How to use your HSA or FSA card

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Zarifa USA has made using your HSA or FSA card as easy as possible. Simply enter your HSA or FSA card information at checkout, just like you would any credit card. Our merchant codes allow us to process your payment for you quickly, and easily, right from our main checkout.


Simply add your product and go to checkout. At checkout, fill out the contact information and shipping address

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Enter card information

Now we have all your information for your purchase, simply enter your HSA or FSA card information in the field marked "Credit card"

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Zarifa USA products are all FDA approved Class I and II devices. Our products can be purchased through your HSA or FSA. Although the products can be purchased through your HSA and FSA providers, many will ask you questions to ensure that you aren’t abusing their policies. Customers who purchase our products have medical needs, which is why they turn to us. These medical needs are typically all the providers will ask about in the form of a statement of medical necessity. This statement can be written by the customer describing the issue the customer is facing and how the product helps them with that problem. In most circumstances, this will be all the provider will need, along with a copy of your itemized receipt. You can also find our FDA documentation for our products under the support documentation tab of our website.

There are many HSA and FSA providers. These range from BPC, Allegiance, Cigna, and a hundred other providers. Our massage products are the only ones approved for purchase through your HSA or FSA providers as they are FDA approved, DME certified, and our merchant code classifies them as medical equipment as well. Each FSA provider will have their own rules of use. A small portion of FSA providers require doctor’s prescription, while many more only require a letter of necessity which can be written by the customer themselves, and most require no documentation once they see our merchant code classification as they approve the purchase without a note.

Although our products are the best on the market, a small portion of FSA providers are much stricter with their use, and it depends who your employer uses as their provider. Those policies are one’s that are in place by the provider directly and aren’t used for all FSA providers. Similar to how companies will have varying policies, providers too will have certain policies you must adhere to.

We recommend that if you have a personal or family doctor that you visit regularly, to visit them to see if you can get a prescription. Again, the use of your FSA card would be for medical expenses, so you would need a medical reason for getting the massager, other than just getting massages. For example, if you have circulation or stress issues, a doctor can prescribe our products for you to use. Please do remember that HSA and FSA benefits are for medical spending and should be used as such. Our products are designed to help real people with real problems, without the need of opioids or other addictive drugs. 

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The following are FDA certificates provided for your convenience in the event that you are required to provide additional information to your Health Insurance Provider. 

Certificates are listed under their Corresponding Products Below:

Our Commitment

Our goal is to provide a graceful living experience through drug-free pain relief. Our products are made with the customer in mind. During trying times of an opioid epidemic, we aim to provide the highest quality products using modern methods of traditional practices that achieve beneficial results.

With the increasing statistic of 100 million Americans that suffer from chronic pain each year, Zarifa USA aims to assist and provide relief to all we can without the use of addictive substances such as opioids.

Our commitment is to aid this large portion of the population in pain relief through easily accessible products that deliver positive medical results. We aim to support pain sufferers through their difficult times and provide a positive drug-free massage therapy experience.

Stop cycles of chronic pain and attain drug-free relief in the comfort of your home with Zarifa USA.


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