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Zarifa Portable Massage Pillow

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Relax anywhere with our Lightweight, portable and Cordless Shiatsu Massage Pillow with Heat. It is versatile and allows you to travel and still get a massage wherever you go.

Great as a pillow for the neck, back and shoulders or place it under your legs for a convenient massage for your calves, thighs and feet.

Our shiatsu massage motors knead deeply to loosen and comfort tight muscles, while soothing heat adds comfort. Includes quality of life features, like reverse targeting and multiple speed adjustment. Car adapter included for extra portability.

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Zarifa Shiatsu Experience

Specifically Engineered and Designed to provide you with a comfortable shiatsu massage. Our massage technology feels like real hands kneading your sore muscles, back, and any where else you need pain relief.

Muscle Tension Relief

Powered By 3-dimension Deep Kneading Shiatsu Nodes, This Massage Pillow Relaxes Overused, Tight & Stressed Muscles. Multi Directional Rotation & Advanced Heating Functions Provide Comfort & Soothes Muscles.


Our Zarifa Massage Pillow Comes Equipped With New Generation Motors, Offering True Deep Kneading To Effectively Soothe Tight & Sore Muscles As Well As Relieve Neck & Back Pain. Comfortably Attach Massager To Your Car Headrest, Computer & Office Chair

Portable Massage From Every Angle

Experience the Benefits of Heated Massage.

This Winter Warm Up to a Zarifa Portable Massage Pillow.

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Infrared Heating For Comfort

We've included four infrared Heaters to tackle the worse of your knots, spasm and back aches. 

Muscle Tension Relief

Deep Kneading Muscle Relief that Penetrates Hard to Reach Areas and Provides a Shiatsu Massage That Feels Like Real Hands.


Zarifa USA specializes in all things massage. Rest assured your new neck shoulder massager is BUILT TO LAST and covered by strict quality control of all materials, stitching, fabric, construction and most importantly, superior motors for a true professional quality massage. 

Experience Successful Living

Benefit from the #1 Brand in Massage with a Pillow Massage on the Road.

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