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Massage Chair
Thank you for purchasing our Z Cloud Massage Chair. Please read the Safety and Operating Procedures in this User Manual before using the massager. Keep this booklet in a safe place for future reference.

Safety and maintenance - 03
Parts and functions - 07
Operating Instructions - 08
Product Specifications - 16

Safety and maintance

Important Safety Warnings
• Do not put hands or fingers near the massage mechanism or rollers while this product is running. Touching the mechanism can result in injury from the rollers squeezing together.
• Ensure that the unit is properly grounded before operating.
• Do not leave the product unattended. Unplug from outlet when not in use. Do not use attachments not recommended by the manufacturer.
• Use the product only as intended use as described in this operation manual.
• The recommended usage time is 20 min. Do not use excessively.
• Do not use if chair cover material or leather is broken or damaged.
• Do not operate under a blanket or pillow. Excessive heating can occur and cause fire, electric shock, or injury to persons.
• Do not operate where aerosol (spray) products are being used or where oxygen is being administered.
• Do not massage any area of the body that is swollen, inflamed, or covered with skin eruptions.
• Do not use this product while sleeping.
• Do not stand on or inside of this appliance. Use only while seated.

Safety Precautions
• Do not clean any parts with a wet cloth. Keep moisture away from electric parts.
• Do not use if the power cord is damaged.
• Do not use the product if it becomes damaged or makes irregular noise.
• Do not let children play with the device.
• If the cord is damaged contact the manufacturer for recommended replacement.  

People Not Suitable To Use The Chair
• People with circulatory problems (such as varicose veins or thrombosis), children, and those advised not to use a massage chair by their doctor should not use this chair.
• If you have any of the following health conditions, please consult your doctor for medical advice before using this chair: serious heart problems, serious diabetes, serious osteoporosis, serious skin conditions, malignant tumor(s), sensory impairment, pregnancy (or suspected pregnancy) or those who have just given birth, acute gastrointestinal complaints (gastritis, hepatitis, enteritis), joint dysfunction such as rheumatism, hammer toe, gout, thecitis (or suspected thecitis), high fever, spinal abnormalities due to past injury or ailment, curvature of the spine (scoliosis acute neck sprain (whiplash), or any other medical condition that may contraindicate usage of this product.
• Seek medical advice before using this chair if you have a pacemaker or other electronic medical device if you have been restricted to bed rest, or if you are planning to use this chair to treat a specific ailment, to recover from surgery, or for therapy.
• Elderly people and those with weak bones should seek medical advice before using this chair even if they do not have a specific disease or disorder mentioned above.
• Do not use this chair if you have recently consumed alcohol.
• This appliance is not intended for use by persons (including children) with reduced physical, sensory or mental capabilities, or lack of experience and knowledge, unless they have been given supervision or instruction concerning use of the appliance by a person responsible for their safety.

• This product is designed and built to be maintenance-free. No periodic lubrication is required.
• No user-serviceable parts inside. To be repaired by manufacture certified technician only.
• If the product is not in use for a long period of time, store appropriately. It's recommended to cover the chair, tuck the power cord away, and store in an environment that is dust and moisture free.
Do not store near heat or open flame.
• Do not leave exposed to sunlight. This may cause damage or fading to the chair.
• Do not store in extreme temperatures. Excessive heat or cold may cause damage to components.
• Clean with a dry cloth and/or vacuum with soft brush extension regularly. If the product becomes dirty, use a water-based upholstery cleaner only. Treat stains with spot cleaner with upholstery shampoo or mild detergent foam.
• Do not roll on uneven or rough surfaces.

Trouble Shooting
• If the controller is not working normally check the cable and plug socket. Ensure plug is properly plugged in and secure. Check to ensure that the cable is undamaged.
• This product is equipped with a thermal protection device. This is an added safety feature to protect your product from overheating with usage over the rated operation time. To cool turn the product off and let it rest for at least 30 min.  

Environmental Usage
• Do not use if air openings are blocked or obstructed. Inspect regularly to ensure air openings are free from debris such as lint, hair, or foreign objects.
• Never drop or insert anything into the openings of the chair.
• Do not use this product when standing on a damp floor, or when any part of the body is in con-tact with plumbing or any
Similar ground.
• Do not use this product outdoors.
• Do not use in moist or in high-temperature areas such as a bathroom.
• Do not use it in a heavily dusty or caustic environment.
• Use in a well-ventilated environment.  

