Tens Unit Electrode Placement Guide

The popularity of the TENS Unit has greatly increased from the past few years because it is used to relieve body pain. Using a Tens unit, you can vary the intensity and length of the treatment. Transcutaneous Electrical Nerve Stimulation Units are designed to treat acute as well chronic pains that include sciatica, arthritis, sore and stiff muscles, fibromyalgia and others. Using this device, specific painful area of the body is targeted but you have to ensure that the Tens unit pads are placed correctly. If you have placed these electrodes incorrectly then you will not get the desired results regarding pain relief. 

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Tens unit Placement Guide

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How to Place TENS Unit Electrodes

Placement of tens unit electrodes ( muscle stimulation electrodes ) is always near the painful or injured area of your body. This is known as contiguous placement. When you place the electrodes with this method then an electrical current is directed towards the painful area body. Here you will come to know about the tens unit placement guide.

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TENS unit electrode placement tips and best practices:

  1. First of all, you have to locate the painful area of your body and for that, you need to press the area where you feel discomfort.
  2. A minimum of two pads is used for pain treatment. If you are using a single pad then it will not give you relief from pain. You can use four pads or more to get the best results in this treatment.
  3. You have to check the distance between each tens unit pad because it can vary the flow of electrical current.
  4. You can place the tens unit pads horizontally, vertically or at an angled position.
  5. You must know that the pads shouldn't touch each other or they are at least one inch apart. If the pads are far away from each other, then your treatment will be weaker. When the pads are closer than the treatment will be strong and effective but they should never touch each other.
  6. Do not place electrodes on the joints such as on ankles, knees or elbows because the movement of joints will change the position of pads.
  7. Do not place the electrodes near your face especially near your eyes or mouth.
  8. If you are applying the pads for the first time then make sure your TENS unit is programmed to a low-intensity level and then gradually increase the intensity when required.

Tips for Skin Care:

People with sensitive skin need to take care and follow these suggestions mentioned below.

  1. Before placing the tens unit pads you have to wash the area of your skin thoroughly using a mild soap and water. When the treatment is done, again wash your skin in the same way. Now the surface of your skin is completely clean and dry.
  2. You must not shave the stimulation area and if you have excess hair then they can be clipped using scissors.
  3. During application, the irritation of the skin occurs when stress is pulled from adhesive patches that are stretched too much across the skin. In order to prevent pulling stress, place the electrode pads from the center outwards. Over the surface, avoid the stretching of tens unit pads.
  4. If you want to remove the electrodes then for that pull them in the direction of your hair growth.
  5. When electrodes have been removed then you can rub the skin lotion on the area where electrodes were placed.
  6. If your skin is irritated or broken then never apply the electrodes over there.

 Always keep the electrodes in a good condition:

  1. After the treatment sessions, you need to keep your electrodes in an enclosed bag and place it in a cool and dry area.
  2. If you want to get the best results then and you need to put a few drops of cold water on the adhesive part and turn its surface up to make it dry. The adhesion of the electrodes is reduced due to over saturation from water.

Final thought:

Millions of people every year are relieved from pain when they use the tens unit. If you want to live a peaceful life free from body pain then the best way is to use a Tens device that has helped lots of people who have used it so far. So, never let your pain control yourself and always treat it using a Tens unit.