Zarifa Portable Massage Chair

$349.99 with Free Shipping

Our Portable Shiatsu Massager Classic, converts any chair into a massage chair.

We utilize the very best in quality textiles, construction and massage motors, to bring you a superior medical grade Shiatsu Massager.

Multiple Massage Routines, Spot Targeting, Jade Heat and Vibration make up some of the features you’d expect from Our Classic Massage Experience

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Zarifa USA Classic Cushion

There's a reason why we continue to sell the same model of massage chair 10 years running. Our cushion is a proven power house of a Portable Massage Chair that will give you the same Zarifa Classic Massage Experience one would expect.

Quality of Life Features

Kneading, Heating, Vibration and Rolling are included with every chair. As well as Spot Targeting, Reverse Targeting and Width Adjustment during the Rolling Massage. Our Chair Rivals the Chiropractic Massage Bed Experience.

Superior Construction

We've incorporated Quality Stitching, Better Leather and Soft Textiles in every Zarifa Portable Massage Chair. It's a small detail for the average consumer, but it's a detail we know will matter to you. 

Better Massage Motors

We've taken our massage motor development to task and did not settle for anything below par. Our motors work harder, massage stronger and last longer then ever before.

Goes where You Go

We've included a car adapter and car straps so your Massage Chair is just as mobile as you are. Place it in your RV, Truck, Camper, or Car. It Just Goes With You. 

Experience Successful Living

Successful living starts with self care.
You don't have time to be held back by day to day aches and pains. 

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Ecstatic Customer

My husband and I purchased the neck and shoulder along with the massage pillow after experiencing the demo for several minutes and going over the positives and negatives.
After feeling the difference in his body we knew we had to make the purchase. My husband suffered a back injury in 1997 that causes him daily pain. We've tried a lot of massages in the past but nothing compared to the strength of the Zarifa. He tried both massages last night after the several hours walk around the fair grounds and he felt much relief within the first 4 minutes.
Needless to say he slept peacefully throughout the night. Happy we found your product and we will spread the word on how great they are.

Danielle Todd


Thank you Zarifa, Since coming across your products I haven't had those stiff, can't move mornings. I use my Classic every day for about 20 minutes. It really has made a difference.

Kerri Holmes


Love this product! Bought it a homeshow for my parents for Christmas but opened it up to try it and it really helps with my sciatica pain and headaches! I had one similar but it didn't have the car adapter and this one is way more convienent!

I’m gonna end up giving my parents that one and keeping the Zarifa one for myself!

Start Your Morning On The Right Side Of The Bed

If you're struggling to get out of bed in the morning or are looking for that pick me up to get you going, look no further than our Portable Shiatsu Massage Cushion.

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1 Year Manufacturer Warranty

Any Defects Manufacturer or Otherwise with your product are covered 100% out of the box. Anything wrong with the product we got you covered! Invest in Quality with a sound mind knowing we got your back if something goes wrong.

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