Zarifa ZEROG 3D Shiatsu Massage Chair


The chair will elevate the legs several degrees higher and then bend the calves downward into an inversion position to stretch the lower back.

Airbags located underneath the seat and along the thighs deliver swinging and twisting massages. This special twist seat function relieves stress on the pelvis and eases any stiffness on the buttocks and thighs.

The foot massager slides in and out, up to 5.5 inches, to provide the most effective massage for users of any height. Enjoy a customized leg and foot massage from the soles to the calves anytime!

Set the chair into its zero-gravity position to remove all stress on the muscles and experience a weightless sensation.

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All About Zero Gravity Tech

Our Zero Gravity Technology won't catapult you into the air; however, it will provide a full body comforting massage. By reclining your body into an extended laid back position, your body weight is distributed evenly, allowing you full relaxation. This technique relievs any pressure points or muscle tension associated with walking and exercising and allows you to feel weightless as you enjoy your massage.

Full Body Air Bag Massage

Our chairs are all equipped with airbags for massage. The airbags are located all over the chair to deliver relief to your entire body. These airbags squeeze, compress, knead, roll and swing the body. When compressing the airbags are working in a wave-like motion to loosen up muscle tension or pushing the muscles deeper into the rollers for a deeper massage. When kneading the airbags are mimicking the motion of human hands to help promote circulation. They even work in wave-like motions on some of the chairs to help smooth away tension. 

Auto Adjusting Leg Massage

Responsive sensors placed in the heel of the foot unit measure leg length and automatically adjust the leg rest according to the height of the user.


The embodiment of cutting edge design starting with it captivating Exterior and intellectual interior.

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Heated Massage

Enjoy an inversion stretch combined with heat therapy. The warmth facilitates stretching the soft tissue around the spine while providing comfort and pain relief. Increased Blood Flow and circulation facilitates the healing process and activates the lymphatic system.Shure’s Music Phone Adapter (MPA) is our favorite iPhone solution, since it lets you use the headphones you’re most comfortable with. It has an iPhone-compatible jack at one end and a microphone module with an Answer/End/Pause button and a female 3.5mm audio jack for connecting to your own headphones. The top half is fairly short, so when used with the adapter, the cable is the right length, but the mic lays around your navel.


Emilie Frank

Store Manager

Excellent quality and craftsmanship for a chair at this price-point. There are a ton of massage selections and techniques that work for my families diverse needs. This has quickly become a favorite at our house, as my wife was wanting something to help with her on-going back issues and the kids love it too! Have had this chair for over two years and no issues in massage quality, mechanics or craftsmanship. Great buy and looks great in our home.

Lewis Todd


I purchased this for my wife as an Anniversary and Christmas gift. Had to wait a few extra days for shipping; make sure you schedule local delivery as soon as they send you tracking information. I made the decision to purchase the 5 year warranty instead of the white glove shipping - they are about the same price. It arrived in a large box banded to a pallet and they delivered it to my garage. It was easy to unbox and carry through the door into the house and up to the second floor using moving straps. It basically comes in 5 pieces, and only 10 bolts to put it together. I watched a quick YouTube video before I put it together, assembly was about 10 minutes. Good thing about it, it doesn't have a very big footprint. We put it in a corner in our bedroom next to a plug that was controlled by a light switch. That is important because they recommend you turn it all the way off when not in use. That means flipping a switch on the bottom of the base in the back, a little hard to get to so the switch makes it easy.

I had shopped around for these and tried a few out, even went to a local chiropractor for recommendations. From the base of your skull to the tips of your toes - you feel it. We both enjoy a relaxing massage before we go to bed, and I sleep much better. I also enjoy the yoga stretching function because I get a wonderful stretch and massage after running. My wife likes this chair over the one at her chiropractor because it has the L shaped massage function that covers your back and upper thighs. Again, well worth the money you will spend on this - I sat in some that were twice the price that didn't feel that good.

Maria Holmes


I have had the Chair for 1 year and its great.. I and Family members have tried it and they also like it.. It is not used every day, But when i need it that Damn Chair is a DREAM Maker.. It does Great and it even has a Tail bone Deal which May surprise you .. It surprised me! lol ! I Recommend the Chair to anyone who is not to Tall Over 6 ft. And not real Over Weight..