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Neck And Shoulder Massager Wholesale

May 10, 2020 5 min read

A person has to work hard to live in this modern world and there are various things which can cause severe shoulder and neck pain while working. If you are stressed out while working or at home, it can cause your neck and shoulder muscles to be tensed which results in the sensation of pains. If you are a person who has to sit in front of a computer for several hours while working or your job is to deliver stuff by a van and you have to drive all day for a living, you might be suffering from neck and shoulder muscle tension or pains.

Some people use painkilling pharmacological drugs for resolving this pain issue but one of the best solutions for this pain is having a massage. Now, you must be thinking that what type of massage will be best for this situation. If you go for a manual massage, it might become difficult for you to often visit a massage parlor. But if you buy a neck and shoulder massage device, you can have your massage therapy in the comfort zone of your house. Some people might think that using this massager is effective or not. The answer is yes! This massager actually releases the tension in your neck and shoulder muscles and also replaces the need for a human massage.

What area neck and shoulder massage device?

The neck and shoulder massager device is an electronic device specifically designed to release the tension in your neck and shoulder muscles due to improper sleeping positions and poor postures. The device typically comes in a C-shaped pillow and the user wraps it around the back and side of the neck and the device rests on the shoulders of the users and helps ease the muscle tensions. The device imitates the hands of a masseuse inducing the muscle and nerve endings of the person receiving the massage. Studies have found massage therapy to be an effective treatment for chronic neck and shoulder pain and this device has found to be efficiently imitating this technique.

How does it work?

Neck massager works by producing gentle and soft massage strokes and induces the nerve and muscle endings of your neck, shoulders and back and base of your head. These massagers are mostly made up of durable plastic or other light-weight metal wrapped with a soft cotton or polyester lining to provide comfort when wrapped around the neck and shoulders of the person using it. This device looks like a huge neck pillow. The device comes with different control buttons for controlling the vibration speed and the type of massage you receive from the massager. These devices use the shiatsu massage technique for relieving the pain in your neck and shoulders caused by muscle tension. A rotating displacement system is installed in the device along with a set of spinning rollers. The movements of this system give you a complete massage. You can turn on the heat button if you wish for a heated massage otherwise turn it off and enjoy a simple massage in which the kneading balls will press harder against the desired area for releasing your muscle tensions.

Why you should buy neck & shoulder massager?

A person can get stressed out after several hours of work and it may impact his/her mood too. You may want to have a massage right after you work and it may be difficult for you to visit a massage parlor. Buying a shoulder massager will help you in this space and you will have the opportunity of receiving an efficient massage on your neck and shoulders at any time. You should consider buying a massager if you suffer from regular neck and shoulder muscle tensions. This device will provide you relief in a few minutes.

Buying the best massager for you :

Before buying a massage device for you, there is a range of elements you should consider. A good massager offers you a range of intensity level settings and must allow the controls via remote or manually on the device. If the tool is built specifically for neck and shoulder, it is a preferable one device and it must be user-friendly. A good massage tool comes with heat settings and is portable. If the device can be adapted with a car, it will be easy for you to receive a massage on the move and it would be a bonus if this device can be used on various body parts. According to my opinion, one must read the product user’s reviews before buying that specific product. You can search for a better device from neck and shoulder massager wholesale websites and online retailers. Read the user’s reviews on these websites and buy a device from there which best suits your needs.

Benefits of Neck & Shoulder Massager :

One of the important benefits of these massagers is that you get rid of the pain within a few minutes. It is a drug-free solution for releasing muscle tension and you start receiving the treatment whenever you feel pain without having to visit a masseuse. Your sore muscles are easily relaxed with the pressure and heat generated by this tool and a home massager can provide you the desired relaxation at your home. These massage cushions are user-friendly and anyone can operate them.

Although it is mainly used for soothing neck and shoulder pains, it also helps to improve sleep. People with sleep insomnia can use these massagers to get an adequate amount of sleep. It also helps to relieve stress and improves the appetite of a person receiving massage therapy from this device. Studies have shown that using this device promoted a good mood in people with depression. The tool has no side effects and can be used by people of all ages. The device also improves the blood circulation within your body and will help to enhance the functioning of different human body organs.

Specifications of a good neck and shoulder massage device:

There are massage devices that come with the ability to provide massage on all parts of the body but you should focus on the ones that are specifically generated to work on neck and shoulders to receive the best massage therapy. Powers ranging from 24W to 30W is normal for some good quality neck and shoulder massage devices but consider a device that can easily control its power while providing you a massage.

Ergonomically shaped massagers are the best devices and they often weigh around 1 to 2 kilograms. A device with a long cable enough to meet your demands will be comfortable for you. But you can always go for cordless devices that are battery-powered. The size of this massager is usually 41 x 20 x 19 cm and comes with a security system that turns it off after a regular therapy session.

These massagers offer different modes and massage levels. Consider starting from a soft massage level and increase the level according to your resistance and the amount of pressure you wish for. The modes often offered by this massager are heat and vibration mode and you can go the mode which provides you with the best comfort.


Neck and shoulder are crucial parts of a human body when it comes to good posture. Many people suffer from chronic neck and shoulder pains and using a neck and shoulder massage device is found to a better technique for relieving these pains. If you want to have a massage in the comfort zone of your home and relieve your numb shoulders, buying a neck and shoulder massage device is one of the best solutions for you.

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