Name of components


• Intelligent three-dimensional massage hands combine professional massage experience
• Designed to perform the following massage actions: knead, squeeze, flap, press, push, hold, swing, and twist.
• The massager chair has built-in automatic shoulder detection.
• 6 Different intelligent massage modes: Express, Wholesome, Oriental, Swedish, Classic, and Chiropractic.
• 2 programmable memory modes
• Configurable manual massage for the upper body with 3 different modes fixed, partial, and overall massage with 5 levels of adjustable speed. When in flapping, shiatsu, and knocking modes the width between the two kneading balls is adjustable with three preset levels: wide, medium, and narrow. In partial and fixed point modes, the massage hands adjust up and down to find the best position.
• Air pressure massage functionality with three modes: full body air pressure, arms, and legs.
• Foot massager with two pairs of rollers. One on the heel and arch, and one that rotates on the toe area.
• Adjustable shoulder massagers: each shoulder and upper arm airbag is independently adjustable. To adjust the width, pull inward until you hear a click and release. Continue to pull inward past the 2 settings and release to open back up.
• Z-cloud Infrared carbon fiber heat.
• Adjustable leg base. The calf portion of the Z-Cloud Massage Chair Stretches an additional 8 inches to fit a multiple of body types and heights.
• The Z-Cloud Massage Chair is designed to take up the least amount of space possible while receiving a full body massage.
• 3D Digital Bluetooth Speakers with fast pairing functionality
• Quick access embedded controller is included on the armrest.
• Zero-G experience, the legs extend 135 ° and the spine stretches along 118° to create the feeling of weightlessness.
• Combo "S" and "L" Shape Track. The Z-Cloud Massage Rollers ergonomically lay along with the user's upper and lower back 

Operating Instructions

1. Turn on the power 
• Plug in the power cable
• Switch the power switch to the “on” position 

2. Start a massage 
  1. Press the power button, the massage chair will automatically begin to recline,
and start to massage.
  2. The chair will perform a scan for optimal positioning
  3. At this point, if you would like to adjust the shoulder positioning you can
adjust up and down to find the perfect position. The remote has 10 built-in
levels. If no adjustment is made on the shoulder position the chair will
automatically begin massage after 10 seconds.  

3. Choose a massage mode to begin massage 
• Choose a massage mode to begin massage.
Memory Mode
Press button “ORIENTAL/M1” or “CHIRO/M2” for 3 seconds, this will begin the
memory massage mode previously set.

• Massage Modes 

Upper body manual massages, lower body manual massage
• Upper body manual massage

• Back Massage Area

• Air pressure adjustment 

• Other manual functions

• Other Manual Functions

• Shortcut Keys

Leg rest installation
• Insert the rotating shaft into the assembly, then adjust to align the pinhole
(chart 1).
• After the leg rest is aligned then insert the R-shaped cotter pin. 

• Repeat this process for the other side and insert the second pin.
• Finished (chart 4)

• Do not push down on the footrest this may result in personal injury or damage to the chair. Do not sit or stand on calf massager.
• Ensure massaging hands are lowered before sitting to avoid discomfort. 

Backrest and Head Pillow Adjustments
• The Head pillow has a three par (three-layer) fold-down design. Choose the number of layers for the right fit for you.
• For a gentler massage separate the Velcro on the headrest to reveal the back pad.
The additional head pillow/backrest portion may also be removed by unzipping (1) and/or detaching Velcro. (2)  

Floor Protection 
• Place on carpet or floor protector to avoid damage to surfaces. The massage chair can do
damage to sensitive surfaces, such as wood flooring.  

Caution: Do not move the chair by the wheels on wood flooring, rough ground, or narrow spaces. Two people are required to lift the massage chair. Prior to moving, remove Footrest and armrests.

Moving the Chair
• Before moving detach or secure the power cable. Tilt the chair by the backrest backward until well balanced at the center of gravity on the wheels. Push the forward or backward to the desired location then set the chair down slowly and carefully. 

Note: Turn off the power and unplug and detach the power cable before moving. 

