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Zarifa Back Massager Shiatsu Classic

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The Only Shiatsu Back Massager You Can Buy With Your HSA or FSA

Need a massage chair, but can't afford one? Meet the Zarifa Back Massager Shiatsu Classic. Our massage chair fuses portability with clinical massage technology to inspire productivity and relaxation--on any budget.

Plus, our back massager for chair has spot targeting technology that allows the Shiatsu Massage nodes to focus precisely where it hurts so that you can finally get that extended, deep-kneaded massage you so sorely needed.

The Zarifa Back Massager Shiatsu Classic incorporates solid stitching, thicker leather, and softer textiles than most lower end massage tools and equipment that can adjust to any chair. Back massager with heat can help you prevent from back pain and give relaxation.

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Shiatsu Classic
Massage Chair



Portable Medical Massage, Anywhere on Any Chair. Target Knots and the Hard to Reach Spots, with Multiple Massage Modes and Routines

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shiatsu back massager for car

The Zarifa Back Massager Shiatsu Classic is the perfect choice for physical therapy without the clinic! Jade heating and intuitive targeting controls efficiently soothe aching muscles with a spa day appeal that is completely mobile. Certified as an FDA Class I device, The Shiatsu Back Massager provides medical relaxation and rejuvenation that has never been so easily accessible to those who can’t attend weekly physical therapy visits. This gives you more time to live your life and less time waiting for relief in a stuffy chiropractic office.

Rarely have other affordable massage tool lines been clinically proven to relieve muscle tension, strengthen back muscles, and give relief for degenerative discs. As a professionally certified FDA Class-1 device, The Zarifa Back Massager Shiatsu Classic provides all these positive medical benefits and is designed to for active use anywhere from back massager for home, shiatsu back massager for car, your back massager for chair.


back massager for chair

Spot Targeting - back massager for chair

Intuitive controls were a focus of The Zarifa Back Massager Shiatsu Classic’s intuitive design and development. Spot Targeting technology in this massage device allows the user to focus the Shiatsu Massage Nodes at the source of their stress so that they can achieve an extended, deep-kneading comfort.

The Zarifa Back Massager machine zeroes in on the source of the pain, resulting in a speedier recovery and often instant relief. When utilizing our Lay Flat Innovation, which occurs by setting the The Shiatsu Back Massager for chair parallel to the floor, The back massager for chair Classic can definitely be considered one of the best back massagers for relieving lower back pain through even deeper and thorough back massage techniques. 

Rigid Construction to Fit Any Chair - shiatsu back massager for chair:

Talking about the construction of this back massager for chair we can say that with this chair you don't need to visit the clinic because this back massager with heat comes with thick leather and soft textiles that easily fit on any type of chair you have at home. Solid stitching is the good thing about this back massager machine and its rigid material supports your memory foam and the structure remains intact after use.
This back massager features a spot targeting Technology in which the user focuses on the massage nodes on stress area so that they can get deep kneading comfort. You get instant relief when you use this shiatsu back massager for chair and the best thing about this back massager is its lay-flat innovation in which you can lay it parallel to the floor. People with lower back pain will get benefit from this extraordinary back massager

shiatsu back massager for chair
back massager with heat and vibration

27 Different Modes - back massager with heat and vibration

Kneading, Heating, Vibration and Rolling Modes are included with every Zarifa Back Massager Shiatsu Classic for a uniquely tailored massage experience. For example, the Rolling Mode includes a width adjustment to allow for a comforting massage of any shape or size. Pinched spines and sore shoulder blades are a thing of the past when using our quality massage equipment.
For an even deeper and targeted massage, there is the option to lay The back massager with heat and vibration flat for maximum massage pressure and accuracy.

The back massager with heat and vibration adjustable options can assist with any of the following symptoms and more:

  • Muscle Spasms
  • Degenerative Disc Disease
  • Lower Back Pain
  • Inflammation
  • Sciatica

Deep TIssue Massage Nodes -back pain massager with heat

Back pain is very common these days and every person facing backache or stiff neck looks for the best massager that soothes the muscles of the body. The relaxation of the body is very important and people with a busy schedule don't have the time to go for physical therapy at the clinic. If you want all the medical benefits without visiting the clinic then we have a perfect solution for you that is the Shiatsu back pain massager. It is basically a back pain massager with heat that promotes the circulation of blood towards your back and neck. In this way, a person is relieved from stress and pain. The best feature of this back massager is the deep tissue massage nodes that deeply massage the muscles and tissues giving you a relaxed feeling. These nodes cover a wide area of your body and relax your muscles

back pain massager with heat
back massager with heat handheld

Integrated Feeling of Jade Heat Stone Massage - back massager with heat handheld

The back massager with heat handheld regulates comprehensive heat that simulates the feeling of real Jade Stone massage methods. Jade Heating decreases clenching pains and involuntary muscle spasms, and additionally reduces chronic stress and tension while the device targets pain sources.

The process of Jade Heating gives a significant increase to joint flexibility and successfully provides easier mobility to tense or sore muscles. The heating process also causes your range of movement to enhance through relieving pain and tension created by strained or contracted muscles.  

Vibration COmfort Cushion - back massager with heat & vibration functions

The bottom memory foam cushion of The back massager with heat & vibration functions eases tension and improves the overall quality of the massage. It helps loosen sensitive muscles and facilitates an anti-inflammatory response while still maintaining the support of outer rigid materials that won’t collapse during your elevated massage experience and can even release tension before bedtime.

back massager with heat & vibration functions
back massager with heat for car

back massager with heat for car (Handy Car Adapter)

Each purchase of the back massager with heat for car comes with our Handy Car Adapter that allows you to take your customizable massage with you anywhere on the road! No need to worry about battery life or portability, the back massager with heat for car adapter conveniently provides reliable power for your massage as long you need it during your travels.


“The pressure it was giving me on my back was one of the best massage pressures I have felt from any other massage chair. And I’m a massage therapist.”

Christina, Verified Zarifa Customer

“It helps with my split discs and lower back pain. It’s better than over the counter prescription. I used to take 800 mg Ibuprofen, and this is better.”

Narissa, Verified Zarifa Customer

“I have a herniated disc and [Zarifa] has saved my life. I just suffered through it before. Anytime I can use this I can. It’s honestly saved my life.”

Aleesa, Verified Zarifa Customer

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FDA Class-1 Medical Device

Car Adapter

Ease Tension
Before BEd

Relieve Aches
And Pains

 Goes Where
You Go

Peace of Mind-One Year Warranty to Cover Manufacturer Defects

There is no need to be concerned about manufacturer mishaps with your Zarifa USA product. Our quality massage tools come with a Peace of Mind One Year Warranty that covers any and all manufacturer defects. You can safely purchase with quality assured. We’ve got you covered.

Certified FDA Class-I
Medical Device:

All Zarifa USA products are developed to be the best massage tools and equipment you can find. Certified by the FDA as Class I and Class II devices, our massage tools embody the clinical physical therapy experience that is easily accessible.

Zarifa USA products have been shown to improve blood circulation, tackle lower back pain, target sore muscles, and more. Zarifa USA has taken massage equipment to an entirely new level of excellent medical quality! **  

* Proof of claims found in the following articles

** Proof of claims found in the following articlesélectrique+transcutanée&cur=1&url=%2F 


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