Z-Fold Massage Chair

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A portable compact massage chair that folds up into a small space! Perfect for your home or office where space is limited, this chair has 6 heated massage rollers for your neck and back. It can articulate 20° backwards into a more relaxing position, giving you an affordable space saving massage any time.

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Folding Massage Chair
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Best Folding Massage Chair

Z-Fold Massage Chair

Our newest addition to our line of Shiatsu Massagers! The Z-Fold is perfect for home where space is limited, and can be folded up to take less than 8" of space. With 8 rolling massage nodes, this massage chair is great for the end of the day when you need a relaxing massage, anywhere in your home.

Close up of Folding Massage Chair

Heated & Adjustable Neck Massage

The Z-Fold Shiatsu Folding Massage Chair comes with a flexible Shiatsu neck massager which can be adjusted to fit any person's height. The neck massager has two nodes that rotate in either direction for a relaxing and comfortable massage to your liking. The neck and back will simultaneously heat up to relax your muscles for your massage.

Best Quality Folding Massage Chair

Full Back Massage

Our folding masssge chair featuring Shiatsu Rollers with 8 rotation nodes to deliver relaxing deep tissue kneading massage for full back, lower or upper back. The massage rollers can reach very low lumbar areas or shoulder blades.

Heated Folding Massage Chair

Independent Heat & Vibration

Heat therapy further relaxes muscle and improves blood flow. The heat can be turned on with or without the massage function. Turning on the heat function and enjoy the benefits of a warming massage that soothes sore muscles and relieves stress for deep relief. The Vibrating seat massager comes with 3 intensity levels can relax the buttocks and thighs.

Recline Folding Massage Chair

Smooth Adjustment

The angle of the backrest can be adjusted by simply flipping a switch and reclining back or forward to your preferred angle.

With a maximum 100°-130° degree adjustment, you can adjust the angle according to your perfect massage.

The heavy duty frame supports up to 400lb.

Enjoy a Folding Massage Chair

Adjust the Intensity

Get a softer shiatsu intensity by pulling over the detachable pillow, softening your massage experience. The pillow is also easy to clean, attach or detach from the chair.

A USB Port and small storage bag holds the remote and your device while it charges!

Easy To Use Foldable Massage Chair

Space Saving and No Assembly Required

Keep your home clutter free by simply folding the chair up when you are finished. A lock on each arm wrest lets the chair slide back into its folded position, allowing you to put it away just about anywhere in your home. The chair requires no assembly and is ready to turn on out of the box after it is unfolded.

About Our Folding Massage Chairs

Zarifa USA Z-Fold Shiatsu Folding Massage Chair comes with a flexible Shiatsu neck massager that can be adjusted to fit anyone's height. The amazing neck massager has two nodes that rotate in either direction for the most relaxing and comfortable massage. The neck and back will simultaneously heat up to relax your muscles.

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