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How do Foot Massagers Work?

Not all personal foot massagers are alike. You can find inexpensive foot massagers and foot rollers at your local drugstore that target the bottom of your feet. These are better than nothing, but they won’t give you the full benefits of a foot and leg massage that your body deserves.

Foot Massagers work by gently kneading, compressing, rolling and caressing your feet muscles and joints like real massage hands. Our FSA and HSA foot massagers are portable, sleek and elegant solutions to your foot pain relief and overall feet health and wellness plans.

From ergonomic design, precision point rollers to gentle massage air techniques, the Zarifa Foot Massagers packs a punch in the medical massage category.

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Foot Massager Features

Foot Ankle Massager

Ultra-quiet massage motors are strong, durable and allow you to relax in peace.

Upper Thigh Massager

Improve Blood circulation, break down sore muscles and help prevent deep vein thrombosis with massage airbags and rollers that feel like real hands.

4D Massage

Stiff ankles and joints, in general, suffer from a build-up of scar tissue that can only be remedied with deep tissue massage. The joint massage feature in our FSA-eligible shiatsu foot massager machine with heat helps keep you mobile, and offers a welcome release after a long day at work.

Leg Massager Press

The leg press function relieves calf muscles and massages surrounding tissue.

Multi Dirrectional

Massage rollers move in multiple directions for full foot massage.

Knee Massager

Prevent future medical issues and tears with the knee rolling function. Relaxes tense muscles and stimulates blood flow to remove dull aches and pains.

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