Do you have shooting pain starting from your lower back down to your calf, foot, or even toes? Then you may need sciatica treatment. The spectrum of sciatica pain is wide and can switch between constant to nonexistent. Sciatica also usually only occurs on one side of the body and is usually a symptom of a pinched nerve. The nerve may be pinched in the spinal canal as it passes into the leg.

You may need sciatica treatment if you suffer from any of the following:

☉ Constant pain in only one side of the buttock or leg
☉ Extreme pain while sitting
☉ Burning, tingling, searing leg pain
☉ Weakness, tingling, numbness and mobility issues with the leg, foot or toes
☉ Sharp pains that prevent you from standing up or walking

Usually the way in which people treat sciatica nerve pain is completely backwards! This is due to people not knowing that the sciatic nerve is a circuit. It leads through your rear, past your hamstring, and down through your ankle.
If you are feeling sciatica pain on the right side of your body, you will need to massage and work on the opposite side. Applying pressure and tracing all the way down the leg as well as other massage techniques to relieve pain.
Never work on the same side that the sciatic nerve is, work on the opposite side.
Listed below are some of the sciatica pain treatments that are primarily aimed at pain reduction:


After a bit of sciatica pain relief, you may be eligible to be designed a rehabilitation plan by your doctor to help you strengthen your muscles and prevent future injuries or damage. This includes movements that will improve posture, strengthen back muscles, and promote flexibility.
You can receive massage treatment that will assist with sciatica symptoms in a cleansing day spa, treatment room at a physical therapy clinic, or even in the comfort of your own home using massage tools that help with sciatica.
Massage therapies help soothe sore and inflamed joints and muscles in ways that medication often cannot. Sciatica patients have reported lessened stress levels and better sleep when staying on a continuous massage schedule.
Massage therapies are the most popular secondary therapies used by Americans (9% as reported by the NCCAM). Research suggests that massage affects your internal body balance by promoting beneficial blood pressure, heart rate, hormones, and other vital and immune system signals.
A decrease in the stress hormone cortisol, a boost of serotonin production, and general mood improvement are just a few of the results of massage therapy in sciatica patients.
Seeing as a large percentage of pain is emotional, and the stress hormone cortisol is reduced, sciatica nerve pain levels are lowered when using massage therapy. You can receive massage chronic pain relief at a day spa, a therapeutic massage clinic, or at home massage.
Please consult with your doctor or massage physician first to ensure massage is safe for you and your unique situation.  

Hot and Cold Treatments
The most cost-effective way to treat arthritis symptoms is through heating and cooling treatments. Heat treatments relax tense muscles and cause more movement in deteriorating joints. Applying cold elements to chronic pain reduces joint inflammation, pain, and swelling that can develop through everyday activity in sciatica sufferers.
A way to effectively use these methods to assist your sciatica nerve pain is to use a variant of heat therapy, (Rice bag, water bottle, jade heating, etc.), before attempting physical therapy exercises. After exercising, applying cold therapy can reduce any swelling that can occur from the stress a few hours later.

Epidural Injections
An epidural injection provides lasting relief from sciatica pain or inflammation in your spine or limbs. The injection helps confirm the exact site of the pain. The epidural provides constant relief for more severe cases of sciatica.

If you are maintaining a healthy lifestyle but your sciatica pain persists, you may have to have surgery for whatever level of sciatica you may have. All procedures have their positives and negatives, and it is important to discuss future options with your doctor based on your unique sciatica treatment to promote the most healing and relief. After consultation, a surgeon can remove the bone spur or herniated disk that’s causing the issue on the pinched nerve.

Alternative Medicine
Acupuncture, chiropractic, and traditional massage therapy are all alternative medicine options. Be sure if you take the alternative medicine route to choose a licensed practitioner to ensure that he or she has extensive training.


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