Six Pack Pro

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Short Description:

    • The Six Pack Pro by Zarifa Tones and Strengthens your Stomach Muscle
    • EMS (Electrical Muscle Stimulation ) technology sends therapy signals directly to the muscle
    • Promotes muscle movement and flexibility
    • Gain tighter and stronger muscles after consecutive use of this product for 6-8 weeks

Concentrated Abdominal Muscle Exercises

Our Six Pack Pro is specifically designed for your abdominals, with 6 EMS Pads targeting your core muscle groups. 

Fast Charging - Use Anywhere You Go

Rechargeable device that does not require extra batteries. On a 5 hour charge it can now last up to 30 sessions. Can be worn comfortably and without effort anytime, anywhere.

Cordless, Light Design with Carrying Case Designed to Fit in Your Every Day Life.

We've taken wearable training gear to the next level. At only 3mm thin the Six Pack Pro is designed to contour to the edges of your stomach.

Oxygen Senor Pads with Superior Conductivity

Specifically designed high-conductivity gel sheets achieve a reduction in electrical resistance. Electricity gets delivered to the body evenly and with high accuracy.



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