Z-Smart Massage Chair

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Need a better way to relax your muscles? The Zarifa Z Smart Massage Chair is the ultimate guide to your relaxation. Offering a full body massage to get those stubborn and tense areas, twisted seat functions, adjustable leg extensions, and zero gravity, you’ll get the much needed, full-body massage you deserve without leaving the comfort of your home.

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The Z-Smart Massage Chair lets you adjust everything from the width of the shoulders to the height of the massage on the back, to even extending your feet further for those with longer legs. With our electric massage chair, you can now fully enjoy your massage rather than settling.

3D and 4D Massage Programs

Beyond 3D, the Zarifa Z-Smart Massage Chair offers 4D massage by including the dimension of variable speed. You can slow down or speed up different sections of the chair individually mid-stroke, similarly to a professional massage therapist.

Full Body Compression

Strategically places air cushions apply pressure to the body in targeted healing points in order to manipulate and stretch muscles. The Z-Smart massage chair allows you to truly enjoy a massage in the comfort of your home

Z-Smart Reclining System

The Z-Smart Massage Chair utilizes a retracting base, which allows the front of the base to move forward as the chair tilts back. This allows you to place the chair only 2 inches away from a wall without damage.

Z-Smart S & L Track Systems

The Z-Smart Massage Chair utilizes both S & L tracks to provide the deepest possible massage and simulate a professional massage therapist as much as possible

Deep Tissue Calf and Leg Massage

The Z-Smart Massage Chair provides a massage that targets everything from your toes, to your calves, to your knees, and your hamstrings. Massage everything at once


Need a better way to relax your muscles? The Zarifa Z Smart Massage Chair is the ultimate guide to your relaxation. This FSA-eligible massage chair offers a full-body massage to get those stubborn and tense areas, twisted seat functions, adjustable leg extensions, and zero gravity, you’ll get the much needed, full-body massage you deserve without leaving the comfort of your home.


LED Accent Lighting

7 levels of adjustable massage chair accent lighting to match your interior space at home.

Hand Massage Technology

Battle even the smallest of tensions and muscle cramps with the Z-Dream's hand massage pads.

Multiple Massage Positions

Massage Rollers offer accurate massage to different points of your back, arms, legs and feet. Coverage is comprehensive and fits a variety of body types.

Adjustable Motor Pivots

The Z-Smart Massage Chair is equipped with double step-less motor adjusters. The double motors allow perfect targeting for any age, size and pain-relief use case.

Whole Body Experience

The Z-Smart Massage chair is engineered to be a full body massage experience. No place or point of possible pain relief is excluded, from top to bottom.

Swedish Massage

The Swedish Massage mode rivals your massage therapist in quality and coverage.

Three Massage Memory Modes

Three individual memory functions meet most massage routine requirements. Any combination of speed, intensity, routine and mode can be saved using the memory buttons.

Ergonomic Foot Massage

Each calf and foot airbag in the base of the Z-Smart massage chair is specially shaped to contour to your body.

Advanced Foot Rollers

The foot rollers included in the base of the Smart Massage Chair pivot with 1 inch of variance mimicking the feeling of real hands.

Back Width Adjustment

The S-shape rollers included with Z-Smart Massage Chair Plus are equipped with 5 levels of adjustable width control. Ultra-Wide, Wide, Normal Ultra Narrow and Narrow Targeting.

Extended Massage Range

Intelligent mechanical massage hands move up and down the neck, shoulders, back and waist. They automatically adjust in width to fit your spine.

5 Levels of Speed

5 adjustable kneading levels. Includes Slow, Normal, Strong, Normal Variable, Strong Variable.

O2 Ionizer

Fresh Ionized air is gently released from the massage chair Ionizer vents to provide a fresh and odor free massage.

Air Bags Mimic Kneading Hands

78 separate air bag pieces gently massage the body, feet, legs, arms, thighs and more mimicking the touch and feel of real hands.

O2 Ionizer

Eliminate any outside distractions from your massage routine with the Z-Smart O2 Ionizer. The Ionizer unit eliminates odors, and creates clean air around the massage chair area.

Easy to Use Controls

Intuitive and comprehensive full color led display. Quickly find the right massage mode, targeting and intensity right for you.

Full Foot Massage Coverage

The foot massager base fully encompasses and massages your feet during your foot massage sessions.

Multiple Targeting Methods

Intelligent mechanical massage hands are programmed to adjust to the curvature of your back, providing a better massage with each use. Choose from eight different automatic massage methods: fast, comfortable, relax, ease ache, fatigue relief, vertebral care, stress relief, and waist stretch. Each of these methods creates a humanized and professional massage experience to ensure deep relaxation and relief.

Massage Targeting Profiles

Depth Massage Relief Mode

Weekend Warriors, Young Professionals, On-The-Goers, Entrepreneurs

Comfort Mode

Caregivers, Nurses, First Responders,  Doctors, Law-Enforcement, Social Workers, High-Stress Workers

Full Air Coverage Mode

Outdoorsmen, Yogi's, Health Conscious, Foodie's, Dieter's, Gym Rats, Cardio Lovers

Back and Waist Mode

Blue-Collar Workers, Laborers, Construction Workers, Electricians, Welders, Plumbers

Synchronous Strain Mode

Computer Users, Gamers, Line Workers, Cooks, Chefs, Truck Drivers 

Relax Mode

Senior Citizens, Injured Individuals, Sensitive Users, Arthritic People, People with low pain tolerance

Massage Designed for Everyone

With the incredible control system created by Zarifa USA, you can control your massage more than ever before. There are over 30 intelligent massage system settings included with the massager, allowing one to customize the massage for their specific needs.

With full control over the massage, you can make sure the massage is serving your needs properly and performing at the highest possible level. Every massage can now be tailored to your personal pleasure and care.

Full Body Massage Capability

The Zarifa Z Smart Massage chair is built to relieve sore and aching muscles in the comfort of your own home. It's great for those that enjoy the benefits of a full body massage, yet can't find the time to visit a masseuse weekly or monthly. Shave time off your massage routine by enjoy a massage from head to toe, without ever leaving the comfort of your own home.

With the full body functionality of the Z-Smart Massage chair you can experience all our different features through your entire body at the same time. Utilize full body compression with various forms of tapping, kneading, and scraping provided by our highest quality massage heads in order to get full body relief in a single sit down.

Foot Massaging Capabilities

Enjoy a deep tissue foot massage that encompasses your entire foot and you calves. Our massage chair allows you to stretch your legs out, with over 10 inches of extension. Our massage chair can truly people of any shape and size with our customizable fittings. The chair adapts to you.

Not only do we provide an excellent foot massage, but the leg portion of the chair, like the rest, is covered in compressive air bags. These bags fill and compress your legs and feet from all directions, allow incredible relief from sore and tight muscles. The compression helps to increase blood flow while the chair provides your legs with a deep tissue massage.

The Zarifa Z Smart Massage Chair: A Leap Forward in Home Wellness Technology

At the forefront of relaxation and innovative wellness solutions, we proudly present the Zarifa Z Smart Massage Chair. This advanced home massage chair is not just a piece of furniture; it's a gateway to a new level of health, relaxation, and comfort. Designed meticulously to cater to all body types and needs, the Zarifa Z Smart Chair is your answer to incorporating comprehensive wellness routines right in your living room.



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