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Z-Smart Massage Gun Health Plus

The Z-Smart Massage Gun Plus has our Z-Tech Health Sensor that can track Calories Burned, Heart Rate and Temperature, has 9 speeds, 60 lbs of stall force, a 5 hour battery life and more. You are able to use your HSA or FSA to purchase this massage gun. See below for more details

9 Speed Presets

60lbs of Stall Force

300 Minute Battery

Carrying Case Included

Oscillations: 1200 - 3500 RPM

Z-Quiet Motor

Z-Tech Health Sensor

Touch Screen

Z-Smart Massage Gun HEALTH PLUS

Massage Gun with Heart Rate Sensor, Calorie Tracker, and Temperature Monitor

Z-Smart Massage Gun Plus
Massage Head Material
PP and EVA
Motor Head Diameter55mm
Amplitude16 mm Deep Tissue
Speed Range1200 - 3500 rpm
Rated Power20W - 30W
Charging Time3 to 4 Hours
Working Time6 to 8 Hours
Product Net Weight2.2 lbs
Battery Capacity5200m Ah rechargeable

Commercial-Grade Brushless Motor


No massage motor in existence could deliver the unmatched power of a Z-Smart Massage Gun while also operating quietly, so we developed our own. The Z-Smart Massage Gun Health Plus is equipped with our commercial-grade brushless motor that delivers 60lbs of stall force at a quiet 45dB.

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The Z-Smart Massage Gun Health Plus leads the industry with 9 Speed Presets.

Remarkable Power. Unrivaled FEATURES.

Track Heart Rate, Calories Burned, and Temperature


Take control of your health metrics with our zTech health sensor. The Z Smart Massage Gun Health Plus is utilizes our state of the art sensor to help you track your heart rate bpm, kcal's burned and even your temperature.

Super Bright and Responsive LCD Display

Touch Screen Enabled

Whether at the gym, or outside the Z-Smart Health Plus shines bright. Always have access to your battery level, intensity, and health metrics. With our easy touch screen, using your massage gun is a breeze.

Battery Level

Heart Sensor

Power On/Off

Temp. Sensor

Set Timer

Set Timer

Intensity Level

Intensity +/-

kcal Counter

8 Easy-to-Clean Massage Heads

All of our attachments are made of non-porous closed-cell foam. Easily wipe clean for a more hygienic experience.

Intensity Level - 1/10

Durable Foam Ball Head

Designed as an all-around massage head


Live Pain Free

The Zarifa Z Smart Massage Gun Health Plus is designed to relieve sore muscles before and after your workouts so you always deliver your best performance. It’s ideal for elite athletes, anyone who is training for competition, and those who hate taking time off from the gym due to muscle soreness.

Quad Relief

Neck Relief

Calf Relief

Lower Back Relief

Shoulder Relief

Glute Relief

How it WOrks

zSmart Percussive Pain Therapy keeps you on the move. Below is how it works.


The backbone of our zSmart Massage Gun Technology is a higher amplitude- a technical term for how far the massage head extends and retracts to reach your body and deliver the massage. Our Massage Gun Health Plus incorporates 16mm of amplitude for maximum coverage.


With variable 1200 to 3500 RPMs of Oscillations you can customize your massage gun to hit the correct speed for you comfort level. Most massage guns hit your skin at uncomfortable levels of non-adjustable vibration. The zSmart Health Plus massages comfortably at your level.


The zSmart Massage Health Plus packs a punch with 60lbs of stall force. Stall force is the amount of pressure you can apply to the unit before the RPMs of the unit begin to slow down. At 60 lbs of stall force you won't be lacking for intensity of massage.


Utilize our tailored health and wellness guides to fit your lifestyle. Access all of our articles for free via our website. Many things can slow you down, pain shouldn't be one of them.


Massage char

We are able to help ensure that you will find the right product for you, and can go over several different payment options as well. We have a special 0% rate for financing for up to 36 months, as well as the ability to use your HSA or FSA account on any of our products. We encourage you to fill a time slot below so that we can expect when you will be here, and be able to provide you with our full attention.

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