Product specification
Model: Z-Cloud
Description: Massage Chair
Rated voltage: 110-120V - 60Hz  220-240V - 50Hz/60Hz D
Rated power input: 150W
Rated time: 20 Min
Noise: <58dB
Standby power: <0.5W
Safety Design: Class 


Massage Chair
Thanks for purchasing this product. Please read this manual instruction carefully in order to know how to use this product correctly. Please pay close attention to safety warning section and keep this manual for future use.
Note: Our Company reserves the right to revise the design and description of this product without any further notice. Please refer to the actual color of this product.

Safety and maintenance:
Name and function of components
Method of usage
1.     Standard functions
1.1.  LCD manual controller control the massage chair
1.2.  Switch the main power supply on
1.3.  To Start a Massage
1.4.  Shut off power and finish massage
2.      iPhone or Android tablet system operate massage chair
2.1.  Preparation before operation
2.2.  Switch on the machine
2.3.  Massage function control operation
2.4.  Backrest frame and calf rest frame position adjust
2.5.  Setting
2.6.  APP download
2.7.  Wireless bluetooth music player operation
2.8.  End massage, power off
Armrest assembly instruction
The disassemble and using of head and back cushion
Floor protection
Moving the chair
Product specification

Safety and maintance

Important Safety Warnings
• To prevent injuries, children and/or pets should not play around the chair when it is in operation.
• Users must stop and turn the power off immediately if they feel ill.
• If you feel that the chair is functioning abnormally, tum off the power switch and unplug the power cord. Call our tech support department immediately. DO NOT attempt to disassemble or repair the chair.
• Keep all body parts away from the internal mechanisms.
• STOP using the chair and UNPLUG the power cord if any part of the fabric cover is torn or worn out causing exposure of the mechanisms. Please contact tech support immediately.
• Users with recently chemically treated hair or those using any topical hair products should place a towel between the hair and the upholstery in order to protect the material.
• It is not recommended that those under the age of 16 use the chair.
• People weigh over 300 pounds using the chair will void the warranty.
• Do not use the chair if the back pad is flipped over exposing the rollers.
• Please use well-grounding power supply suited to this product.
• Please unplug after using or before deaning to avoid injury or damage.
• Please operate this product according to this manual instruction.
• Do not use accessories which are not recommended.
• Do not use this product outdoors.
• Please read this manual instruction carefully before operation.
• 20 minutes of usage each time is recommended.
• Please do not fall asleep while using this product.
• Please do not use it if drunk or feel unwell.
• Please do not use it within one hour after having meal.
• Please do not make the massage function too strong for avoiding injury. 

Environmental Usage
• Please do not use the chair under high temperatures or in moist environments
• Please do not use the chair in transition between hot and cold environments. Let is return to room temperature for at least an hour first.
• Please do not use the chair in a dusty environment.
• Please do not use the chair where there is not enough space for use or where there is poor ventilation.

People who are not suitable to use this product
• Persons with any other medical conditions in addition to those specified below need to consult their physician prior to use:
• Osteoporosis
• Heart Disease
• Electronic medical equipment such as a heart pacemaker
• Fever
• Pregnancy or women in menses
• Skin injuries or skin disease
• Mental disease
• Heat sensitivity
• Irregular curvature of the spine or other spine abnormalities
• Malignant tumors
• Additional Safety Information:
• Do not use the chair if you are wet
• The appliance has a heated surface. Persons insensitive to heat must be careful when using the appliance.

• Check the voltage if it is suitable to the specification of this product.
• Do not use wet hand to pull the plug.
• Do not make water go inside this product to avoid electric shock or cause damage to this product.
• Do not damage the wires or change the circuit of this product.
• Do not use wet cloth to clean the electric parts such as switch and plug.
• Be away from this product under power cut state to avoid injury if the power come back suddenly.
• This appliance is not intended for use by persons {including children) with reduced physical, sensory or mental capabilities, or lack of experience and knowledge, unless they have been given supervision or instruction concerning use of the appliance by a person responsible for their safety.
• Children should be supervised to ensure that they do not play with the appliance.
• If the supply cord is damaged, it must be replaced by the manufacturer, its service agent or similarly qualified persons in order to avoid a hazard.

