Mini Massage Gun Manual PDF

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a. Multigear slap strength is available,which is suitable for a wide range of people.
b. Humanized handle design, small and exquisite. hold it comfortably and easy to use.
c. Visual gears display for customer to choose.
d. High-quality driving motor and firm fixed structure make you relax and enjoy yourself in a noise-free environment.
e. Optional massage heads for you to relax each part of the body.
f. Large-capacity battery cells with longer life.

Parts List

1. Manual
2. Charging Cable
3. Massage Heads


Functions Description

This massage gun is a professional impact muscle massage device. Whether you are a professional athlete,fitness enthusiast,or a general people, this lightweight and convenient gun can meet you requirements. relieving your fatigue, making your body more flexible and move more freely.

Visual eight gears adjustment touch switch. Different gears are suitable for different parts of your body. You can complete the massage independently.

    Instruction for use

Distribution guide of switches, indicators and batteries

Operation Instruction

1.  Press the power switch button for 2s to switch on the main power supply. At the moment the battery indicator is on, showing the current battery level, the machine is in standby.

2.  Press the button again, one light of the gear indicator is on. At the same time, the massage head begin to move back and forth according to the strength of “1” gear.

3. Press the button once again, the slap strength gradually increases,and the number of gear indicator change from “2” to “5”. Which the highest is 5 gear.

4.  When it reaches the highest gear, you can press it again to return to level “0”. Then the massage head stops moving and the machine is in standby. You can press it again to repeat in the sequence above.

5.  Press the adjustment switch on any gear for more than 2 seconds, when all the gear indicator are off, the massage head stops moving, and enters standby state.

6.  After using the machine, please press the power switch button for 2s to switch off the power supply. At the same time, all the indicator are off.

7.  If you don't use the machine for 3 minutes, the power supply will be off automatically.


1.  When charging, insert the Type-C charging plug into the charging port on the bottom of the handle, and then plug other end into a USB power socket. The battery indicator flashes to show normal charging,the number of battery indicators show the current battery level.

2.  When charging, the power is off and the machine can not be used normally.

3. When charging is completed, the battery are all on.

Massage head ( how to attach massage gun heads ) 

1.  Connect the massage head: Push the massage head into the head of the machine arm to connect. To remove it, just unplug the massage head.

2.  If the massage head can not be smoothly pushed into the machine, it is mostly caused by the misalignment of the silicone fixing ring in its corresponding groove.

3.  After the massage head is replaced, if there is a strange noise from the machine, it is because the massage head is not installed to the end. Squeeze the massage head slightly to install it.

4.  Massage head specifications: This product provides you with four different shaped massage heads for different muscle groups, pain types and diseases.


• If the machine can not be used, it may be caused by insufficient power, please charge it in time, when not in use,turn off the power switch.
• Please clean and disinfect the machine regularly to avoid breeding of bacteria, It is recommended to use cleaning solution for cleaning and disinfection, Wipe it with cotton cloth, dust-free paper towel, etc..., and then dry it naturally to avoid direct exposure.

• Before using, if you find the product is damaged for sharp, please stop using it.

• If you have any discomfort during use, please stop using it immediately.

• This is an adult massage product, not a children toy. Please keep it properly and out of the reach of children and pets, If a child or pet swallows this product or accessories by mistake, please go to nearby hospital immediately.


• This product is non-waterproof. Do not immerse it in water or wash it with water. Wipe it with a wet towel. Otherwise, it may cause a short circuit to damage the product.

• This product uses high-quality polymer batteries. Do not drop. fold or pierce it by yourself, and do not expose it to fire or high this product if you find other negative phenomena such as damage, swelling, etc. temperature. please stop using this product if you find other negative phenomena such as damage, swelling, etc.

• Do not insert fingers or other objects into or touch the gap between the massage head and the shell to avoid pinching while the product is running.

• Do not plug the charger into a power outlet for a long time to avoid leakage or other serious accidents due to aging and other reasons.
• Do not continue to use it in the same part for a long time.

• This product has high power. It is recommended to use it for 10-20 minutes at a time to avoid discomfort.

• Do not use it on weak bones and muscles.

• Infants, minors, pregnant women, the people with pacemakers, fractures or metal contents in the body should not be used.

• If you feel unwell, please stop using it immediately.

• If the product information is changed, no further notice will be provided.