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Relaxing Foot Massager Gift For Mom

Are You Looking For Gifts That Relax Your Feet?

Foot Relaxing Gifts For Christmas

Finding a great Christmas gift is not always easy.  Everyone is busy and stressed these days. For many of use we are on our feet all day. Foot massage is great because it really helps to release toxins from the feet, which can then be carried through your body. It also feels amazing to get a foot massage!T here are other benefits to foot massage as well, including its ability to alleviate pain in your feet. Massaging your feet can also help reduce (according to some studies) the likelihood of people developing  complication from diabetes by 40%. Researchers have found that people given a 30-minute foot massage, 3 times per week for 2 weeks, had significant improvements in their range of motion, ability to stand up from a seated position, and foot sensation, compared to a control group. So, if your feet are important to you, consider getting yourself or someone you care about massage products.
1. Foot Massager: This machine is designed specially for massaging feet? How do you think people will appreciate a gift that relieves stress and makes their feet feel great. A foot massager is perfect for those who deserves the luxury of a  foot rub each day.

2. Massage Gun: This is an excellent gift for people one the go. Where ever someone has sour feet, they can pull out a massage gun (full size or mini) to relieve the pain and stress.

3. Massage Chair: If you really want to give someone the ultimate gift, consider a massage chair.  Yes, it does relax the whole body, yet, the best massage chairs also have foot and leg massage built in to the chair. No only can you relieve feet, but the entire body is now satisfied.  More information

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  Massage Chair Guide (great for feet) 

Find Your Chair



Find Your Chair

Amazing Benefits of Foot Massage

The physical benefits of foot massage are amazing. They relax muscle groups in the foot that correspond to other parts of the body including: upper legs, hamstring, lower back, hips and glutes. A good foot massage relieves foot discomfort such as fatigue, pain or swelling from being on your feet all day or working out. A foot massage can alleviate pain from conditions including: arthritis, plantar fasciitis, bursitis, neuromas and tendonitis. Not only that it can prevent cramps, spasms and blood clots from sitting for long periods of time or being on your feet too long. 

Below is a list of Foot massage relief benefits:
  •  Reduce stress
  •  Reduce anxiety.
  •  Provide relief from chronic pain.
  • Improve circulation and blood flow.
  •  Feel relaxed, refreshed, and renewed
  • Gain a feeling of tranquility. 
Massage in general is not only healthy for mental well being but also for physical health too.

Stress relief is the first reason people tend to get massages. Whether it's for after a long day of work or just relaxing at home on the couch, getting an occasional massage is great way to reduce stress and leave feeling rejuvenated.

You may have heard of Swedish massage. It's common when they hear the word, "massage." It's usually what their friends and family mention as being great for relieving stress or getting relief from sore muscles. A true Swedish style massage is known to be effective in boosting circulation by including long strokes across muscle tissue combined with kneading movements such tapping on skinned zones which increases blood flow locally--allowing nutrients reach those areas where you need them most. This is much like the action you get with massage products such as massage guns or chairs. 

 In fact, there have been studies to support the importance of massage in your life. In one study done by researchers at the University of Miami School of Medicine, they found that massage stimulates the lymphatic system which means more toxins are removed from your body. This is done via sweat and urine. For this reason, massage can lead to better health and beauty. Getting a good night's sleep is key to keeping your immune system strong enough to fight off colds or infections. Studies have shown repetitive motions like those used during massages help release serotonin in the brain for a better night sleep Come on now, isn't the gift of falling asleep after a relaxing chair massage worth it!

Massage gift for Christmas

Find The Right Massage Chair For your feet (and body)

The right massage chair makes a big of difference. 

In fact, it can be argued that a great massage chair is the only piece of the puzzle to complete a home spa experience . The right chair will make you feel completely relaxed from head to toe. 

But what features should a high-end massage chair have? Is their price worth it? Are there even good values out there, or is it all just marketing hype? Some people are concerned about how expensive this luxury may cost them. The benefit of having your own chair is that you can save serious money over the long term. Not just the health benefits, but the cost of having your own chair for foot massage can be much less than a massage therapist over time.

We considered multiple factors in our chairs and (massage products) including construction quality, durability, materials used  availability of replacement parts. Which is a ZarifaUSA advantage. 

If you believe your friend and family will see the benefits of his new massage chair or other massage products, it's generally better to invest in a higher quality chair. These chairs are a big step up from what you find at the local furniture store. A good quality massage chair will easily last 10, even 20 years with minimal maintenance. 

