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Key Differences Between a Massage From a Chair vs. a Therapist | Zarifa USA

Massage is nothing new. It dates back as far as 5,000 years! However, the 21st century brings us highly sophisticated massage products we can use in our own homes. What you could once only get in a posh spa or physical therapy clinic, you can now access at home whenever you need it. Sometimes, you may prefer to visit a massage therapist. But many times, a massage chair (in the comfort of your own home) will more than meet your needs. Learn the differences and decide which type of massage is most worth your investment of both time and money.

The Massage Chair Puts You in Control

Each body is different, and what feels good to one might hurt another. You could always communicate with your therapist to let them know if you want more or less pressure, but sometimes that can be awkward.

Besides, touch and pressure are subjective.

What you may consider a soft touch or light pressure to a part of your body may be different to a massage therapist. Instead, with a chair, just push a few buttons to control the pressure!

A chair can give you the massage you need each time, depending on how you’re feeling that day and your reason for the treatment.

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Sometimes You Want Some Alone Time

Not everyone likes having someone they don’t know very well touch them. That can present a problem when you go to a massage center. However, with your own massage chair, you will feel more relaxed before the massage even starts. Similarly to someone being uncomfortable with a stranger touching them, some people don’t like getting massages in public. Since most massages work best when you aren’t wearing clothing, you may feel even more uncomfortable. Your massage chair is there for you 24/7. It also works great when you’re fully dressed, alleviating any uneasiness you might feel.

Don’t Limit Yourself to Certain Body Parts

If you’re getting a massage from a therapist, you’re most likely getting a specific type of massage. Different kinds of massage generally focus on specific parts of the body. While that’s good if you have a few places that need to be worked out, you may also need a full-body massage. That’s where massage chairs come into play.

Our ZeroG 3D Massage Chair offers a full body massage with the added perk and convenience of getting relief in the privacy of your own home.

Massage Chairs Don’t Require an Appointment

Nothing is worse than needing a spot massaged and not being able to get an appointment because the therapist’s schedule is full! What’s worse, if something comes up and you have to cancel an appointment, you may not get a refund.

No need for appointments with your massage chair; it’s there when you need it! So whether it’s a stressful day at work or sore muscles from a recent workout, your massage chair will be waiting for you and ready to help relieve tension.


Massage Chairs Give a More Consistent Massage

Humans tend to have bad days or days where they feel a little off. The same can extend to your massage therapist. If a massage therapist is having a bad day, their bad mood and tension can literally “rub you the wrong way”. Massage therapists generally treat lots of clients each week, so it can be tough for them to remember exactly how you like your massage. Yet, the massage chair is a machine and doesn’t take off-days! It will give you a consistent massage every time you need one.

A Therapist Can Ask & Answer Questions

If you are new to massage you might want to start by visiting a licensed, experienced massage therapist. Just as you sometimes see a doctor before embracing a new diet or exercise plan, you are wise to seek the advice of experts. You can engage in a back-and-forth with the therapist to fully understand your needs. They can investigate problem areas on your body and learn what you need to feel your best. They can also recommend which type of massage should work best for you. This is all great, however once you learn your favorite type of massage, then you may appreciate the convenience, privacy, and other benefits of a massage chair in your home.

Massage Chairs Pay Off Over Time

When you get a massage in a salon, spa, or medical facility, you pay each time. With a massage chair, you make one up-front purchase and then you’re able to use the chair whenever you want. If you get professional massages often, having a chair in your home can quickly pay off.

So if you’re debating the purchase of a massage chair, keep these things in mind! And while you’re trying to make the decision, visit our selection of massagers and portable units available to buy and ship today.



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