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Shop for replacement adapters, chargers, and batteries for your favorite Zarifa USA products. If you have damaged or lost your massage gun charger or adapter, make sure that you replace it with a Zarifa USA charger or adapter so that your product can maintain optimal performance. The use of a non-Zarifa adapter, charger, or battery makes void and null any product warranty. Every product requires specific charging capabilities and power supplies, and when improperly used can lead to damaging your product. Our top-quality massage gun chargers, adapters, and battery replacements are designed for the ultimate durability and performance. Our product collection features all you need for the proper function of your massage equipment. Contact us with any question and shop today!


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Z-Smart Massage Charging Station - Zarifa USAZ-Smart Massage Charging Station - Zarifa USA
z smart massage gun  zarifa usa power adapterZ-Smart Massage Gun AC Adapter - Zarifa USA
massage cushion power adapterZ-Smart Massage Cushion AC Adapter - Zarifa USA
ACAdapterTensandEMSUnitsZarifaUSAZarifa TENS & EMS AC Adapter - Zarifa USA
classic cushion massager  zarifa usa power adapterZarifa Back Massager Shiatsu Classic AC Adapter - Zarifa USA
neck and shoulder massager zarifa usa power adapterZarifa Shiatsu Neck & Shoulder AC Adapter - Zarifa USA
Leather Care Kit - Zarifa USALeather Care Kit - Zarifa USA
Leather Care Kit Sale price$199.99