Zarifa TENS Slippers

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All that is needed to know about tens slippers !

Do you know how important your feet are? They are the reason how your daily life works, so you need to take care of them. 25 bones are present in your each foot, 200 muscles, tendons, ligaments, together with 60 joints are packed together with the help of feet. This is how we move. The basic foundation of your body is your feet. You are healthy if your feet are healthy .Your feet need to be given massages off and on because of the continuous load they bear. You keep walking all day, running from one place to another. You have to wear different shoes that sometimes may not be comfortable. You feet must be relaxed by the end of a day to get prepared for the hurdles of next day. There are many foot massaging devices and slippers but the best of all is Zarifa IQ massager slippers.