3D Shiatsu Massage Chair

Quality You Can Trust - Stronger Motors, Superior Leather and Softer Textiles - We've taken our designers to task with really polishing off the smaller details. Details we know matter to you. 

Zarifa USA Zero-G Massage Chair


We all need that escape from the stresses of daily life. Let our Skyline Zero G Full Body Shiatsu Chair become your sanctuary. We’ve designed our massage chair to calm and rejuvenate your entire body.

The Zero G showcases a variety of features and relaxation enhancing options. Included are our 270 degree range of motion, Air Bag and Roller Targeting, Adjustable Feet Placement and Programmable Massage Modes.

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Ergonomic Hand Massage

Magnetic acupressure airpads administer moderate compression massages to the hands. Targeted specifically at crucial acupressure points to gradually relieve body pain and ease the body into pleasurable comfort.

Infrared Heating

We facilitate the benefits of massage with full body heat via our amazing infrared massage heaters. This improves blood circulation, reduces inflammation and promotes healing.

Zero Gravity Experience

Astronautics-inspired weightless positioning, the Zero Gravity function reclines the body to evenly distribute gravitational pressure on the body for the ideal massage with the feeling of being on cloud nine.

Zero-G 3D Shiatsu Massage Chair

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