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What are the Benefits of a Massage Gun?

Massage Guns provide instant relief where you need it most. They pack a punch without much effort, don't require a sizeable footprint like a full body massage chair, and won't break the bank. Where you point the device is where you'll discover instant pain relief.

Our Massage Gun Lineup we Dub the Z-Smart Massage Guns provide superior stall-force and noise levels, come packed with more features and massage heads and sport batteries that just lasts longer.

Below are a myriad of benefits to using our Massage Guns:

Sports Performance, Recovery, and Injury Prevention

Regardless of your training ethos or technique, one thing remains a constant factor when training--Recovery Time. Sports Injury and DOMs related setbacks can take down the biggest of gym rats regardless of their athletic prowess. Our percussive massage guns improve muscle contractions, lengthen the muscle and fascial tissues and provide instant DOMs relief.

The main purpose of these mechanisms is to shorten the muscle recovery time between workouts, as toxic debris and scar tissue buildup are released instantly and effectively. The repeated percussive massage also boosts performance as the massage mechanism lends itself to an increase in flexibility and contractional efficiency.

Powerful Pain Relief, Percussion Massager

Vibrational movements from the massage gun provide powerful pain relief in the form of deep tissue massage. The effects of deep tissue massage on pain relief are well documented. You can read more about those effects here.

Muscle Pain relief results in speedier recovery times for most athletes and is a result of the percussive action of our massage gun. The result is an improved range of motion, pain relief and muscle fatigue relief, and soreness relief. The Massage gun is designed to provide these pain relief features to any party of your body. Unlike a traditional shiatsu massager, our massage gun can pin point any area of concern.

Release Lactic Acid Build Up

Lactic acid forms in your muscles when the oxygen levels in your body are low and the body begins to compensate for the deficiency by converting newly formed lactate into energy. The by-product is what we know as lactic acid. This could make you feel nauseated, experience cramps, and feel exhausted.

Our Massage Gun reverses these symptoms as it helps the release of lactic acid and other toxins from the muscles to surrounding tissues. The percussive mechanism in conjunction with our superior stall force is a great way to reduce the effects of DOMS.

What is stall force? Stall force is the amount of pressure(lbs) required to slow the rate of oscillations of the massage gun. Our massage guns require a whopping 60lbs of pressure before they begin to slow down. This means you can apply more pressure and remove more lactic acid than a traditional massage, or pressure point therapy.

BENEFITS OF z-Smart Enabled Massagers



Our zSmart massage products come in small, easy to carry form factors. Take massage with you wherever needed without lugging around heavy items.



Our zSmart massage devices include our zSmart chip to provide extra functionality. In our Massage Gun line extra workout and safety features are provided in the form of a BPM/kCAL/Temp sensor. Our zSmart Massage Cushion has multi sequence tech in the power button. Each zSmart product includes extra functionality via our zSmart Chip.

3D NODES shiatsu massagers


Our brushless massage motors in our Z-Smart massagers utilize the quietest bearings and drive shafts without sacrificing massage quality or intensity,



Touch enabled tech whether in the form of a touch screen or easy to clean touch pad eliminates the unnecessary remotes and wires that bog down many massage products. All controls are included on the device.

Z-Smart Massage Gun Plus


How it WOrks

zSmart Percussive Pain Therapy keeps you on the move. Below is how it works.


The backbone of our Massage Gun Technology is a higher amplitude - a technical term for how far the massage head extends and retracts to reach your body and deliver the massage. Our Massage Gun Health Plus incorporates 16mm of amplitude for maximum coverage.


With variable 1200 to 3500 RPMs of Oscillations you can customize your massage gun to hit the correct speed for you comfort level. Most massage guns hit your skin at uncomfortable levels of non-adjustable vibration. Our Massage Guns allow you to massage comfortably at your level.


The zSmart Massage Health Plus packs a punch with 60lbs of stall force. Stall force is the amount of pressure you can apply to the unit before the RPMs of the unit begin to slow down. At 60 lbs of stall force you won't be lacking for intensity of massage.

Z-Smart Massage Gun Health Plus



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