Zarifa TENS Unit Accessory Kit

The Only Zarifa Tens Unit Accessory Kit (Tens Kit ) You Can Buy With Your HSA or FSA

  • Tens Gloves
  • Tens Socks
  • 2x Small/Large/XL Pads / tens large pads
  • 1x Butterfly Pad / tens machine butterfly
  • Zarifa Ear Clip
  • 2x Electrode wire / tens unit wires
  • Tens Slippers
  • Tens Back Belt .


This is all that you need to know about Tens kit !

You know well how cranky anyone can become when it come to pain. People keep using different tactics to get rid of it. Well, tens kit is what you need to have to get rid of all your problems. You won’t need any prescription but electrotherapy that is used by doctors and therapists will be in your pocket. But how can you do this? Well, read this article to get all answers!

What is TENS therapy?

The most widely used type of tens therapy that deals with both acute or chronic pain is called transcutaneous electrical nerve stimulation. Tens unit is used to perform this therapy

What is Tens Unit?

This is device that operates on battery. It s very small in size but works quite well. The device is connected to small pads which are called electrodes. This unit is able to set you free from all kinds of pain. You are able to use it at home, during travel and even at work. It is the most effective therapy that is being used by almost everybody today. Be it chronic or acute pain, post surgical or post trauma, you will not bear it again once you use the tens kit.

How does Tens unit work?

Pads receive a small electric current from the device. A number of conditions like back ache or labour pain can be dealt with it. This is completely drug free treatment.

What are the products in the Tens kit?

Following products are used in tens unit kit:

  • Tens gloves
  • Tens Socks
  • Tens Large Pads
  • Tens Slippers
  • Tens Back Belt
  • Electrode Wire
  • Zarifa Ear Clips

Tens unit kit is covered by the company for a whole year if anything happens.

Where does the Tens kit work?

The tens unit kit can work on:

  • Back
  • Neck
  • Leg
  • Knee
  • Shoulder
  • Feet

Freedom from pain!

Tens unit kit has been in use by many physicians and other healthcare professionals since 1960s. Tens unit has remained the best source of pain relief. Research has proven it to have the most powerful impact for making the pain invisible. This tens unit is best for those people who are unable to take any medications or face some side effects because of what they are prescribed. It is not a cure for your pain but it helps identify the root cause of the problem and treat it well. The nerves are stimulated well enough to remove the aches.

Tens Kit Maintenance is a must!

If you had been using tens pads over and over again, make sure you keep changing them as well. Do not wait for the pads to wear out. Batteries have to be replaced too if the devices are non rechargeable.

Is any prescription needed for Tens unit Kit?

Most machines of TENS are purchased without any prescription in most of the countries but it is restricted for the use of some people like heart patients or those who have epilepsy. Special warnings are given by the company and manufacturers for those people who must not use this product. If you are really interested in using it, make sure to consult a health professional first. Even pregnant women must think once before using it. People who undergo any recent surgery or have cancer or any other health concern are strictly prohibited from using TENS unit.

Does the Tens kit or Tens unit have any side effects?

Up till now there have been no cases with people facing side effects with other company tens units. It was extremely rare in the past when almost 2 to 3% of people faced allergic skin reactions to the pads. This is why late free pads were introduced by the manufacturers. But you must still check the material of the pads if you are at the risk of having any allergy. If side effects are faced by chance then that is by those people who do not follow the instructions mentioned and use it according to themselves. Not following proper guidance is bad and it may also turn out people overusing the kit. Intensity level must be set properly so guidance has to be followed. If it is not used properly, the targeted area can get sore. You can twitch your muscles and face some irritation or cranky sensations if the intensity goes too high. You won’t face any problem if the instructions are followed properly.

What are the most frequently asked questions about the kit?

The mostly asked questions about the TENS kit are:

  • How does the unit feel like?
  • How many pads are required?
  • How much does the kit cost?
  • Is the kit returnable?
  • Are online products reliable?


Over 1 million of these Tens unit kit have been sold already and there is still high demand for this tens unit.You must not waste any time and quickly purchase the kit. It is best for older people who mostly have different pains almost in whole body. Once you try the product, you would not want to leave it at all.


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