorphins which will improve your mood. Sciatica is a severe pain condition caused by the compression of the sciatic nerve which can be eased by using a back massager. Having a massage therapy by this massager will also treat muscle knots and tight glutes.

Where a back massager for chair with heat can be used:

There are a number of places where you can use this massager comfortably while performing your daily routine activities.You can install this massager to your office chair if you suffer from back pain which causes difficulty for you to work comfortably. You can use back massager for chair with heat at your home and if you are a freelancer who has to sit on a chair while staying at home, this can be an option for you to relieve your back pain while completing your tasks. As already said, some back massager for chairs also comes with car adapters which implies that you can also use them while driving your car.


A good back massager for your chair can save you the cost of buying a massage chair or visiting expensive massage parlors. They are user-friendly and have no side effects on your health if used properly. So, we can say that investing one time on this product can be very helpful for you and you will be able to have massage therapy anytime then.

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