Zarifa TENS Slippers

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The Only Zarifa TENS Slippers You Can Buy With Your HSA or FSA

Healthy feet are very important for your body. These Slippers Help Alleviate a wide range of symptoms

Our tens Slippers connect with your Zarifa Pro Massager VI or V TENS unit to deliver unparalleled relaxation and pain relief for sore feet.  Our tens unit slippers are one-size fits most/all.  Kick back and relax a bit while our iq Massager slippers gets rid of sore muscles and tension from your tired feet!

No tens unit pads necessary while using these, just attach the leads into the Zarifa Pro Massager unit  and enjoy the benefits of TENS / EMS units targeted on your feet. you can also use Zarifa tens massage gloves for hand pain and arthritics and use Zarifa Tens Massage Socks for your foot pain.

You are able to use your HSA or FSA to purchase this product.

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All that is needed to know about tens slippers !

Do you know how much your feet are important? They are the reason how your daily life works. So you need to take care of them. 25 bones are present in your each foot, 200 muscles, tendons, ligaments, together with 60 joints are packed together with the help of feet. This is how we move. The basic foundation of your body is your feet. You are healthy if your feet are healthy .Your feet need to be given massages off and on because of the continuous load they bear. You keep walking all day, running from one place to another. You have to wear different shoes that sometimes may not be comfortable. You feet must be relaxed by the end of a day to get prepared for the hurdles of next day. There are many feet massaging devices and slippers but the best of all is Zarifa iq massager slippers.

About Zarifa USA:

This is a company that makes different devices for the well-being of mankind. The devices are highly authorized and approved by medical companies. The devices are not applicable to people with some specific problems like heart patients, pregnant women or people who face experience panic attacks, seizures or epilepsy

Tens Pads do the main work!

Place the pads on the painful part of your body. According to your personal preference, set the intensity level for the pads. It is highly suggested not to begin with a higher intensity level. Then you just need to sit back, relax and enjoy the Zarifa product.

About IQ massager slippers (Tens Unit Slippers) :

These tens unit slippers are specially designed for taking care of people’s feet that remain busy throughout the day. It consists of many characteristics. Some of them are as follows:

1. Provides relaxation

The tens unit slippers are designed to relieve stress and pain from person’s feet. One can clearly feel free of sore muscles and tiredness.

2. Promotion of sleep:

Once the feet are relaxed, one can sleep peacefully too. The iq massager slippers during massage target the nerve endings. This helps blood to circulate more freely and have relaxed nerves.

3. Combats depression:

The lower part of the foot contains some specific nerve endings. The slippers relive the pain and act as pain removal. Mental and emotional health is directly connected to centre of toe and ball of feet. One can get rid of depression through the IQ massager slippers.

4. Relieves body pain:

Since all nerves of the body are connected to each other so if the nerves of the feet are relaxed, the nerves of the rest of the body will automatically be relaxed. This means the whole body is free of pain.

5. Deals with menstrual cramps:

One is able to deal with extreme mood swings and menstrual cramps. These tens machine slippers help deal with the symptoms of menopause like depression, backache and foot ache.

6. Deals with restless Leg syndrome:

This is actually a neurological disorder where the person feels itching or burning sensation in leg and moves it continuously. As the IQ massager slippers release tension and pain from nerve endings, the feet become automatically healthy.

7. No size problem:

It is very difficult to find the shoes of your size sometimes. Well, zarifa tens slippers does not gives you this worry. The size of all shoes is same which means everybody can wear them. No matter what size, how long or short the feet are, tens unit slippers can be your destiny

Precautions for tens massager pads:

Zarifa doesn’t recommend its customers to use the pads in following parts of the body:

  • Sinus nerves
  • Throat
  • Mouth
  • Temples or anywhere near to the brain
  • Swollen areas
  • Infected areas
  • Inflamed areas
  • Skin eruptions
  • Cancer lesions
  • Directly on heart

Tips about device charging ( IQ Massager Slippers)

  • The battery needs to be charged after short period of time after use.
  • USB cable and AC adapter can be used to charge the lithium battery
  • If the screen is in the position of ON it means the device is charging successfully but if the position is OFF the screen will go blank
  • The ON and OFF power position of the battery determine the charging
  • 8 to 10 hours are required for the battery to be charged for the first time to be used.
  • You cannot remove the device battery as it is built into Hidow.

Process of maintenance

  • Before you ware the iq massager slipper make sure there is no oil, dirt or lotion on your skin.
  • The gel pads must remain adhesive. So before you apply them put a few drops of water on your fingers. Rub your fingers on both pads
  • Turn OFF the device when you are finished using it.
  • Remove the gel pad
  • Use pad holders for protective films to be placed either on them or on the gel pads.
  • Until next use, the electrode wires from the device must be taken out and placed bank into the box
  • Try to store your zarifa products in cool and dry place.

How to use Tens unit Slippers

You can use the tens machine slipper for 40 to 60 minutes at least 2 to 3 times a day. The course suggests you a regularity of ten day for enhancing your electrotherapy experience. In case of any queries, you can always view the pad placement chart. Do not get obsessed with the placement chart, this is mere recommendation and reference only. Do not forget to follow the prescription of your doctor. Massage may be a solution to your pain and stiff nerves but over use of anything can lead t problem.

Where to find these tens slippers.

Although it is easy to find tens machine slippers in shops but sometimes of they are not available or you are lazy enough to go to store then online shopping is available. To major websites are highly recommended for ordering zarifa USA tens unit slippers online.