Foot Massager

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The Only Shiatsu Pillow with Heat You Can Buy With HSA/FSA

Z-Smart Foot Massager


Foot massage that supports whole-body relaxation. Our medical foot massager combines heat, vibration, compression, and kneading rollers to eliminate fatigue and promote blood circulation. After a long day at work on your feet or to simply relax and rejuvenate, experience the benefits of foot massage without leaving the comfort of your home.

The Z-Smart Foot Massager is a portable, sleek and elegant vibrating foot massager for your foot pain relief and overall health and wellness plan. From ergonomic design, precision point rollers to gentle massage air techniques, the Z-Smart Foot Massager packs a punch in the medical massage category. Improve circulation in your feet, regain feeling in the tips of your toes, and conquer the pins and needle effects of neuropathy with our Z-Smart Technology.

Our Z-Smart Foot Massager does more than just massage your feet. It includes core functions like heated massage, multiple intensity adjustment, vibration and comfort textiles and rollers. As your feet slip into the massage compression socks, they are instantly greeted with the vibrating comfort of our massage airbag compression system. We stimulate a heated stone massage with our heating element, fully encompassing your heels, soles and toes with heat, compression, and gentle kneading.

Our Z-Smart vibrating foot massager is well equipped with every medical necessity required for a healthy lifestyle. We also include quality of life features in our Z-Smart Foot Massager, including Precision Point Massage, Machine Washable detachments and quick touch interfaces. These small touches that add to a premium and quality experience during your foot massage routine. You deserve the best in medical grade massage equipment. We design the best in medical massage products.

Shiatsu Foot Massage

Improve circulation, balance and
better stimulation in the feet
with the electric Foot Massager

Auto Shut Off

Massage with Peace of Mind as
Auto Shut off prevents electrical

Massage Therapy

Improve your day to day, on your feet and at work with comprehensive massage therapy. Relieve Pain and promote overall feet wellness.

No More Aches and Pains

Effective Foot Pain Relief Is Just a Touch Away

Warm Compression

The combined airbag and heating effect creates an encompassing heated compression. This compression mimics the clinical effect of compression socks combined with the comfort benefits of a jade stone heated massage.

Washable Cover

We know hygiene is important when it comes to your feet. So, we've made it easier then ever to remove the feet covers. They are machine washable and made of durable fabrics

Powerful Vibration

Foot massage health benefits penetrate deeper with powerful vibration. Receive pain relief at the source, by targeting the deep nerves and joints under the muscle and fat layer of the feet.


Intelligent mechanical massage hands are programmed to adjust to the curvature of your feet, providing a better massage with each use. Choose from eight different automatic massage methods: Refreshing, Relaxing and Rejuvenating Health Care modes. Each of these methods creates a humanized and professional massage experience to ensure deep relaxation and relief.

Precise Point Technology

We've incorporated the very best that reflexology foot theory has to offer with our deep kneading massage technology. Our foot massager is designed to perform various reflexology massage elements including, tapping, kneading, accupoint massage and shiatsu via the airbags, massage rollers and massage nodes.

Targeted Pain Relief

Use this text to share information about your brand with your customers. Describe a product, share announcements, or welcome customers to yFoot massage benefits extended past the soles of your feet having comprehensive health effects that extend all the way to your knees and lower back. Our foot massager penetrates deep for a fuller massage and promotes overall wellness better than a traditional foot massage.our store.

Z-Smart Foot Massager

Experience Whole Body Wellness Starting With Your Feet

Machine Washable Textiles

Intelli-Massage Modes

Precision Massage Points

Heated Compression Socks

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