Massage chair for Christmas

Massage Chair Features That Help Ease Pain:

You'll feel like you're being kneaded by an expert when using these chairs; 3D rollers push out further, deeper into your body and the 4D variable speed movements imitate human hands. The up-and downs side to side motions maximize effectiveness along length of spine toward glutes where tension often accumulates due everyday activities.

Many people have come to enjoy the benefits of a foot massage from their chair. Whether it is an invigorating massage or one that offers relief from sore muscles, it can be very enjoyable. A foot massage can provide relief from muscle tightness and stimulate circulation. This will help to relieve leg fatigue. 

Heat:  Warm and cozy heat settings help loosen tight muscles, which is important for a successful massage. It also relaxes your moms body to allow the full experience of what a good chair has to offer! The warm heat helps with blood circulation as well as muscle relaxation; this leads not only in feeling better but looking great too because less stress on our skin means we can enjoy its glow without any worries

Adjustable Intensity: Massage doesn't have to be painful. Sometimes your mom may want a deep-tissue massage while other times she may want a gentle pressure massage for relaxation. Zarifa massage chairs have adjustable intensity levels so mom can customize the experience to her needs.

Auto Programs: Preset, easy-to-use auto programs allow you to choose a program that fits your mood or level of pain. The Memory Modes allow mom to program his favorite massage chair routines for reuse later.

Zero Gravity: In a zero-gravity position his legs can either be level with his back or elevated above moms heart. This distributes his weight evenly and reduces stress on your dads back and neck with the added benefit of improved circulation throughout his body.

A massage chair can be an essential part of your mothers pain management strategy. When looking through our various massage chairs, just be mindful of his personal preferences and pain points.


Benefits of Massage

Have you been searching San Jose for the best massage therapist? Why not bring the massage to your home and enjoy it every day, without the expense of costly massage visits?

One of the immediate benefits of massage is a feeling of deep relaxation and calm. This happens because massage promotes the release of endorphins – the brain chemicals that produce feelings of wellbeing. Levels of stress hormones, like adrenaline, cortisol, and norepinephrine, can also be reduced. Studies indicate that high levels of stress hormones impair the immune system

Massage is perhaps one of the oldest healing traditions. Many ancient people – including the Ancient Greeks, Egyptians, Chinese and Indians – believed in the therapeutic properties of massage and used it to treat a variety of ailments. Today we see a lot of benefits from consistent massage like you get with our line of massage chairs that give you a full body massage. Targeting muscles throughout your body improves your circulation. This is important for a few reasons. First, improved circulation can help with joint and muscle movement. This is especially helpful if you are suffering from a chronic joint disorder, like carpal tunnel or arthritis.

Some of the physical benefits of massage include:
  • reduced muscle tension
  • improved circulation
  • stimulation of the lymphatic system
  • reduction of stress hormones
  • relaxation
  • increased joint mobility and flexibility
  • improved skin tone
  • improved recovery of soft tissue injuries
  • heightened mental alertness
  • reduced anxiety and depression.

Christmas Gift Massage Chair Features:

Massage Chair Heated

Therapeutic heating

You can enjoy a comfort massage with heat therapy. This heat is very useful in stretching the soft tissue of your muscles providing your comfort from pain relief. Since the warmth from the seat improves the blood flow of the body, it supports the process of healing and boosts the lymphatic system, thus is quite beneficial to health. 

Flexible Massage Chair

Flexible leg extension 

Coming with a sliding in and out option, up to 5.5 inches, this foot massager is an effective choice for users as the height is adjustable. This offers the users a customized and relaxing foot and leg massage anytime. This adjustable leg extension with the feature of sliding in and out provides you the option of enjoying the massage as you like it! 

Types of Massage chair designs

Ankle gripping feature 

This special set-in ankle gripping cradles make sure your foot is in place as you massage your calves, ankles and foot soles. While your ankle is set in place, you can ensure to enjoy your massage without worrying about positioning it. 

Quality Massage chair for the holidays

Superior leather quality 

Being made of the best leather quality, you can sit back and relax without worrying about its durability and guarantee. It is made to last long no matter how often it is used. 

Massage Chair Controls

Personalization controls 

For your comfort to ensure that you enjoy a massage that you love, there are 22 adjustable massage modes. As you get to choose the mode that suits you best, you can get the maximum benefit. 

SL track massage chair

Reliable and durable motors 

Designed with the most high-quality motors, these massage chairs are designed to last long and ensure delivering the best, deep and relaxing massage. Yes, that is what many massage chairs like Zarifa have to offer. Complete relaxing massage! 

SL track massage chair

Zero Gravity Feature 


We Are Here For You! 

