Shiatsu Massage Cushion with Heat | Massage Cushion for Car

The Shiatsu massage cushion provides great convenience to people suffering from neck and back aches. No matter if you are working hard during the day, having a tough work routine, or if your work requires you to sit at the desk throughout the day, you are definitely bound to experience back pains as well as neck aches. Not only working for larger intervals causes back pains, if you are not doing anything, it might as well cause back pains. However, you don't have to worry about it anymore because with the Shiatsu massage cushion, you can get the finest massage therapy. It works to cure your back and neck aches. It would be no wrong to call it a wonder or a magic product because it surely works like magic. It takes away all your back pains and leaves you wondering why you didn’t buy this amazing massager earlier. 

It helps you enjoy pain relieving massages at home as well as office. The massage cushion with heat for cars also lets you take benefit from the massage when you feel your back aching while you're driving or travelling somewhere. This massager makes you experience a massage like that of a professional therapist. It aims at lowering stress levels, and reducing pain.

A Shiatsu massager with the kneading feature relieves the deep tension experienced by tissues. It is indeed the best massage cushion which aims at providing a rolling massage for the areas of your back you are unable to hold with your hand. The vibratory effect and the heating feature of this massager can soothe your mind, relax your muscle and tissues, and relieve pain. The massage cushion provides you with a lot of comfort, while it massages your back, neck, and shoulders, waist, and thighs. This can be a great source of relaxation for you after you've had a tiring day. 

shiatsu massage cushion

Features of Shiatsu massage cushion with heat

Heating Therapy

The heating feature warms up the back and soothes the tension of muscles and tissues.

Vibration effect feature | Vibrating massage cushion

The vibration effect of the massage cushion can be adjusted at three different levels according to the intensity. This provides comfort and relieves the pain at back, thighs, and hips. This relaxes the entire body. 

Deep Kneading

It comes with four different deep kneading massaging nodes which works best to cure pain. These nodes moves upwards and downwards that relaxes your entire body and relieves the pain at back.

Massage Zones

The Shiatsu massage cushion consists of three massage zones. Anyone can set the zone according to his/her preference. The zones include full back, lower back, or upper back. Moreover it also comes with another intensity flap control feature. This feature allows you to choose the massage according to your liking i.e. either you want a soft or smooth massage, or you want a massage with high intensity. 

Adjustable of Nodes

The nodes of massage are highly flexible and adjustable. The nodes can be easily adjusted accordingly to fit different body parts. This aids in providing comfort to the user. Moreover, it relieves pain at various parts of body. 

Highly comfortable

The Shiatsu massage cushion with heat is highly effective and comfortable. You can take comfort of a massage at a chair, sofa, or even at the office chair. It consists of various straps that helps in attaching it to a chair.

Remote control

The cushion massager also comes with a remote system which permits you to control the massager with a remote. The remote system makes the usage of the massager easy, effective and convenient.

Massage cushion with heat for home

You can enjoy amazing massage which will make you feel like you have hired a professional therapist for a massage. It does not require a specific time for massage. You can benefit from a massage whenever you like or whenever you feel pain in back, shoulders or waist. You don't need to travel anywhere for massage. You can have it at your home no matter if you are sitting on chair or a sofa. It can help to cure your pain while you are watching your favorite shows on television, reading your favorite book, or making a report on your laptop. Isn't it amazing? Of course it is.

Massage cushion with heat for office

You can also enjoy massage from a massage cushion at your workplace. You can adjust the cushion at your office chair with its adjustable straps. It helps to prevent fatigue at your work place. It can also lower stress and anxiety levels at office. It will also increase your job performance and increase efficiency and effectiveness. 

Massage cushion with heat for car 

The cushion massager can also be used in the car when you experience muscle or tissue tensions while you are travelling somewhere. To enjoy massage in a car, the massager cushion f0r car comes with a neck massager which consists of an adapter which is flexible to use in car. However, it is prohibited to use the massager of you are on the driving seat. 

Benefits of massage cushion

Neck and shoulder massage

It aims at providing a deep tissue neck and shoulder massage. This massager moves in an upward and downward direction which generates a soothing effect for the muscles.

Back massage

The massage cushion with heat aims at relieving the back pain. The different nodes of the massager are very flexible can be adjusted to relieve pain of a certain area where there is more pain. It aids in preventing chronic back aches.

Improves blood circulation

The massage cushion improves the circulation of blood at the back which ultimately relieves pain. Moreover, it also improves the levels of endorphins in body which aids in relaxing your body muscles and reduces tensions. 

Cost effective

The massage cushion is also cost effective. It is affordable, because going to a professional therapist can be expensive if we contrast it to the cushion massager. Also, it can include some travel expenses which can cause the charges to increase.  Therefore, purchasing this product could be a onetime investment that will benefit you for a longer period of time if used with care. On the contrary, going to a therapist can charge a lot on every massage therapy.