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Christmas gifts for staff from the boss

Christmas is all about enjoying a sense of fun and togetherness whether at home or work. As this festive season falls upon us, we can enjoy it by exchanging gifts and expressing our gratitude, love, and appreciation. The celebrations and joys of Christmas should not just be limited to your home. The same love and appreciation should also be extended to the workplace. If you are an owner of a business, Christmas eve can be the best time to appreciate your employees. Nevertheless, buying a good gift for your employees is never an easy task. To help you in your search for the best gifts for your staff this festive season, we have collected a list of gifts that will cheer them up and boost their spirits! Let’s dive into our selection.

1.     Massage Chair 

Your employees must get tired after a hectic day at work. What better gift for Christmas than something that can give them the relaxation that they need. Zarifa USA offers a great collection of massage chairs that will relax the muscles to give release all the strain from a day’s work. Massage chairs support therapeutic heating that helps your employee relax his/her strained muscles by softening and stretching the muscles, giving relief from pain. The flexible leg extension makes it suitable for everyone since the height is adjustable, hence is suited for all your employees. The ankle grips relax the ankles, calves, and foot soles while the durable leather quality makes it long-lasting. The durable and reliable motors ensure a deep, relaxing massage for your employees.


  • Therapeutic heating helps to relieve pain and give comfort to your employees
  • Personalized controls are also supported giving ultimate customization 
  • Durable and reliable motors make it long-lasting, a gift your employees will love
  • Multiple massage positions will relax every part of the body, offering ultimate relaxation 
  • With customizable features employees can set their massage as per their choice. 
  • The relaxing full-body massage will reduce tiredness and fatigue after a tiring day of work.
  • Zarifa USA massage chairs are easy to use
  • Zero-gravity and heat features relieve stress on the back, thereby helping your employees relax. 
  • The full-body massage chair allows complete customization to relax every muscle of the body.
  • Massage chairs are perfect health partners that recharge you before a new day. 

How does a massage chair increase the productivity of employees?

A massage chair can be a great way to let your employees relax after a tough day at work. Allowing employees to unwind and relax, a massage chair helps reduce stress. When your employees have to sit at the desk and work all day, neck and back pain can be a common concern. A massage chair can help reduce the pain that may distract them from work. Moreover, a relaxing massage with a massage chair is known to improve mental and emotional health. Being relieved from pain, stress, and anxiety your employees will be more productive, show increased morale, and be able to work harder. 

2.     Eye Massager 

A hard day at work doesn’t just tire your body, it also tires your eyes. Especially since all jobs today require sitting in front of the PC or laptop screen for several hours. Surely your employees would have experienced eye strain after a day at work. An eye massager is a wonderful gift for your employees to give their eyes relaxation from strain. Zarifa USA eye massager is equipped with Bluetooth allowing you to listen to your favorite music as you relax your eyes. Multiple intensities can be adjusted as per your employee’s needs. The hot towel compress feature leaves the eyes calm and relaxed. Multiple massage modes offer several health benefits. It also supports a thermal power massage that gently gives heat to improve blood circulation and provide comfort. 


  • Zarifa USA eye massager relieves tired eyes after a staining day at work.
  • With heat and vibration, an eye massager improves health by reducing headaches, sinus pressure, dry eyes, and eye puffiness.
  • The ergonomic design, adjustable hinge, and adjustable strap make this device suitable for all your employees, ensuring that no one misses out on a relaxing eye massage.

Why an eye massager is best for staff ?

An eye massager can be a great choice for your staff. Since most of our work today requires constant screentime, your eyes are bound to get tired. An eye massager help strengthens eye metabolism, reduce drowsiness, wrinkles, and puffiness while keeping the skin calm. It also helps relieve headaches from strain and sinus. Hence, it can help your staff relax their eyes so they can come to work recharged and be more productive. 

3.     Foot massager 

If your employee’s work requires walking in the office all day, it can result in tired, strained feet. A good Christmas gift for your employees can then be a foot massager that offers a relaxing massage by carefully rolling, compressing, and caressing your feet joints, and muscles. Zarifa USA foot massagers are equipped with multi-directional rollers that move in all directions to cover the entire foot. Foot massagers give a 4D massage that helps the feet stay mobile and release stress from a tiring day. It also supports precision point rollers and a gentle air massage technique. It also supports leg press and a knee massage.