Massage Chair HSA FSA

We are able to help ensure that you will find the right gift and can go over several different payment options as well. We have a special 0% rate for financing for up to 36 months, as well as the ability to use your HSA or FSA account on any of our products. We encourage you to fill a time slot below so that we can expect when you will be here, and be able to provide you with our full attention.

There is no need to be concerned about manufacturer mishaps with your Zarifa USA product. Our quality massage tools come with a Peace of Mind One Year Warranty that covers any and all manufacturer defects. You can safely purchase with quality assured. We’ve got you covered.

All Zarifa USA products are developed to be the best massage tools and equipment you can find. Certified by the FDA as Class I and Class II devices, our massage tools embody the clinical physical therapy experience that is easily accessible.

Zarifa USA products have been shown to improve blood circulation, tackle lower back pain, target sore muscles, and more. Zarifa USA has taken massage equipment to an entirely new level of excellent medical quality!

Not sure which massage chair is right for you?  

Massage Gift Consultation

The Zarifa team is here to help! You can schedule a 15 Minute phone consultation with us to see which of our products can help get your family feeling their best during the Christmas. We will answer any questions you may have! We are able to help ensure that you will find the right product for you and can go over several different payment options as well. We have a special 0% rate for financing for up to 36 months, as well as the ability to use your HSA or FSA account on any of our products.

Your Massage Chair Delivered to Your Doorstep, Free! 

Massage chair deliver

We ship directly to mom both locally and internationally. US orders take 2-5 business days to be delivered to you and we ship within 1 business day. Shipping time might vary depending on location, shipment method and other factors. We provide free shipping on all orders, but paid shipping is made available as well for your specific delivery needs!

Don’t Stress About Payments 

Zarifa USA has partnered with Affirm to offer easy, quick massage chair financing with absolutely no hidden fees. Take advantage of these incredible programs with budget-friendly rates from 0-30% APR for up to 36 months. You can Live Your Best Life Now and pay for your self-care over time! Want to use your HSA or FSA? Zarifa USA has made using your HSA or FSA card as easy as possible. Simply enter your HSA or FSA card information at checkout, just like you would any credit card. Our merchant codes allow us to process your payment for you quickly, and easily, right from our main checkout.

Get a Massage Chair with Affirm

Zarifa USA has partnered with Affirm to offer easy, quick massage chair financing with absolutely no hidden fees. Take advantage of these incredible programs with budget-friendly rates from 0-30% APR for up to 36 months. You can Live Your Best Life Now and pay for your self-care over time! Want to use your HSA or FSA? Zarifa USA has made using your HSA or FSA card as easy as possible. Simply enter your HSA or FSA card information at checkout, just like you would any credit card. Our merchant codes allow us to process your payment for you quickly, and easily, right from our main checkout.


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What Our Customers Are Saying:

Chair Arrived on time and in good condition. Package fit perfectly though our doorways with no problem. We put it upstairs and surprisingly it wasnt too difficult to get it up there. It took about 30 minutes to put it together. We love the look of the chair one we got it all together, it looks just like the picture. We have been using it for about 4 weeks now and still have no issues. Everything works wonderfully once we figured out all the settings. I love how it feels!

William C. White on Jul 03, 2019

Just Awesome!!!

We have loved this chair. We are sill discovering new settings and combinations of settings that have enhanced our use of it. I use it every day, sometimes as much as 3 times. My 62 son somehow still fits in this amazingly adjustable chair. The chair is an exceptional value and I would recommend it to everyone! Online videos make it easy to figure out how to assemble it. I have only had one bad headache since getting this chair 5 months ago. And I havent needed a single chiropractor visit or paid massage. Before getting it, I had frequent headaches and spent a ton of money on physical therapy, chiropractors, and massaged. I figure it will pay for itself in another year.

Jill A. Spearman on Jul 01, 2019

Awesome Chair.

This chair takes my breath away! I bought it solely on the great reviews and Im glad I did! Im a big lady and it adjusts to fit me perfectly. The massage is very powerful! It squeezes the calves and holds the legs down for the most amazing foot massage you will ever get in your life. And there are so many different rollers it feels life 5 people working on you at once. I love it!

Thomas M. Foster on Jun 04, 2019


Using the manual controls, I have found that I can have better focus on my troubled areas than my therapist does. This is my first massage chair, but I have tried many and have received massages from too many therapists to count. I am so blown away by the various settings that allow on to accommodates the sore spots. An interesting experience I have had in the short time I have been using is how it cures my headaches! I didnt expect that bonus!! Great chair, perfect price! Highly recommended!

Grace A. Rivet on Jun 03, 2019

So Much Control

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