Foot Massager+

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FDA Approved Class I Medical Device

1 Year Warranty

The Z-Smart Foot Massager Plus is the Flagship heated Shiatsu foot massager. Acting as a standalone massage ottoman, the Plus massages away at your feet calves knees and even upper thighs using the Swing Hinge Feature.

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Foot Massager+ Features

Quiet Tech

Ultra quiet massage motors are strong, durable and allow you to relax in peace.

Multi Directional

Massage rollers move in multiple directions for full foot massage.

Upper Thigh Massager

Improve blood circulation, break down sore muscles and help prevent deep vein thrombosis with massage airbags and rollers that feel like real hands.

Foot Ankle Massager

Stiff ankles and joints suffer from a build-up of scar tissue that can only be remedied with deep tissue massage. The joint massage feature in our shiatsu foot massager machine with heat helps keep you mobile.

Knee Massager

Prevent future medical issues and tears with the knee rolling function. Relaxes tense muscles and stimulates blood flow to remove dull aches and pains.

Leg Massager Press

he leg press function relieves calf muscles and massages surrounding tissue.

Auto Shut Off

Massage with Peace of Mind as Auto Shut off prevents electrical surge.

Shiatsu Foot Massager

Improve circulation, balance and better stimulation in the feet with the electric Foot Massager rollers. The electric foot massager rollers help with Plantar Fasciitis and Peripheral Neuropathy.


Transform your relaxation experience and bid farewell to foot discomfort with the Zarifa Z-Smart Shiatsu Foot Massager+! This innovative device is meticulously designed to target and break down scar tissue, safeguard your knees from injuries, and enhance blood circulation, ensuring a seamless and pain-free experience.

Revitalizing Foot Massage

Start Your Day Off With a Revitalizing Foot Massage.

Jade Stone Full Leg Heating

Although some massage therapists and clients may consider this to be a trend, the use of stones and gemstones for healing purposes dates back thousands of years. Jade Heating shiatsu foot massager machine with heat helps with the following:

Reduce Pain and Stiffness, Treat Arteriovenous Fistula, Reduce Back Pain, Treat Allergic Rhinitis, Improve Motor Function, Reduce Blood Pressure Levels

Leg Swing Massager

90° Hinge Swing System For Full Leg Coverage

Your leg's are more than Calves and Feet. The swing hinge by Zarifa Shiatsu Foot Massager machine with heat, allows you to loosen stiff muscles and cramps in your upper quadriceps and knees for increased comfort and mobility.

Full Foot and Leg Massage Coverage

Massage airbag and 3D Shiatsu Massage nodes offer comprehensive coverage of all possible pain points. Covers Ankles, Heels, Soles of Feet, Calves, Shins, Knees and Quads. Multiple massage rollers and air bags massage away pressure points for maximum stress relief.

Foot Massager + Review by a Physical Therapist

Simple and Powerful Techniques in Shiatsu Foot Massage

There are many massage techniques for many types of pains, aches, and symptoms. We've included the most important and impactful techniques in the Foot Massager +. Multiple massage rollers and air bags massage away pressure points for maximum stress relief.

All the Benefits of a Massage Therapist

Settle in and relax with friends and loved ones without sacrificing your physical health and mental well being. Avoid costly and routine massage therapy sessions with your own Zarifa Foot Massager Plus.

3D Shiatsu Massage Rollers

The Massage roller system is designed to apply pressure like real hands. The rollers massage side to side as well as in and out on the calves, feet and thighs to provide deep tissue relief.

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