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Christmas Gift for Landlord – What is best?

Do you happen to have problems with your landlord? Probably! But there are always some good ways to mend important relationships. Yes, being on good terms with your landlord can help you a lot with your living situation. Or just in case you decide to move out, it’s great to have some to care for. Well, we understand that there is no right answer when it comes to gifting something valuable to your landlord. 

Well, if you observe a little closer, he or she may have a terrible life routine, or they just look for moments between the life to relax and have something get the stress off their body. Now, this is something that brings us to the answers along with the choices to gift to your landlord.

So, here are the things that you can offer as a thank you and a Christmas gift to your landlord.

1.     Massage Chair 

The Z-Smart Massage Chair Plus is a top-of-the-line massage chair; with all the luxurious features you could want in a massage chair. Hand massage, adjustable pivots, ergonomic foot massage, advanced intelli-sense massage rollers, memory modes, adjustable back massage, o2 ionizers, Zero-G stretch inversion, space-saving designs, S+L track, different targeting programs, and more are all included.


  • You can have a relaxing massage that includes heat therapy. This heat is excellent for extending the soft tissue of your muscles and delivering pain relief.
  • This foot massager is an effective alternative for consumers because the height is adjustable, and it has a sliding in and out option of up to 5.5 inches.
  • While massaging your calves, ankles, and foot soles, these innovative built-in ankle holding cradles keep your foot in position.
  • Because it is made of the highest quality leather, you can sit back and relax without worrying about its endurance. 

2.      Mini Massage Gun

The Z-Smart Mini Massage Gun comes with four massage heads, USB-C charging, five-speed presets, and 60 pounds of stall force, among other features. This massage gun can be purchased with your HSA or FSA funds. 


  • With simple clip-on and off battery packs, you can easily extend your Massage Therapy sessions.
  • Massage heads that plug and play to meet a variety of massage targeting demands and experiences.
  • While active and on the go, it's simple to clean and use. At the touch of a button, it gets to work.
  • Brushless motor technology produces a low-noise level of 40 decibels while maintaining massage strength.
  • Deep tissue massage manipulation of 12 mm reaches the toughest knots and tight muscles deep into the upper layers of the dermis.

3.     Massage Gun

The Z-Smart Massage Gun Plus offers 20 settings, a 3200 RPM maximum, and 5-hour battery life. Your HSA or FSA monies can be used to purchase this massage gun. 


  • With the easy-to-recharge integrated battery, you can easily extend your Massage Therapy sessions.
  • Plug-and-play massage heads that can be used to satisfy a variety of massage targeting demands and experiences.
  • To personalize your message, choose from 20 different intensity levels (1200-3200 RPM).
  • Touch screen displays are brighter and more responsive than traditional gear screens, as well as easier to clean and more durable.
  • Deep tissue massage manipulation with a 16 mm needle targets the most stubborn knots and tight muscles deep within the dermis' upper layers.

4.      Neck & Shoulder Massager

The Zarifa Neck and Shoulder Massager is a full-body massager that includes, among other things, 8 massage heads and heat for added comfort, adjustable intensities, and a rechargeable battery.

This Neck & Shoulder Massager can be purchased with HSA or FSA funds.


  • There are numerous levels of massage for varying amounts of pain and comfort. Adjusts to the massage therapy demands of the user.
  • Two massage heaters imitate and mimic a heated jade stone massage.
  • To go hands-free, simply strap the massager around your waist, neck, or any other preferred place.
  • You can unhook and go, thanks to the embedded rechargeable battery.
  • At the touch of a button, the massager rotates clockwise and counterclockwise.
  • There are eight revolving massage points that travel in three directions: side to side, up and down, and in and out.

5.     Foot Massager

The Flagship foot massager is the Z-Smart Foot Massager Plus. Using the Swing Hinge Feature, the Plus acts as an independent massage ottoman, massaging your feet, calves, knees, and even upper thighs.


  • With the Convenient Massage Programs, you may control the targeting, temperature, and intensity of your massage.
  • The sensation of gentle rubbing airbags is similar to that of human hands.
  • The Foot Cover detaches for easy cleaning and upkeep, and each time you use it, you'll get a new foot massage.
  • The massager's top component swings at a 90° angle to target the upper legs and quads.
  • For ultimate tension reduction, several massage rollers and airbags massage away pressure spots.
  • Warmth aids relaxation and reduces irritation during the massage.


·         What do you give a property manager for Christmas?

Well, your property manager may not be the manager of your building as it can be just another friend in a business. However, you have plenty of options to gift them on his Christmas. One thing is true that they work really hard to manage the business and sometimes even go through tough legal situations too. To give them a little break this Christmas, you must get them a massage gun. You already know its features. It can come in handy for a holiday this year.

·         Do you give the landlord a Christmas gift?

Usually, no one thinks about it. But there has to be a little way to appreciate their efforts. Those people are often the first ones to come for help whenever you need it. So, this Christmas, you can pay a little of their efforts back in a form other than the rent. The massage products are highly expensive; landlords may not be able to afford them all time. So, you have Zarifa to help them out with it as a gift to make them enjoy a day off in their life. 

·         Should I get my landlord a Christmas gift?

Although it is not typical for tenants to give gifts to their landlords (your rent check is sufficient), many renters encounter people in their building who assist them throughout the year, from the building super to the maintenance person who is always on hand when your heater breaks down. Even so, it might be a beautiful gesture to strengthen a bond. What else are people for? So, check out the options from the list above, and voila!

Bottom Line

Besides all, your landlord can be an old man suffering from severe physical pain; gifting them one of the massage products can really help them relax and heal. Zarifa has many products available to treat people facing chronic body pains or stress. If it’s possible, you can be very helpful to them by gifting any of it this Christmas.