Zarifa USA offering white glove delivery for massage chairs and other products

The term "white glove" refers to exceptional treatment, service, or focus. Due to the product’s size, value, or fragility, white glove delivery service is a form of shipping or receiving goods that need more attention than normal parcels. White glove distribution specialists are highly qualified and ready to install and assemble your product on-site, as well as use specialized equipment if required. 

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What white glove services include?

Protective packaging

White glove delivery services use quality packaging materials such as wooden boxes, packing peanuts, Styrofoam, movers wraps, bubble wrap, glass masks, cardboard, and more to protect your package from injury. Measures are often taken to secure the shipment from movement and moisture as it is being shipped.

Delicate handling

Throughout the packing, shipping, distribution, and set-up processes, your shipment is handled with the utmost care. Packagers and drivers are qualified to manage the product's complex specifications and take into account all special considerations.

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Assemble or dismantle

If you prefer product assembly or dismantle, distribution professionals will transport your shipment to the location where it will be unloaded and then set it up securely and on time. They'll even take apart and dispose of the old product you're replacing.

Attentive Service

Professionals who provide white-glove distribution services are qualified to deliver the shipment efficiently and safely every time. Usually, a white glove distribution company will be available to answer any questions you may have during your shipment, as well as provide input afterward.

Safe, clean transportation

White glove distribution services send out clean, secure shipping vehicles that are driven by qualified professionals.


They are not necessary and highly dependent on the company. If special modification is required during set up, some services include pre and post-site inspections before assembling the shipped product.

Usually, the service is used by B2B companies, but many individuals are now also using the white glove delivery services.

What Zarifa USA offers you in White glove delivery service?

Did you know that most massage chairs weigh more than 200 pounds and need a pallet jack to unload? Yes, massage chairs are very heavy, and a semi is completely important to move the chair to its final destination securely. All of this contributes to Zarifa USA's strong belief in White Glove Delivery, also known as In-Home Setup.

How will you bring a large package, possibly larger than yourself, all the way inside your garage or front door, let alone upstairs or through doors? It's much too much for one person to handle, so if you don't have someone to support you or don't want to risk lifting it inappropriately and hurting yourself or anyone else, White Glove Delivery is your best bet.

Even the most physically fit clients soon understand how difficult it is to accept delivery of a back-breaking heavy commodity that must be moved through several doors and around corners. Allow our White Glove Delivery Team to deliver your massage chair to the room of your choosing, install it, and remove any leftover debris from your homes, such as pallets and packaging.

The other fantastic advantage of White Glove Delivery is this. You'll also get assistance with assembling the chair and removing all litter from your house. We use the same White Glove Delivery Professionals time again because they are familiar with assembling these often difficult chairs and ensuring that it is done correctly and even run it before they leave to ensure that it is working properly.

White Glove Delivery Massage Chair

How does it work with ZarifaUSA?

Your massage chair will be shipped in a big, factory-sealed box that will be difficult to transfer to by one person. You won't have to be worried, thanks to the White Glove Operation. A team of specialists will assist you in obtaining your brand-new chair and preparing it for use in the room of your choosing. Heavy lifting, massage chair set, and clean-up are all taken care of for you.

The company will contact you to schedule a delivery. You'll choose a delivery time (usually 2-4 hours), and a two-person furniture installation team will deliver, unpack, and assemble your new massage chair or any other product for that matter, as well as conduct a test run to ensure everything is working properly.

Benefits of using White glove delivery service

What are the benefits of using white glove delivery services? You get the following advantages when you work with a white glove delivery logistics team:

·         Reliable Services

There's no need to be concerned about missed, late, or misplaced shipments with white glove delivery. You will know when your shipment is due and where it is at every phase of the process. It will be handled by qualified professionals who will provide daily notifications and tracking information.

·         Peace of mind

When it comes to costly and valuable goods, white-glove distribution guarantees that your shipment is secure from harm or theft. Furthermore, the shipping company manages all of your distribution logistics, enabling you to concentrate your energies elsewhere.

·         Better Customer Service

Customers often come first with a white glove delivery service. Scheduled, guaranteed deliveries and a single point of contact eliminate the need for guesswork.

·         A lower Chance of damage

White glove delivery employs packaging and temperature control technology to keep the shipments secure during their processing and distribution.

·         Supply chain Solutions

Choose a logistics company that offers supply chain solutions, including return management, cross-border services (like customs brokerage), automated shipping schedules, inventory management, and more.

Bottom Line

If you want to save your back and do not want to lift any heavy boxes, do the unpacking and assemble the massage chair or any other product on your own, you must go for white glove delivery services. At ZarifaUSA, we always ensure what is best for our customers, and white glove delivery services for all our products are another step for satisfactory customer service. Now, give us a call, and we will arrange it for you now!