• Damage caused by the user attempting to disassemble the chair or replacing spare parts themselves will void the warranty.
• This product should be maintained by certain appointed agents, DO NOT attempt to disassemble or repair the chair yourselves.
• Please do not forget to cut the power after usage.
• Do not use this product if the socket loosens.
• If this product will be left unused for long, please curl up the wires and reserve this product in dry and dustless environment.
• Do not reserve this product under high temperature or near fire and avoid longtime direct sunshine.
• If the detachable cord / supply cord is damaged, it must be replaced by the manufacturer, its service agent or similarly qualified persons in order to avoid a Hazard.
• Please clean this product by dry cloth. Do not use thinner, benzene or alcohol.
• The mechanical components of this product are specially designed and made, it is not necessary to be specially maintained.
• Do not use edged res to thrust this product.
• Do not roll or pull this product above uneven ground, it should be lifted before moving.
• Please use it intermittently, do not make this product work continuously for long.

Solution of ordinary malfunctions
• Solution of ordinary malfunctions: Solution of ordinary malfunctions
• It is nature movement voice if the motor sounds while in usage.
• If the controller cannot work normally, please check the plug and socket if they are connected strongly and make sure the switch is turned on.
•If the rated working time is over, the product will automatically activate the power-off button; if this product works continuously for long, the temperature protector will make the product automatically power-off, wait at least half an hour to restart the chair.

Name of components


• This product is designed with a set of smart 3D mechanical hands, which can move up and down, stretching back and forth, four-wheel driven with muted design.
• The shoulder part is designed with automatic detection and micro adjustment function; body curve and massage points automatic detection, it can automatically adjust the distance of massage hands' moving back and forth according to the detected body curve and massage points, to make the massage more humanistic and scientific.
• Comfort, ease, ache relieve, fast experience, relax, music sync, waist stretch, full air pressure and other specific massage functions.
• Set with two kinds memo massage functions M1 and M2.
• Manually select the upper body massage; three massage position options of overall, partial and fixed position; six massage methods of shoulder grasping, kneading, tapping, shiatsu, kneading & tapping and 3D; five massage speed levels available; under tapping and shiatsu massage status, the width of the massage hands can be adjusted in five levels.
• Arm air massage function (built-in 18 air bags), upper arm air massage function {built-in 4 air bags), with 3 intensity adjustments.
• Lower body air pressure massage function: back air pressure massage function
{built-in 4 airbags), buttock air pressure massage {built-in 16 airbags), calf rest air pressure massage function {built-in 36 airbags), with 3 intensity adjustments.
• On upper arm has two grades width adjustment function When you adjust to the last grade, to push into the arm about a gear distance then lose your hand and arm device will automatically reset, and so on in order to adapt to the different Shoulder breadth of users.
• Back heating function, use carbon fiber as infrared heating source.
• The footrest can be extended to suit various heights.
• With slide rail structure on backrest, make a zero-space design to maximally save place.
• Calf rest lifting, backrest lifting and auto lying models adjustment.
• With LED light on armrest.
• With negative oxygen ionizer on upper arm.
• Intelligent terminal (cell phone or tablet PC) control the massage chair by bluetooth.
• MP3 player function, upper arm built in 3D digital audio.
• Connect the smart device via bluetooth to play music.
• Auto massage program download.
• Place 8 natural energy magnet in calf airbags.

Method of usage

Standard functions
1. Negative oxygen ion function (button on left upper arm).

• Innovative negative oxygen ionizer design on head part. it can emit negative oxygen ion ceaseless.
• By the national infrared and industrial electric products quality supervision and inspection center verification, its negative oxygen ion concentrations up to 240 thousand /cm3, equal to forest or waterfall.
• Negative oxygen ion can reduce PM 2.5 Optimize room air.
2. Magnet therapy function
• Place 8 natural energy magnet in calf airbags.
• By the national infrared and industrial electric products quality supervision and inspection center verification, the surface of the magnetic intensity is 73mT, according with the best protection strength of national standard "40-11 0mT" .
3. 3D Digital Audio
• With 3D digital audio equipment on each side of the upper armrest, connect with cell phone music to play through, you can enjoy perfect fusion of music and massage when relaxing.
4. LED colorful light
• A set of LED light on both armrest: display red color

LCD manual controller for the massage chair

Switch the main power supply on

To Start a Massage
• Press the red power button to start the massage, the massage chair will automatically recline down.
• Press certain auto massage button, the massage hands proceed auto detection of your shoulder and body scan, the calf rest roller begin to work at the same time {choose the auto program of "rapid massage" to start the massage program immediately, shoulder detection only to save half the time}, if you made no choice of the auto massage program after 20 minutes, the massage chair will automatically switch off.
• Upon completion of scan, a beeping sound will begin emitting from the controller and the massage heads will gently roll on your shoulder region to demonstrate where the chair has sensed the position of your shoulders. During this period, if you would like to further adjust the detected shoulder region, you can do so by depressing the up or down shoulder position buttons seen below, it has 11 grades.
• If you have not made any adjustments to the shoulder position or selected a manual massage mode during the time after scanning, the chair will automatically start the "Fine" massage program for you.

