Massage Chair for Your Home

Massage Chair for Your Home

Home is the most comfortable place, and a massage chair adds to its comfort. When purchasing a massage chair, you'll want the latest features, high quality, and a style that complements the theme of your home. If you are looking for a massage chair for your home, you've come to the right place. After reading this article, you'll be able to choose the perfect massage chair. 

Before choosing a chair, it is essential to know the features of a good massage chair because this is a one-time investment. 

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Massage Chair for Your Home

The best massage chairs for your home

Check out this list of premium massage chairs with different features so you can pick your favorite. 

1. Z Smart Massage Chair Plus 

The Z Smart Massage Chair Plus is one of the best intelligent massaging chairs with luxury features to take you away to a stress-free world. It has a smart AI voice control system, so you don't need to move to change any setting. The S + L massager track provides massage with the help of 60 airbags. It focuses on every inch of your body, from head to toe. The variables in foot massage feel like hand massagers to provide maximum relaxation. 

Advanced roller systems detect the body and adjust according to body shape. It keeps the memory of previous settings so you can get the same massage setting for the next day. Zero gravity stretch reduces weight on legs, and o2 ionizers purify the air and set the environment by reducing any disturbing odor. 

The eight presets, according to different lifestyles, make it suitable for each family member. This feature is expensive but worth the money because of its premium features.


  • AI voice control 
  • Hand like massage
  • Foot massage
  • Smart massage rollers 
  • Memory modes
  • O2 ionizers 
  • Zero-G stretch
  • Space-saving designs,
  • S+L track
  • Multiple targeting programs

2. Z-Smart Massage Chair

The Z-Smart Massage Chair is a fully equipped, savvy way to relax. The 3D and 4D massage reduces pain precisely from every part of your body with adjustable leg extension to get a firm grip. In addition, the body lining fit provides effective massage. 

Usually, a massage chair is quite big for a room. When you lie down to relax, keep it away or in the center to avoid crashing into the wall. The innovative reclining system lets you place it just 2 inches away from the wall. When you lay down, it comes forward without covering backward space. Moreover, the dual lumber heat provides maximum comfort and snatches away all stress and pain.

This massage chair is the best combination of all features to ensure a relaxing time after a stressful day. 


  • Twisted seat functions, 
  • Adjustable leg extensions, 
  • Zero gravity 
  • 3d and 4d massage
  • Full body stretch
  • Smart reclining system
  • Dual lumber heat 
  • Storage pocket 

3. Z-Dream Massage Chair 

Do you want a massage chair with customization options so you can set things according to your preferences? Then, the Z-Dream 

Massage Chair can make your dreams come true. It has a beautiful appearance to complement your home. In addition, it comes with every comforting technology to relieve stress after a tiring day. It has complete arm control, airbags to massage the whole body, and zero gravity to relax your legs by reducing weight. 

Features :

  • Handy arm controls
  • Full massage airbag targeting, 
  • Heat for comfort,
  • Zero gravity stretch 
  • Arm and leg massage 
  • Variable foot massage
  • Feel like a hand massage

4. Z-Cloud Massage Chair

Are you searching for massaging chair with the latest technology? Then the Z-Cloud Massage Chair is all you need. It has multiple presets to let your family members set their favorite massage type in one click. The massaging technique of the z-cloud massage chair is a combination of the S and L tracks. It has the benefit of both shapes. You can adjust elements like arm bags, pillow bags, and ottomans to get the best massage for your body shape and height. 

You can control the system with the help of a built-in remote on the chair arm. Moreover, this chair works right for every pain point and allows you to change vibration intensity at a specific pain point. For additional comfort, they add a swing mode like a rocking chair to keep you more relaxed. 


  • Multiple Presets
  • S+L shape
  • Adjustable ottoman
  • Arm bags
  • Adjustable pillow bag
  • Build-in remote
  • Variable point 
  • Swing like a rocking chair
  •  5-year warranty 

What to consider before purchasing a massage chair

Massage chairs

Keep the following factors in mind when choosing your massage chair.


Along with money investment, a massage chair is a space investment in your home. If your home has an extra room, then a massage chair of any size will work. In contrast, a foldable or small-sized chair works well if you have minimal space.  


If your chair is for personal use, you can pick a massage chair with your favorite intensity. On the other hand, if it is for your family, you need a massage chair with different intensity options like the Z Smart Massage Chair Plus. Moreover, your preferences and needs can vary daily. A massage chair with various intensities works for every mood. So, it's best to choose the one with multiple options.

Massage track

Massage chairs offer two types of massage tracks, including S and L. it is the shape in which rollers go up and down. The S shape works along your spine, while the L shape is also in the seat beneath you. Now some chairs offer S and L both tracks in a single chair, which means double benefit. 

Auto programs

Different massage chairs come with various pre-defined programs like unique modes for sleep, for a tiring day, etc. If you like to control things, choose the one with maximum programs.

Body scan technology

High-tech chairs now come with body scan technology. When you sit on the chair, it scans your height, weight, and physique. Then, it adjusts to your body. This technology enhances the massaging experience. If you like modern and latest things, this is a muse feature. 

Manual mode

If you are the person who wants each thing according to your will, then a massaging chair with manual mode is your requirement. Check this before if you want to use something other than presets of massage chairs.

All Zarifa USA products are HSA and FSA-eligible. You can contribute your health savings funds towards purchasing any of our products!


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