Zarifa Neck & Shoulder Massager - Zarifa USA

Zarifa Neck & Shoulder Masager

Therapeutic Massage Therapy in a Great Form Factor


Multiple Levels of Intensity 

Therapeutic Massager

Targets painful muscle areas, spots, knots and other adhesions that are common among people with chronic pain.

Concentrated Abdominal Muscle Exercises 

Our Six Pack Pro is specifically designed for your abdominals, with 6 EMS Pads targeting your core muscle groups. 

Quality Construction

We supply products using the very best textiles, leathers and stitching available Our brand is synonymous with quality construction.

Portable & Cordless

Li-Ion Battery Included with Long Lasting Battery Life and Cordless Features. Unplug and Go!

Full Body Targeting

Upper and Lower Back Targeting, with full Kneading and Heated Jade Massage Nodes.

Superior Motors

We’ve Sourced the strongest, most reliable massage nodes and motors available. They offer a massage experience that feels like real hands.


Fast Charging - Use Anywhere You Go

Rechargeable device that does not require extra batteries. On a 5 hour charge it can now last up to 30 sessions. Can be worn comfortably and without effort anytime, anywhere.

Cordless, Light Design with Carrying Case Designed to Fit in Your Every Day Life.

We've taken wearable training gear to the next level. At only 3mm thin the Six Pack Pro is designed to contour to the edges of your stomach.

Oxygen Senor Pads with Superior Conductivity

Specifically designed high-conductivity gel sheets achieve a reduction in electrical resistance. Electricity gets delivered to the body evenly and with high accuracy.


Do Not Use The Massager in Wet or Damp Area's. Product is Not Water Proof. Avoid Extreme Temperatures as per usual with all Li-Ion Battery Prodcuts


Can it be used everyday?
Can I use it in the bathroom?
How do I care for the product?
What level should I use it at?
Are there any places or conditions when I shouldn’t use it?
Is it OK to use the product during pregnancy or immediately after childbirth?
Is it OK to use the product while sleeping?


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