• Choose massage methods
• Emory massage: When it is on shoulder position detection, you can use M1 or M2 memory button to start massage, no need to wait till detection finished, it will back to the stored massage models to massage.

Shut off power and finish massage
• Press power button during massage to stop all massage functions immediately or one setting massage program finished, backrest and footrest won't return to original position, and the remote controller display SA & Memory twinkle.
A. Press M1 or M2 button within 10 seconds to store the massage mode.
B. Or press the power button Within 10 seconds, the massage hands, backrest and footrest will return to original position automatically.
C. Or waiting for 10 seconds , the massage hands return to original position ,but backrest and footrest won't return lo original position.

iPhone/Android OS compatible

Preparation before usage
1) Installation program download and install
• Installation program supplied by agent or download from the network provide by agent
• USB connect the tablet and computer, install the program in the tablet through the software tools (such Peasecod, 360 mobile phone assistant}. After install successfully, the program icon will be shown in tablet application program. Any questions, please consult the tablet supplier when install the program.

2) Bluetooth link
• Turn on the chair power switch.
• Open the applicant menu in the tablet main screen, choose setting to open the setting interface.
• Operate bluetooth function "choose bluetooth setting" click and check attachment equipment, when find "Fihonest" icon, click it to match tablet bluetooth with massage chair bluetooth(matching code: 0000). When match successfully, click "Fihonest" again to connect tablet computer bluetooth with massage chair bluetooth, when connect successfully, application program can be used to operate massage chair.

3) The bluetooth module abnormal problems and solutions
• After the bluetooth paired succeed, if it cannot connect well with the bluetooth of massage chair, please try to cancel the bluetooth pairing, tum off the power of massage chair, and restart it, then reconnect as above.
• The blue tooth show connect succeed, but in to the application program, cannot control the massage chair well, or the information tips showed bluetooth connect failed, it shows abnormal in bluetooth module, you should exit the APP and connect the bluetooth module again, or turn off the power of massage chair, and restart it, then reconnect as above.

Switch on the machine
• Make sure the massage chair power switch is off, connect the power cord with the massage chair, plug it into the good ground connection socket, tum the power switch on, the massage chair into start up states.

Massage function control operation
1. To start a massage
• In pad screen, unfold the APP listing, click "chair button" to start up the massage chair control program.
• First into startup interface after you start up the program, after 5 seconds into massage information interface.
• Click "power on/off" on the display interface to start massage function, massage chair lay down automatically

2. Shoulder position adjustment  
• Automatically detecting shoulder position and acupressure points, please wait till detection finished.
• It sounds "di-di-di ......" after finished the detection and into shoulder position adjust interface. Now, you can adjust the shoulder position by pressing up or down button, it has 11 grades available. If you have not made any adjustments to the shoulder position or selected a manual massage mode within 10 seconds after scanning, the chair will automatically start the "Fine" massage program for you.

3. Massage function running and pausing
• In massage infonnation interface, when the massage chair in running state, press "running /pausing" button, all the massage function will stop, and into pausing state; in pausing state, press "running /pausing" button, the massage function will continue to running as paused before. All the massage function tum off automatically if the pausing time over 10 minutes.

4. Upper body massage intensity
• In running state, you can adjust the massage hands intensity on the back of upper body by click the intensity adjust icon in the massage infonnation interface, 5 grades available.

5. Auto massage
• Click "function button" , pop-up massage function selecting menu, choose what you need.
• Click "automatic button" , into auto function selecting interface, click auto icon choose auto massage mode. In auto massage state, the speed and width are non adjustable.

6. Manual massage
• Click "manual button" into manual massage function selecting interface, select manual massage methods, back stretch mode, speed, width function. In flapping, 3D, shiatsu, stop state, the width of massage hands is adjustable. Except the stop state, the speed is adjustable in any other massage methods.

