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About Us

Many people experience common back and neck pain due to soreness and stress of muscles, nobody should ever have to suffer. Even the smallest cramp in a muscle or an uncomfortable bedtime experience can result in back and neck pain that you are forced to endure for weeks or even months.

Zarifa USA is your Premium go to for back and neck pain here's why:

The first reason is that our associates at events and shows are trained to help you with your specific pain management needs. Whatever the origin of you suffering-whether it's the result of pinched nerves, sciatica, osteoporosis degenerative disc disease, spinal stenosis, multiple sclerosis or fibromylagia--our health and wellness experts work with medical professionals to help better assist you with your back and neck pain.

For the most aggravating problems we offer a variety of tools for relieving pain, such as HOME SUITE MASSAGERS, MASSAGE CHAIRS and TENS//EMS THERAPY.

Often times, common back and neck pain can be completely tolling. Considering products designed for recovery will help you get the relief you need, and even reduce stress to prevent the pain from coming back. Zarifa USA offers a large number of back and neck comfort products such as our NECK AND SHOULDER MASSAGER and our Z-SMART PLUS MASSAGE CHAIR for creating healthier, happy lifestyles.

At the Zarifa USA back store in Salt Lake City (Murray) we fit you for the right massage chair and/or device that fits your needs and budget. Whether you like a firm or soft massage or need a full body targeted solution, we have the expertise to explain and demo each devices benefits and functions. With a curated collection of the best massage chairs on the market, you can buy with confidence.