  • Ultra-quiet yet powerful foot massage motors give employees a relaxing foot massage in silence 
  • Multi-directional massage rollers cover the whole foot, making sure no part is missed out. 
  • 4D massage reduces joint and ankle stiffness that may result from a tiring, hard day at work
  • The Shiatsu foot massage helps improve mobility, so you can keep walking at work. 
  • Leg and knee massage supported by a foot massager relieves stress from the entire leg, and not just the feet.


4.   Neck & Shoulder Massager

If your employees sit and work for most of the day, we are sure their shoulder and neck must get tired from all the strain. An ergonomic and portable neck and shoulder massager can be a great Christmas gift to relieve knots and pain. It supports a 3D shiatsu massage that relaxes strained neck and shoulder muscles before bed. Multiple intensities allow employees to set the heat according to their needs. It also supports a reverse function and 3D nodes for massage. It also supports 8 massage heads along with heat for ultimate relief. Velcro straps can be arranged around the waist so there is no need of holding it in place.


  • Neck and shoulder massager supports several intensities so employees can set it according to their comfort and pain levels.
  • A heated massage is offered to relieve neck and shoulder strain and pain. 
  • With Velcro straps, there is no need to hold the massager in place.
  • 8, 3D massage points cover all axis, making sure no place is missed out
  • The shoulder and neck massager offers shiatsu massage that helps deal with several medical conditions like neck pain, inflammation, and others.

 Why Neck & shoulder massager is best for your employees

Neck and shoulder massager is a wonderful option for a Christmas gift for employees. The neck and shoulders often get tired from a straining day because constantly being in one posture can be harsh on your body. This massager can help relieve the stress in these areas, offering better mobility and increased comfort, thereby recharging your employees for a new day at work. When your employees get the benefits of this massage, they are sure to come back to work recharged and rejuvenated. If you want improved productivity of your employees, a neck and shoulder massager can be a great gift. 

5.     Back Massager 

A wholesome day at work will tire your employees greatly and the back is affected greatly. What better Christmas gift for them than something that can help them relax? A Back massager helps deal with muscle soreness, chronic pain, and gives your body relaxing massage therapy. Zarifa USA back massagers support width adjustment so your employees can customize their massage. These massagers also support heated technology along with 3D nodes. Users can choose the intensity from 5 different options. Massage rollers are designed to offer a deep kneading massage. The back massager also supports car adapters so they can be taken during drives. 


  • Your employees can customize their massage with the width adjustment feature
  • 3D nodes and heated technology give a deep, relaxing massage, rejuvenating you for a new day
  • The perfect amount of pressure can be adjusted from 5 different intensity levels to meet your needs
  • The car adapter allows employees to get a customized massage in their car even if they are getting late for work.
  • A back massager helps relieve tired and sore muscles, thereby improving mobility, activity, and mood.

6.     Massage Gun 

Working all day long does tire the entire body, doesn’t it? Your employees must also get tired after spending the whole day at work. Massage guns are ideal as a Christmas gift for your employees because they give a relaxing massage where and ass needed. There is no large footprint required, instead, massage guns have a small form factor. The smart/health chip is also installed to and quiet motors ensure a relaxing massage. Zarifa USA massage guns are equipped with 1200 to 3500 RPMs oscillations so people can easily customize their massage according to their comfort need. With a 60lbs stall force support, this massage gun won’t ever lack intensity. Your employees can enjoy a soothing massage anywhere because this massage gun covers all areas of the body and uses 16mm amplitude to give maximum coverage.


  • No sizeable footprint is required so users can easily get a good massage without much effort required. 
  • With the portability of this massage gun, your employees can get a custom massage wherever they need it. 
  • The noise levels are kept to a minimum so users can enjoy a relaxing massage.
  • The high stall force ensures that the intensity of the massage doesn’t lack. 
  • The variable RPM settings allow users to set and customize their massages according to their comfort levels.

 Why a massage gun is good for my employees?

Who doesn’t like a soothing massage after a hectic day? Your employees will be grateful to you for gifting them a massage gun. The massage gun will help your employees get a quicker recovery from regular fatigue and tiredness. The strong motors of a massage gun deliver soothing vibrations that relieve muscle fatigue, pain, and soreness while improving the range of motion. With better physical health, we are sure your employees will be able to give in their 100% to their work, thereby improving your company’s productivity.

