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TENS Pads are Bound to Make You Feel Better

The amalgamation of intelligence, technology, and biology has so far been fruitful for mankind. The field of biotechnology has delivered products that produce real-time results and are effective. One of the results of highly anticipated biotech innovations is the TENS pads. Like tens gloves, tens socks , tens slippers. tens back belt and other units, the tens unit pads are bound to relieve joint pains and help you feel better in no time. Engineers, doctors, and scientists have sat together and come up with this strategy to help people who suffer from acute or chronic pain and hence it is a great initiative.

Every other day, especially in the high-tech world, you listen to young people diagnosed with osteoporosis or arthritis. While none of us think about why this keeps happening, many of us are concerned about our individual and social heads. But it is important to realize why we have become prone to such types of risks as prevention is always better than the cure. If we try to culminate in one sentence, it would be that our discoveries and inventions have eaten us. Yes, we invented and progressed with technology to ease our lives, but in doing so we are neglecting our daily required exercise. People, particularly teenagers have lost the amount of daily activity required for a healthy lifestyle and, therefore, are diagnosed with such exasperating illnesses.

What are TENS units?

You may have seen your relative cry out loud due to joints or muscular pains. I reckon one of my relatives was diagnosed with chronic arthritis. She saw many doctors, tried a bunch of homeopathic and allopathic treatments but there was no sign of betterment. She used to suffer so badly in harsh winters that it was painful to see her go through all this pain. Slowly, her situation worsened and she was not able to stand up in harsh weather. This and such other conditions, where medical help is failed, demand biotechnology to step in and do something magical.

Something magical did happen in this case. I am talking about the TENS pads that many people use to get rid of unbearable and excruciating pains. But what are these? TENS is an acronym or initialization of transcutaneous electrical nerve stimulation. Let me explain it with the help of its name. An electric impulse or signal is provided to the target area through your cutaneous layer of the skin (hence transcutaneous)to treat several pains.

It is operated on a battery and uses electrodes to cut through the pain. But why electrodes and why nerve stimulation? We all know that human beings are flooded with neurons. These neurons communicate to each other through nothing but nerve impulses that are, on the bottom line, electric signals. Doctors and engineers have successfully manipulated this communication signal to overcome the pain. The electrodes are installed in a unit also known as pads. These tens large pads are adhesive and attach to the target area.

The pain is relieved targeting two basic functions of the body. The first one is to override the nervous system and minimize its transmission of pain signals to the target area. No stimulus, no response, no pain. Secondly, the electrodes generate signals that help the body to induce the production of natural painkillers such as endorphins.

Where can you most efficiently use TENS pads | Tens Unit Pads

Although they came out as general pain relievers, some target areas work better than others for TENS units. These are most responsive in case of labor pains, menstrual pain, and any sort of postoperative pain. But it's most common function is against joint pains, especially the neck, back, and knee pains. If we are to characterize certain pains and link them with diseases, the TENS pads are fairly splendid to relieve pain caused by endometriosis, multiple sclerosis, arthritis, fibromyalgia, and spinal cord injury. For most of these like the cord injury, pain relievers are just a temporary solution, and ultimately you may have to look for a permanent one. Apart from the medical uses, TENS pads are commonly seen in sports fields as they are used to quickly heal the hurt sportsmen.

The dosage for Tens Unit Pads

The intensity of the impulse provided by the pads varies depending upon how concentrated the pain is. You can set, adjust, and maintain the intensity of the transmission stimulation using a dial that comes pre-installed with the pads. Also, you can manage the frequencies of the impulse. These tens unit pads can be high-frequency varying 80-120 cycles/second or low-frequency that range from 1-20 cycles/second. The former is reported to be more effective as they are known to cater to acute pains. Low-frequency impulses are bound for chronic pains but people usually develop tolerance against these. In many cases, LF impulses are said to be ineffective.

Necessary precautions for Tens Unit Pads

Although the tens unit pads are life-friendly and pose no serious threat to human beings, some people can be allergic to these. If you feel a little buzzing or tingling during the course, don't worry it's just the impulse doing its job. But if redness occurs you need to switch to other pain-relieving strategies. Also, many times the constant use leads to the development of skin cancer.

It is not ideal in some cases

Even though it can be used for labor pains, TENS pads are highly non-recommended for pregnant women, especially in the abdominal and pelvic organs. This is because it can disturb fetal development. Apart from those, people with epilepsy and cardiac issues should not use such units.

How long does it relieve the pain?

As discussed, the acumen of pain varies in people, and hence the relief time too. Some say the pain comes back as soon as they are done with the treatment. However, the adequate duration of relief is 24 hours. For people who have developed tolerance, relief time decreases with subsequent practice.

Never miss out consulting your doctor before using tens unit pads

Conclusively, TENS pads are low-risk pain-mitigation units but they must not be used without clinical assistance. Chiefly if you have issues like skin allergies, some infectious disease, Blood-pressure problems, or fever, you need to see your doctor before applying the pads.