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Buy Wholesale Massage Gun in USA

May 10, 2020 5 min read

If you are a person who works out daily, there is a possibility that you will feel pain in your body or some parts of your body due to your daily exercise routine. This pain in your body might impact your daily routine movements. It is necessary to take care of this pain before it has some adverse effects on your health. Massage gun have been long used to reduce the impact of this muscle pain. But according to researchers, having a massage is more efficient than using massage gun. Massage gun are HSA/FSA eligible

 Massage Gun WholeSale in USA


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Studies have confirmed that taking a massage for an hour is approximately parallel to sleeping for 7-8 hours. This implies that a 60-minute massage relaxes your body to an extent that 7-8 hours of sleep could relax your body. This records the importance of using a massage gun. You can use a massage gun for relaxing your body instead of sleeping. From the above discussion, it is evident that using a massage gun can be more efficient and practical. You can always buy this tool from massage gun wholesale dealers available online. Email us at or call us at 385-645-0255

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Why machine massage?

There are two major types of massage-manual massage or by using a machine for the said purpose. Although hand massage is an effective way of suppressing muscle pains, using a machine tool for this purpose has found to be way more efficient. Most of the athletes and sportsmen of this modern era use machine tools for having a massage instead of going for a hand massage due to the efficiency of massage guns. Using a machine for massage also comes with other benefits that count for their brilliant acclamation among athletes. These tools are user-friendly and non-invasive ways of having a massage. It also helps to recover your pain in less time. Moreover, if you are looking to ease a specific area of your body with soft tissues, using a massage machine can prove to be more efficient than a manual massage. The deep vibrations produced by these tools helps loosen the tightened muscle knots. There are a lot of machine massage tools available in the market and one of the best tools among these is a massage gun.


Z Smart Mini Massage Gun

Defining a Massage Gun:

A massage gun is actually a tool designed in the shape of a gun used for relaxing your muscle tightness. The machine also improves the blood flow within your body. According to the experts, a massage gun is one of the best machine massage tools that helps you to restore your muscles and may even improve the functioning of your muscles. This tool can be used by almost all individuals who are suffering from pain in their bodies. It is particularly used for muscular pains by most of the athletes and sportsmen. But you can surely use this tool for muscular pain even if you are not an athlete. The tool designed in a way to be used by all types of individuals.

Who can use a massage gun?

As already said, a massage gun is mostly used by athletes but there are other conditions in which you can a massage gun for relaxing your body. People who are stressed also use this tool to relax their body and individuals with different types of body pains use this machine for suppressing their pains. The machine is also used to improve the condition when a person is unable to sleep. So, if you face difficulty while sleeping at night, you can surely improve your condition by using a massage gun. This method will prove to be a drug-free solution for people with sleep insomnia.

How does massage gun work?

The most impressive fact about this tool is its simplicity to use. Previously, the machine used to sound like a power tool while spinning when you use it for massage. But many of the manufacturers of this machine have silenced the sound making it more efficient. The user only needs to turn on this tool and position it an inch closer to the area where the user is feeling sensations of pain. The tool will then do its job providing you pain relief and restoring the health of your muscles. The to-and-fro vibrations produced by this tool improves blood flow and loosen the tightened muscle knots.

Actually, the machine works on the pain gate theory principle. The said theory states that deceiving the nervous system of a human is possible which results in reduced pain. The nervous system should respond with proper stimulation during the sensations of pain. The said task is possible if the proper frequency of nerve stimulations is produced to reduce the pain. The machine works exactly on this principle and tricks the nervous system into responding faster to pain sensations. The massage gun produces short-duration vibrations and delivers them deep into the tissues of the user’s body resulting in pain relief.

Does using a massage gun actually work?

A study conducted in 2014 showed that using a massage gun will make it less likely for the user to feel muscle tightness 24-72 hours after an energetic workout session. However, there are not many studies made on massage guns specifically but there is scientific evidence that proves its effectiveness and efficiency. Moreover, there is plenty of unscientific pieces of evidence that supports the idea of using a massage gun for efficiently relaxing your body pain.

The best massage gun for you:

There is a variety of massage guns available online where you can find a better massage gun for yourself from deep tissue massage gun wholesale retailers. The vast variety available in the market leaves you with the decision to choose the best massage gun for you. You should buy a massage gun that provides higher recovery time, prevents muscle soreness, prevent fatigue, and is simple to use. You can buy a tool with these specified qualities from massage gun wholesale websites and other physical retailer shops too.

The need for a massage gun:

The said tool is the best solution when it comes to combat body pains. A massage gun fastens muscular recovery and repair and opens up blocked circulatory systems improving the lymphatic and blood flow. The tool relieves stiffness in muscles by breaking up the scar tissues. The machine has found to be efficient in reducing the episodes of DOMS. The massage gun also activates your nervous system and is also referred to be a natural stress relief for many people. Muscle tension related to different health conditions such as arthritis, multi-sclerosis, and nerve damage etcetera can also be treated by using a massage gun. The vibrations produced by this machine also helps the growth of muscles and improves the receptivity of muscles.

The possible disadvantages of using a massage gun:

If you use a massage gun properly, there are nearly zero chances of the machine having adverse effects on your health but there are still a few disadvantages of using a massage gun for pain relief. If you are not properly using the tool and position it directly on the affected area of your body where you are feeling the sensations of pain, it may result in exaggerated muscle activation. The tool is relatively expensive and needs regular and competent maintenance of the machine.


We can say that using a massage gun for fighting pain is one of the best solutions as it comes with no side effects and is easy to use. The method has proven to be way more effective than manual massage and foam rollers. If you can afford to buy a massage gun, it is probably the best tool for having massage therapy at any time and combating the stiffness in your muscles after an intense workout.

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