7.     Mini Massage Gun 

A mini massage gun is a smaller version of a massage gun that operates much like a regular massage gun. Small, yet mighty, a massage gun helps improve your employee’s health by giving a relaxing massage where needed. Zarifa USA Z-smart mini-massage gun comes equipped with 4 massage heads, a 60lbs stall force, 5 preset speeds, and USB-C charging. It offers a diverse oscillation range of 1100-3500 RPM and operates with quiet motors. The mini massage gun also supports an easy press display for perfect control.


  • This mini massage gun is small enough to easily fit into your employee’s purse, pocket, or backpack so they can carry it anywhere they travel.
  • The four massage heads are designed for targeting different areas of the body to give a custom massage. 
  • The strong stall force gives a soothing and strong massage to relieve muscle pain and aches.
  • The deep amplitude massage offers relief from the toughest types of sores and knots to give relieve pain and improve health. 

Why mini-massage gun is good for your fitness freak employees

A mini massage gun is an amazing choice for your fitness freak employees because doing all that workout can tire their bodies. A mini massage gun allows users to relax their strained and tired muscles, thereby improving health. For those employees who love maintaining their fitness, a massage gun can be a blessing in disguise. The small size offers ease of portability while making no compromise on the power, hence it can be carried anywhere around. 

8.     Massage Pillow 

A massage pillow is a wonderful gift for your employees because it gives instant relief where it is needed. Zarifa USA shiatsu massage pillow supports amazing features like heat, 4 different massage heads, and multiple speeds for operation. It also supports 12 different modes for massaging the body according to the user’s comfort and pain levels. The portable car adapter along with Velcro straps make this massage pillow easy to carry on the road, so users can get a perfect massage anywhere. All the pain and exhaustion from a day at work can be relieved with this smart massage pillow.


  • The massage pillow supports multiple heat intensity levels so users can customize it according to their needs.
  • The Velcro straps and car adapter make this massage pillow portable to be used in the car.
  • The different massage modes allow your employees to set the massage according to their comfort and pain levels.
  • Muscle stiffness and tension resulting from work can easily be relieved with this massage pillow. 
  • Since it is portable, your employees can even bring it to the office for getting a massage there. 

9.     Massage Cushion 

A massage cushion is similar to a massage pillow and offers more or less the same benefits for your employees. It is a portable version that features heated rollers, 4 heated massage heads, and a handle for easy use. It supports multiple intensities and a reverse function as well. Apart from the handle, it supports a cordless design for portability. It is light in weight as well and supports a smart switch. It is designed to be used for the entire body, offering a comfortable, relaxing massage for your employees. 


  • Your employees can adjust the intensity level to their liking. 
  • The massage cushion supports ease of portability so it can be carried around with ease.
  • The therapeutic massage cushion offers relief from pain after a tiring day. 
  • The shiatsu massage cushion is suited for treating multiple problems like neck pain, inflammation, and lower back pain.
  • It helps to relieve pain and soreness of muscles and offers full body massage to relieve stress and tension. 

10. Tens Combo unit 

The tens Combo unit by Zarifa USA is a new technology that helps your body heal and recover without any additive or harmful prescription medicines. It works by sending a low-voltage electric current that blocks the nerve signals before they reach the brain. The tens combo unit is portable and supports a sleek design. They come with oxygen sensor pads that are applied to the body. It also supports 12 or 18 options for pain therapy. 


  • Your employees will love this tens combo kit that will help relieve pain without any medications 
  • Based on which you choose, this kit includes 12 or 18 pain therapy options for custom relief.
  • This combo kit is designed to be portable, hence your employees can use it anywhere.
  • Tens combo ki makes it easy to reach hard areas like the feet, back, and neck.
  • This kit helps to improve blood circulation, break lactic acid, reduce muscle spasms, and rejuvenate the muscles thereby offering ultimate relief from pain and relaxing your body.


·        How much should I gift my employees for Christmas? 

There are multiple options when you have to choose a Christmas gift for your employees. We recommend you gift them a massage gun or a massage chair because it is an absolute source of relaxation.

·        Should I get my staff Christmas gifts?

Generous employees understand that their hard-working employees deserve good praise. A Christmas gift is a great way to show your employees that you value them. So yes, you should get your staff a Christmas gift.

·        How much should a boss spend on an employee’s Christmas gift?

While there is no fixed amount that you should spend on an employee’s Christmas gift, we suggest that you spend somewhere between $100 or less.