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Thank you for purchasing our Z-Smart foot massager. Please read the User Manual before using the massager. Keep this booklet in a safe place for future reference.


To avoid any risk of fire, electric shock, or personal injury, please follow these guidelines
• Do not use the massager for any use other than its intended purpose
• When using the massager, always observe safety regulations where applicable
• Always check that the power supply corresponds to the voltage on the rating plage
• Always unplug from the main power supply when not in use. Do not damage the power cord. If the power cord is damaged, the massager must be replaced. Do not let the supply cord touch hot surfaces
• This massager is not intended for use by persons (including children) with reduced physical, sensory or mental capabilities, or lack of experience or knowledge, unless they have been given supervision or instruction concerning their use of this massager. Children must be supervised to ensure they do not play with the massager, and supervised during use of the massager
• Do not immerse the massager in water. Do not immerse any part of the massager or the power cord in liquid of any kind. Do not operate the massager with wet hands or in a damp area
• Only insert the power supply into a wall socket when the massager is switched off. Only use the power supply included with the massager. To disconnect the unit from the power supply, always pull the plug out of the socket. Do not pul on the cable!
• Do not take hold of a device if it falls into water. Pull the power supply out and pwer off the unit immediately
• Always switch off the appliance after use with the buttons on the control panel and unplug the power supply cord
• This product is not intended as a substitute for medical attention. The product is designed to provide eye massages to the user
Chronic complaints and symptoms may be made worse with improper use
• Do not use the massager, or only use after consulting with your medical provider, if:
     1. You are pregnant 
     2. You have a cardiac pacemaker, artificial joints, or electronic implants
     3. You suffer from one of the following illnesses or complaints:
     • Diabetes
     • Circulation disorders
     • Varicose veins
     • Open wounds
     • Bruised or broken skin
     • Inflammation of the veins or skin
• Do not use the massager near your eyes or sensitive areas of your body
• If you’re experiencing any pain or discomfort during the massage, stop immediately and consult your doctor
• Use precaution when using the heating function. The massager has hot surfaces and should not be used on small children, vulnerable individuals, or people who are sensitive to heat
• Before using the massager, consult your doctor regarding any unexplained pain, if you are undergoing any medical treatment, or using medical equipment
• The maximum operating time for one session is 15 minutes. Prolonged use reduces the life of the massager. After use, please allow the until to rest and cool off for at least 15 minutes
• Never leave the massager unattended if it is connected to a power supply
• Do not allow the massage cushion to come in contact with a sharp or pointed object
• Do not cover up the appliance when it is switched on. Never use it under a blanket or cushion as there is a risk of fire, electrical shock, or injury
• Make sure that no fingers or other parts of the body come between the rotating massage heads as there is a risk of injury!
• Do not use an external time switch or a separate remote control system to operate the massager
• Always inspect your massager before use. Check that all parts are correctly attached. Do not use this massager if it has been damaged, dropped, left outdoors, or dropped in water. Return to place of purchase for assistance

Operation Guide & Notes

A) Vibrating Button: Controls Vibration Patterns
When the vibration button has been activated, three modes of vibration can be selected
Mode A: (Indication light stays on) Vibration is continuous
Mode B: (Indication light blinks quickly) Vibration pattern varies randomly
Mode C: (Indication light blinks slowly) Vibration is intermittent
Once a mode is selected, press the vibration button again to stop the current vibration mode. To select another one, simply cycle through with the button

B) Intensity Button: Controls Intensity of Massage
The intensity button has three grades of massage
Low: (Indication light blinks slowly) Intensity is low
Medium: (Indication light blinks quickly) Intensity is medium
High: (Indication light stays on) Intensity is High

C) Power Button: Turns the massager on and off
Press the power button once to switch the massager into the on position (indicator light remains on). No function s activated until a mode is selected with the Mode Button
When pressed a second time, all functions stop, and the device powers off (indicator light will blink)

D) Mode Button: Changes the massage mode
The Z-Smart foot massager has three massage modes
Refresh: This mode utilizes vibration, compression, and kneading rollers. The kneading rollers and the vibration work intermittently
Relax: This mode utilizes only vibration and compression. The vibration work intermittently
Care: This mode utilizes vibration, compression, and kneading balls. The vibration and kneading work continuously in this massage mode

When pressing the mode button, you will cycle through the massages one at a time. Each massage mode has its own indication light, which will turn on when that particular mode is selected.

E) Heating Button: Switches on the heat function
The foot heating function can be turned on by pressing the heating button (indication light will turn). The function can be turned off by again pressing the button (indication light off).

Maintenance & Care 

A) Storage:
• When not using the product, place the massager into the box and store it in a safe, dry, ventilated, and cool place
• Avoid twisting of the wires
• Avoid sharp or pointed items as they may scratch the surface of your massager
• Do not place the product in direct sunlight or in places with a high temperature

B) Cleaning:
• Unplug your massager before cleaning
• Please use a dry cloth to clean the surface of your massager
• Do not use corrosive cleaners, like benzene or any type of thinner, to clean your massager the fabric portion of the massager can be unzipped and placed in the washing machine for cleaning. 

C) Maintenance
• Keep the product clean and away from moisture
• It your massager is not use for an extensive period of time, please cover it up to avoid dust

   Cleaning Instructions and Product Specifications:


Please retain your proof of purchase, receipt, or statement as proof of the purchase date. Please complete warranty registration at www.zarifausa.com/warranty
The 1-year warranty applies only if the massager is used solely in the manner indicated in this manual, all instructions have been followed accurately, and there is no abuse of the product in a manner that invalidates the warranty. All communications for warranty issues can be handled by emailing: support@zarifausa.com