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Our feet are the foundations of our bodies that carry our weight throughout the day. This is also why it is necessary to care for them appropriately. Foot massagers are one of the ways that you can use to provide your feet the comfort they need. For most people, foot massagers aren’t something that they will want to spend their money on, but those who suffer sores and feet ache regularly can understand why it’s an important investment. Whether you’ve had a tough day at work or need a break day, a foot massager is a great alternative to seeing an expert! 

Foot massagers are surprisingly more affordable than they seem, and these devices can help to relax you at the end of the day, offer quick feet recovery, lower stress, and improve blood circulation, and also help in treating medical conditions. Foot massagers are a perfect way to relax your body after a hard day because it offers you the complete relaxation that you need. 

Today, there is a great variety of foot massagers available in the market with different functions and features making it hard to find the one that is just right!  While some are foot massagers are better for chronicle relaxation, others may offer a better cure for occasional sores. Finding the best ones can be a daunting task, so we have chosen some of our favorites for you along with a complete guide that can help you find the ones most suitable for your use. Read the article below, because we are sure that it will help you make up your mind about choosing a foot massager.

Our choices of the best foot massagers for you 

There is a great range of foot massagers available in the market today with different styles, designs, and features, making it only harder to find the best ones. Well, don’t worry. We have collected two of our favorite foot massagers for you. Also, we have combined a list of a few features that you should consider when buying a foot massager for yourself. 

1: Z Smart Foot Massager 

With Z-smart foot massager bid farewell to sore calves and tired, achy feet because this state-of-the-art foot massager is equipped with perfect features to take away all your sore feet pain! The heated massage rollers take heat deep down the feet offering complete comfort and relaxation. With Z-smart foot massagers shiatsu foot massage you can get the chance to improve your balance, circulation and get better feet stimulation with the electronic massage rollers. 

Best Foot Massager 2021 for diabetes

The auto-shutoff feature gives complete peace of mind by turning the machine off when, not in use and also prevents electrical surges. With this massager comprehensive massage therapy, improve your feet wellness and feel relief for feet pain. Being equipped with a washable cover, you can easily remove these feet covers to wash them whenever needed. These durable fabrics don’t get damaged easily. 

The combined effect offered by heating and the airbag creates a perfect heat-encompassed compression that imitates the clinical impression of compression socks, offering a stone jade heated massage. This foot massager ensures perfect health benefits by giving a deep penetrating powerful vibration that targets joints and deep nerves under the fat and muscle layer of the feet to give perfect pain relief. 

With machine washable covers, you can easily wash them as needed, with not much effort required. Different intelligent massage modes give you the massage that you need to relieve your feet from all the pain. The precision massage points offer different reflexology like kneading, tapping, shiatsu, and acupoint massage using massage nodes, massage rollers, and airbags. The targeted pain relief offers a deep massage that gives a full massage promoting overall wellness of the foot. 


  • Heated massage rollers for comfort 
  • Shiatsu foot massage 
  • Electronic foot massage rollers for the perfect massage
  • Auto shutoff 
  • Washable covers 
  • Warm, heated compression 
  • Powerful and deep vibration 
  • Washable machine covers 
  • Targets pain relief 
  • Company offered by warranty 



  • Heavyweight and difficult to move around

2: Z-smart foot massager plus

This Z-smart foot massager plus is a perfect foot massager for a standalone massage that relieves your feet, knees, and upper thighs using the swing hinge feature. With the comprehensive foot massage offered by Z-smart foot massager plus, you can enjoy a completely controlled targeting and heated convenient massage. This massager offers a silent massage with its ultra-quiet massage motors that are durable and strong. This silent massager ensures that you peacefully relax during your feet massage. 

Best Foot Massager with heat for instant relief

Z-smart foot massager plus’s massage rollers move around in different directions ensuring a complete foot massage, making sure no spot is left out. With an upper thigh massage, you can get improved blood circulation, reduce muscle sores, and also reduce the risk of deep vein thrombosis. The massage rollers and airbags feel like real hands massaging your feet. 

With the auto-shutoff feature of the Z-smart foot massager plus, be at ease from the worry of forgetting to turn the machine off. This feature prevents electrical surges and keeps you at peace of mind. 

This massage offers a complete foot and leg massage with its 3D Shiatsu massage nodes that cover all the pain points covering heals, ankles, shins, knees, and quads. With Jade stone foot massage and full leg heating, it can help with different problems like back pain, pain, and stiffness, blood pressure, etc. The machine-washable covers can easily be removed and washed when needed. For the sake of safety, this foot massager has auto-deflate technology, along with wheels and handles for easy carry.


  • 3D shiatsu massage rollers 
  • Quit massage motors 
  • Multidirectional rollers for complete foot massage
  • Shiatsu foot massage
  • Auto shutoff 
  • Perfect massage therapy 
  • Full leg heating 
  • Washable covers
  • Safety with auto-deflate 
  • Wheels and handle for easy transport 


  • Expensive 

Best foot massagers: A few things that you should consider.

Buying a foot massager can be a hard task, and because it requires a big investment, there are some things that you should consider. Here are some things that you should look for when choosing a foot massager.

1: Heat 

Many foot massagers offer heat support to improve relaxation and effectiveness during the massage. When you choose a foot, massager try to get one that has adjustable heat settings for a comfortable massaging experience. Other massagers like manual massagers do not have this function, so be sure to strictly evaluate your need. Prioritize heat as an important feature of a foot massager because it offers a much better massage than those without heat. 

2: Vibration 

There are many foot massagers in the market that support different functions and modes for massage. Those who support a vibration massage are often the ones that offer the best massage. Some foot massagers also offer adjustable settings for vibration along with different vibration modes. You may want to get a foot massager with a vibration system because of the comfort that it offers, so be sure to check for this feature. 

3: Controls

Some foot massagers have a remote control for adjusting the settings, but others may have a control pad set on the machine. With a mounted control pad, you will have to learn the way to adjust the intensity and the speed. This can be an interruption for some people to pause and adjust with the mounted control pad, hence, a hand control can be a better option. So, when you choose a foot massager, try to get one that has a control for adjusting the settings. 

4: Washable Covers

Foot massagers may or may not come with washable covers, so you may need to consider your options. Those that have washable covers are easy to clean and use, but those without washable covers may need a thorough washing every once in a while. When you choose a foot massager, try to get one that has washable covers, so becomes easy for you to manage your machine. 

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Before making a final choice, you should consider some of these frequently asked questions that can answer some of your queries regarding the best foot massager.

Q1. What about cleanup?

Most foot massagers can easily be cleaned by wiping down or spot cleaned. Some massagers have washable and removable linings that can be removed and washed easily when needed. This is a great option if you plan on using the machine more often and want the ease of cleaning. 

Q2. Can you stand up while it is working?

It is suggested that you sit during the foot massage, but if you feel more comfortable standing, there is no restriction. You can carefully stand up while you get your feet massage done. 

Q3. Does the machine have a vibration function on the bottom of the feet?

Yes, there are several foot massagers that offer a vibration function extending to the bottom of the feet. This sets the vibrations down to the feet bottom ensuring that your feet feel the same relaxation at the bottom as they do at the top. 



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