Z-Cloud Massage Chair

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The Z-Cloud Massage Chair lets you adjust everything from the width of the shoulders to the height of the massage on the back, to even extending your feet further for those with longer legs. With our electric massage chair, you can now fully enjoy your massage rather than settling.

Upper Arm Airbag Massage

Four Piece Valve Technology for better coverage and rotatory cuff injuries.

Adjustable Pillow Pad

Magnetic Pillow Pad can adjust up and down freely

Calf and Leg Action

Four Comfort airbags gently massage away knots and pain.

Variable Point Massage

Twelve massage rollers and air bags massage away pressure points for maximum stress relief.

Swing Function

Chair swings at the mid point back and forth like a rocking chair mid massage.


The Z-Cloud Massage Chair has more functionality than any other massage chair on the market, as you no longer have to struggle to put your arms in the small arm slots of a massage chair. With the arm massagers resting on the outside of the chair, you can truly relax and enjoy your massage without any difficulty.

This chair has been designed with a set of vertically moving, four-wheel driven, quiet and intelligent massage hands. Choose from six different automatic massage methods: express, wholesome, oriental, Swedish, classic and chiropractic. Each of these methods creates a humanized and professional massage experience to ensure deep relaxation and relief.

Z-Cloud Features

Swedish Massage

The Swedish Massage mode rivals your massage therapist in quality and coverage.

Ergonomic Foot Massage

Each calf and foot airbag in the base of the Cloud massage chair is specially shaped to contour to your body.

Advanced Foot Rollers

The foot rollers included in the base of the Cloud Massage Chair pivot with 1 inch of variance mimicking the feeling of real hands.

Companion App

Download and connect the companion app to access an intuitive touch screen menu.

Adjustable Motor Pivots

The Z-Cloud Massage Chair is equipped with double step-less motor adjusters. The double motors allow perfect targeting for any age, size and pain-relief use case.

Whole Body Experience

The Z-Cloud Massage chair is engineered to be a full body massage experience. No place or point of possible pain relief is excluded, from top to bottom.

Back Width Adjustment

The S-shape rollers included with Z-Cloud Massage chair are equipped with 3 levels of adjustable width control. Wide, Normal and Narrow Targeting.

Three Massage Memory Modes

Three individual memory functions meet most massage routine requirements. Any combination of speed, intensity, routine and mode can be saved using the memory buttons.

Extended Massage Range

Intelligent mechanical massage hands move up and down the neck, shoulders, back and waist. They automatically adjust in width to fit your spine.

Convenient Storage Pouch

The Massage Chair handrail is equipped with a convenient storage box, which can be used with the included remote, or even your mobile device and/or phone.

3D Digital Bluetooth Speakers

Enjoy relaxing music without all the tangles and mess of a wired setup. Equipped with best-in-class dual Bluetooth speakers that incorporate 3D audio technology to bathe your ears in relaxing surround ambiance.

Quick Access

An embedded controller is included on the armrest. The controller provides easy access to essential controls and adjustments, even while receiving a full arm massage.

Experience Zero-G

Legs extend 135° and spine stretches along 118° line creating the feeling of weightlessness.

Multiple Targeting Methods

Intelligent mechanical massage hands are programmed to adjust to the curvature of your back, providing a better massage with each use. Choose from eight different automatic massage methods: fast, comfortable, relax, ease ache, fatigue relief, vertebral care, stress relief, and waist stretch. Each of these methods recreates the personal touch of a professional massage experience to ensure deep relaxation and relief.

Massage Targeting Profiles

Rush Hour Relief Mode

Weekend Warriors, Young Professionals, On-The-Goers, Entrepreneurs

Stress Relief Mode

Home Makers, Caregivers, Nurses, First Responders,  Doctors, Dispatchers, Firefighters, Law-Enforcement, Social Workers, High-Stress Workers

Full Coverage Mode

Outdoorsmen, Yogi's, Health Conscious, Foodie's, Dieter's, Gym Rats, Cardio Lovers

Back and Waist Mode

Blue-Collar Workers, Laborers, Construction Workers, Electricians, Welders, Plumbers

Neck and Shoulder Strain Mode

Computer Users, Gamers, Line Workers, Cooks, Chefs, Truck Drivers

Mild Massage Mode

Senior Citizens, Injured Individuals, Sensitive Users, Arthritic People, People with low pain tolerance.

Space Saving Design

The Z-Cloud Massage Chair is designed to take up the least amount of space possible while receiving a full body massage. Even while fully reclined one can expect no more than 2 inches in vertical variance and 8 inches in horizontal variance.

Combo "S" and "L" Shape Track

The Z-Cloud Massage Rollers ergonomically lay along the user's upper and lower back. The lower portion of the massage roller track extends in an "L" shape to cover thigh and glute areas.

Adjustable Leg Base

The calf portion of the Z-Cloud Massage Chair Stretches an additional 8 inches to fit a multiple of body types and heights.

The Perfect Foot Massager

The foot roller massage function is equipped with an automatic sensor to detect your leg and foot length for the most comfortable massage area.

Cloud 9 Massage Features

Choose from six different automatic massage methods: express, wholesome, oriental, Swedish, classic and chiropractic. Each of the massage methods has five intelligent techniques: shiatsu, kneading, flapping, knocking and simultaneous kneading and flapping.

Z-Cloud Carbon Fiber Heat

The back and leg massagers are equipped with an infrared heating source using carbon fiber material. The infrared heating source has three adjustable temperatures to provide you with the perfect warmth, coziness, and comfort.

Comfort Levels for the Whole Family

With multiple intensities and massage routines, the Z-Cloud Massage Chair is a viable massage chair for all ages, health conditions and pain-relief use cases.

Z-Cloud Massage Chair

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