1) Manual massage - methods, speed, width
• In the interface of manual function selecting, click the "speed button" into massage
technique selection, speed, width adjustment interface, click the corresponded
technique icon, speed icon, width icon, choose the personalized massage function.

2) Manual massage-stretch mode
• In manual function selecting interface, click "stretch" into stretch mode interface,
click the corresponding stretch mode icon choose your personalized massage function.

7. Air com press ion massage
• Click "stretch button" into the air compression massage function selecting interface, click the corresponding air compression massage function icon. It include lower body air compression massage (lower body, waist, buttocks) and arms air compression massage.

1) Air compression massage-arms

2) Air compression massage- lower body, waist, buttocks, legs stretch 

8. Other massage functions
1) Thermal therapy function
• Press "others button" button to enter massage function interface, press "sunlight button" button to start or stop backrest infrared heating function.

2) Sole roller
• Click "others button" into the other massage function interface, click "foot roller button" to switch on or off this function. When the sole roller massage function in startup state, click sole roller speed icon, you can adjust the speed of the roller, with 3 grades optional.

3) Updated program working
• Open application menu "others button" , choose "service" into auto-massage program update interface
• App auto-function choice, with auto modes.
• Confirm your choice, the speaker will alarm if the selected APP is invalid.

Backrest frame and calf rest frame position adjust

•language selection
Click "settings" icon into setting function interface, then click "language button" icon, popup language list box, select language type, the system with 3 language (simplified Chinese, traditional Chinese, English).
•volume adjust
Click "settings" icon into setting function interface, then click "volume adjust" icon, pop-up volume adjust icon, click "volume +" or "volume -"to adjust the volume of the music.

App download
•Massage chair in standby mode, confirm the intelligent terminal (smartphone or tablet) in good connection with the bluetooth on massage chair.
•Open application menu "chair button", choose "service button" to auto-massage program update

For example: Currently required download App auto program "irestAuto1.bin" in A2 mode.

• Confirm the intelligent terminal (smartphone or tablet) in good connection with the bluetooth of the chair in standby mode.
• Open application program "chair button" click "service" enter into auto massage program updated interface .
• Click "on/off" into auto program download number choice , click "pause".
choose auto-massage program number (Remote controller screen display A2 and "App") , click "confirm enter" again.
• Click "connect test" test the connection between intelligent terminal and bluetooth of chair. Prompt window display "test successful" when the connection is right, otherwise, it will display "test error".
• After test successfully, choose firmware path document , click "scan" to choose irestAuto1.bin
• The last step is click "firmware update" into auto massage program update, the prompt window display "download successful" (remote controller screen display "OH") if updated finished , otherwise the it display "download error" to alarm updated failure. (remote controller screen display)

Wireless bluetooth music player operation
Audio devices with bluetooth function (such as mobile , MID, tablet) match with the chair bluetooth. The music transferred by the wireless bluetooth and played in the chair speaker.
Audio device match with massage chair through bluetooth, please refer to above.

App download
Audio devices with bluetooth function (such as mobile , MID, tablet) match with the
chair bluetooth. The music transferred by the wireless bluetooth and played in the chair speaker.
Audio device match with massage chair through bluetooth , please refer to above.

Arm assembly installation

Arm assembly installation
• The head pillow with three part (three layers) of Fold-down design. The users can choice the number of layer to find the best intensity of back massage.
• Separate the head pillow to fall down to the back to reduce the intensity of back massage.
• Back cushion connect with backrest used zip (picture 1), put the head cushion back parts in front and insert the AB flannelette to the back cushion (picture 2), following flip head cushion , cushion back parts close to the back cushion, lastly adjust the head cushion to the suitable place as the height of user. (picture 3)

Floor Protection
• Put the heavy massage chairs on the wood floor for a longtime may damage the floor, so please place a carpet or other object to avoid this damage.

Moving the chair
•Make sure all the wires are away from the floor, if you need to move, focus on the groove of the back cover, lift up to an angle (when the centre of gravity fall on the front caster), you can move the chair forward, then restore the chair to the normal angle.

Product specification
Model: A80
Description: Massage Chair
Configure: 01
Rated voltage: 110-120V - 60Hz  220-240V - 50Hz/60Hz D
Rated power input: 240W
Rated time: 20 Min
Noise: <58dB
Standby power: <0.5W
Safety Design: Class