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Eye Massager

Eye Massager HSA or FSA Eligible

Gently massage away the stress of a busy day or improve your sleep schedule with Z-Smart Eye Massager. Comes with Bluetooth functionality to listen to your choice of music or podcast as well as multiple intensities and heat.


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Z-Smart Eye Massager Features


5 Easy Click Massage Modes

Integrated, Clear, Sleep, Vitality and Smart mode


Acupoint Air Massage

Gentle massage air bags relieve pressure and massage away tension.


Adjustable Strap and Device Width

Ergonomic design to fit almost any face.


Bluetooth with Music

Slip into comfort with relaxing music or your own selection of tunes.


Integrated Soothing Heat

Thermal massage cushion for tired eye relief.


Gentle Vibration

Vibration removes eye strain and relaxes muscles.

Eye Massager is Eligible for HSA / FSA 

Our Z-smart heated eye massager is everything you need after a hectic day. The massager can help you with eye strain and get better sleep to wake up fresh the next day. It is eligible for HSA / FSA. You can enjoy enriching functions and high technology functionalities with a comfortable feeling of relief by using this rechargeable eye massager, and we assure you all our products are FDA approved. 

Relieve Tired Eyes / Eye Strain / Headaches With a Heated Massage :

We often face eye strain because of the work routine and smartphone usage. Still, this is the one thing that we often neglect. So, here is your chance to get rid of the strain and let the eye muscles relax. Get our Z-Smart Eye Massager as it has a range of functions and health benefits to help you care for your eyesight, feel comfortable, and keep your eyes visible.

Rejuvenating Technology:

Keep your eye health in check with the Z-Smart Eye Massager. It includes Heating, Vibration, and Gentle Percussive Massage along with the three rejuvenating core features to help you reduce eye puffiness, dry eyes, sinus pressure, and headaches.

The Perfect Fit ( Folding Design) :

Our heated eye massager utilizes an ergonomic design, adjustable straps, and adjustable hinge mechanism to make sure your Massage fits and contours perfectly to your head. Additionally, it has a curved nose bridge suitable for most face shapes, and the head belt adjusts to fit most head sizes. The foldable design also provides the added benefit of portability as it’s180 degree folding capacity also makes it easy to carry.

Z Smart Technology:

We wouldn’t call our Z-smart massager smart if it weren’t tech-friendly. So, yes, enjoy the zest of life as you turn on the Bluetooth connection and play your music playlists to relax during the massage.

Intelli-Massage Modes:

Your eyes are special, sensitive, and have their own needs for clinical massage. For this purpose, 5 different optical massages are suggested, integrated, clear, sleep, vitality, and smart modes. All of these modes are available with your new Z-Smart Eye Massager. With the button of a massage-mode, each one is accessible and provides a range of therapeutic and medical benefits for massages.

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Z-Smart Eye Massager

Health and Wellness for your Eyes

Z-smart eye massager Special FEATURES

FDA Class medical Device


Connect the Z-Smart Eye massager to your bluetooth enabled device and enjoy music and podcasts while you sleep.



Relaxing music programs accompany the Z-Smart Eye Massager for easy relaxation.



5 Adjustable Speed Presets


Hot Towel Compress

You can set the right temperature of 107.6 F and let the massager provide you hot massage with a hot towel. The feeling will leave you relaxed and calm.

Battery Life

Z-smart eye massager offers you the most comfortable heating temperature with the adjustable choice along with the charging time of 2 hours and 120min of working time.


Air Bag Massage

The built-in Airbag offers a massage for different acupuncture points. It rubs 8 acupoints groups – relaxing the eyes after a full day.

Tension Point Targeting

With Acupoint Variable massage

Pillow Massager with heat for Shoulder Pain

Integrated Massage Mode

The massage mode offers you a combination of the health benefits of all three therapeutic massage features, vibration, heating, and air pressure. The relaxing music adds value for severe symptoms such as dark circles under the eyes or dry eye relief.

Shiatsu Pillow Massager with heat stone massage

Clear Massage Mode

Gentle Air gently and methodically massages the eye and face of the acupoint massage pressure relief points. The massage has low intensity and provides meditative advantages for sleep

shiatsu massage pillow with heat for car

Sleep Massage Mode

Gentle Air activates the acupoint massage pressure relief points slowly and methodically massaging your eyes and face. Massage is set to low intensity providing meditative sleep benefits.

shiatsu massage pillow with heat for car

Smart Massage Mode

Hot compress relaxes stressed muscles gently for comfortable use with accompanying music comforting your eyes after a long hectic day.

shiatsu massage pillow pregnancy

Vitality Massage Mode

Get the vitality mode on and say goodbye to the headaches of Temple Point. This mode vibrates the pains and soreness and decreases the effects of stress headaches and percussive massage.

