Cease and Desist Letter: GQ Distributions

January 20th, 2019


Tiffany and Carla Quiambao and Associated GQ Distributions:


GQ Distributions and Associates at the Arizona Quartzsite RV Show are currently in violation of US Trademark law and are unlawfully using our Trademark Zarifa without permission or authorization.

Additionally GQ Distributions and Associates are not authorized to sell the Zarifa USA Neck and Shoulder Massager. Zarifa USA is the OEM manufacturer and distributor of this item in the United States and does not extend authorization to GQ Distributions to sell, purchase or distribute the product in any market, online or in person or otherwise.

This is a Cease and Desist letter requesting GQ Distributions to immediately stop selling the Neck and Shoulder Massager in all markets including but not limited to the Quartzsite RV Show.

Deadline to do so is 11:00am MST. Reference the Trademark number for more information.



Failure to adhere to this Cease and Desist letter will incur further legal action by Zarifa USA.