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Smart Cushion

The Z-Smart massage Cushion Plus is a portable version of our shiatsu classic cushion. It features 4 massage heads, heated rollers, easy to use handle and quiet tech for discreet use. You are able to use your HSA or FSA to purchase this massaging cushion. See below for more details.


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Zarifa Shiatsu
Massage Cushion Plus

A mighty yet portable machine

back massager for chai

A mighty yet portable machine, the Shiatsu Massage Cushion can be taken anywhere at any time for full body tension relief. Plus, this is an FDA Class-II Medical Device with an intensive medical certification like no other massager on the market.

The Shiatsu Massage Cushion Plus offers a quiet massage with 3D kneading. Shiatsu portable massage cushion material is like no other with solid stitching and soft textiles that are difficult to find among lower quality alternatives. you can also try Shiatsu Massage Pillow for your neck and back pain. 

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Zarifa Shiatsu Massage Cushion Plus Features


Multiple Intensities

Adjust your massage intensity level for a variety of back pain needs.


Quiet Motors

The quietest motors in a massage cushion. Our brushless design is perfect for peaceful massage.


Comfort Textile

Durable and comfortable massage cushion textiles.


4 3D-Shiatsu Massage Nodes

There are 4 rotating massage points that move on all three axis of movement, side to side, up and down, in and out.


Integrated Feeling of Jade Heat Stone Massage

Two massage heaters mimic and replicate a jade stone heated massage.


Velcro Car Straps

Incorporates Velcro straps for easy attachment to any chair and car seat.

CUSHION PLUS Massage in Your car

Car Adapter included with Car Seat Straps for Massage on the Go.

Zarifa Shiatsu Massage Cushion Plus Special Features

Rechargeable Battery

Three cell Li-ion battery so you can unplug the Massage Cushion + and Go


The reverse function allows clockwise and counter-clockwise rotation for custom comfort.

Eco Friendly Battery

Our Li-Ion batteries are composed of less heavy metals and are easier on the environment when disposed of 10+ years in the future.

Multiple Intensities

Three intensities for all pain and tightness levels.

Cordless Design

The Massage Cushion + is designed with portability in mind. We've included a handle to make it easy to carry wherever you go.

Light Weight

Light weight in design and function allows you to enjoy massage therapy, without the burden of carrying something heavy.

Over Charge Protection

The Massage Cushion + has over charge protection built in so your battery lasts longer.

Smart Switch

All the functionality without the unsightly array of mismatched buttons. Each function is programmed in sequence for easy use.

back massager with heat technology

Smart Switch Technology

Sequence between all of the features included with the Massage Cushion +. Also Included are Soft and Long Press functionality.

high quality back massager with heat

Quality Construction

The Z- Smart Massage cushion incorporates Quality Stitching, Better Leather and Softer Textiles.

Portable back massager with heat and vibration

Portable Convenience

Portable and Ergonomic to fit you and your daily routine. Includes comfort straps and Velcro for easy carry and hands free operation


Unplug and Go with Easy Carry Handle No hauling or Cords just immaculate massage you can take with you. Easy carry handle included.


Specifically Designed with Pain Relief in Mind

Unwind after a long day at work with a full body shiatsu massage, that reduces tension and soothes aching muscles. Our Z- Smart Massager relaxes and rejuvenates you, so you can spend more time doing the things you love and less time in pain.

The Shiatsu Massage Cushion Helps with the Following Symptoms:

Neck Pain
Frozen Shoulder
Sciatica Issues
Tense Quads and Hamstrings
Sore Feet and Plantar Fasciitis
Cramped Stomach Muscles Muscle Spasms Degenerative Disc Disease Lower Back Pain Inflammation 


Eco-Friendly Three Cell Li-Ion Battery Unplug and Go and get the same Therapeutic Massage wherever you need it. Battery is long lasting and is perfect for the eco-conscious shopper. Our shiatsu massage cushion Li-Ion batteries are composed of fewer heavy metals, and are easier on the environment.


Medically Smart, Cleverly Therapeutic
Massage Cushion with Heat Back Pain for Car

Our #1 Home Suite shiatsu back massager for chair


Massage char

We are able to help ensure that you will find the right product for you, and can go over several different payment options as well. We have a special 0% rate for financing for up to 36 months, as well as the ability to use your HSA or FSA account on any of our products. We encourage you to fill a time slot below so that we can expect when you will be here, and be able to provide you with our full attention.

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Massager #1 Zarifa usa

There is no need to be concerned about manufacturer mishaps with your Zarifa USA product. Our quality massage tools come with a Peace of Mind One Year Warranty that covers any and all manufacturer defects. You can safely purchase with quality assured. We’ve got you covered.


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All Zarifa USA products are developed to be the best massage tools and equipment you can find. Certified by the FDA as Class I and Class II devices, our massage tools embody the clinical physical therapy experience that is easily accessible.

Zarifa USA products have been shown to improve blood circulation, tackle lower back pain, target sore muscles, and more. Zarifa USA has taken massage equipment to an entirely new level of excellent medical quality! *

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Calf and Leg Action

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Upper Arm Airbag Massage

2 Piece Valve Technology for better coverage and rotatory cuff injuries.

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