Experience Thermal therapy

Thermal power massage heats the eye massager gently for therapy with heat. For unimaginable comfort, the Thermal factor promotes bloodstream through the eyes.


Thermal Power massage gently heats the eye massager for gentle heat therapy. The Thermal element promotes blood circulation around the eyes for incredible comfort and reduction of dark circles

Adjustable Eye StrapS

The Ergonomic design and flexible fit features provide optimum comfort and effectiveness in the performance of eye massager.

FAQ's ( Eye Massager )

1. How do Eye Massagers work?

An eye massager stimulates eye therapy, accelerates blood circulation, decreases wrinkles, and increases skin elasticity. Using it each day for fifteen minutes can also help to get rid of dark eye bags caused by poor sleep and poor circulation of the blood. Usually, the eye massager will have heating temperatures, Bluetooth connectivity, and multiple intensities. You can set up your suitable functionality and connect to your favorite playlist and then just relax.

2. Does eye massage improve vision?

This is a 'yes and no' answer. If the symptoms of the repeatedly stated digital eye strain have damaged your vision temporarily, then yes. A good electric massager would be of utmost help for the headaches too. There are a thousand reasons for headaches, but stress, sleep failure, hours using a computer, and many other things are common, and they lead to eye strain that causes headache and causes problems with the vision.
However, your eye-massager would not help your vision if you had eye-impaired from conditions such as myopia, hyperopia, or Astigmatism

3. What is the best eye massager?

Zarifa Eye Massager is one of the best massagers right now, with a top rating. High-end technology is helping people relieve their eye strains and get rid of the dark circles too. After a long hectic day, our clever Z-eye massager is everything you need. The massager will help you to sleep better and start fresh the next day. It is HSA/FSA eligible. With this eye massager, you can take advantage of enriching versatility and high-tech features that offer a comfortable relief.
It has 5 different modes of massage, and you can choose any to get relief after a long day. Besides, take some rest from the eyeglasses and just relax

4. Is eye massager safe?

Yeah, the eye massagers are safe. This is perfect for adults who work on their computers, read or work a whole day on the screens. The use of an eye massager increases blood flow around the eyes and increases blood flow to the brain. It gives a general sense of comfort and peace. It's a way of massaging your eyes naturally when you feel a headache or eye strain by targeting trigger points on the eyes.
Most people get eye strains, and they feel the loss of vision because of it. So, the eye massager helps in relaxing the eye muscles. Besides, the massager of the eye gives you a soothing feeling and can relieve anxiety.
However, people with memory loss issues might have to ask their doctors before using the massager.


Ergonomic Design and adjustable fit features allow maximum comfort and effectiveness of eye massager.

Z-Smart Eye Massager



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There is no need to be concerned about manufacturer mishaps with your Zarifa USA product. Our quality massage tools come with a Peace of Mind One Year Warranty that covers any and all manufacturer defects. You can safely purchase with quality assured. We’ve got you covered.


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All Zarifa USA products are developed to be the best massage tools and equipment you can find. Certified by the FDA as Class I and Class II devices, our massage tools embody the clinical physical therapy experience that is easily accessible.

Zarifa USA products have been shown to improve blood circulation, tackle lower back pain, target sore muscles, and more. Zarifa USA has taken massage equipment to an entirely new level of excellent medical quality! *

Adjustable Pillow Pad

Magnetic Pillow Pad can adjust up and down freely

Hand Massage Sleeves

Bumpy Massage Sleeves offer magnetic massage therapy in the left and right palm.

Calf and Leg Action

Comfort airbags gently massage away knots and pain.

Upper Arm Airbag Massage

2 Piece Valve Technology for better coverage and rotatory cuff injuries.

Waist and Hips

Target the hard to reach spots with Hip Massage Air Bags.

Variable Point Foot Massage

Multiple massage rollers and air bags massage away pressure points for maximum stress relief.

Hand Massage Sleeves

Bumpy Massage Sleeves offer magnetic massage therapy in the left and right palm.

Adjustable Pillow Pad

Magnetic Pillow Pad can adjust up and down freely