How to move your Massage Chair

So you've chosen the ideal massage chair and have thoroughly enjoyed having it in your house. However, you now wish to relocate the chair to a different room. Or, perhaps you're relocating to a new home. In any case, you must take steps to stay safe and protect yourself from harm. At Zarifa USA, we don't want you to get hurt when moving your chair, or for the chair to have any problems thereafter. Here are some pointers on how to safely and effectively move your massage chair.

Consider doorway dimensions

The delivery team most likely carried your massage chair in via the front entrance. So, it should be able to fit through some of your other entrances, right? No, not always. Your interior door dimensions may not be as broad as your front doorway. For that reason, don't move your chair unless you've measured the door dimensions.

Relocating your massage chair may appear to be a difficult process, but with proper preparation and strategy, you can avoid damaging it and find a new location for it. 

Think about the weight

Do you consider yourself to be physically strong? A high-quality massage chair can weigh several hundred pounds, which is more than a typical human can bear. We highly advise you not to try to move the chair on your own. Instead, enlist the assistance of a friend, close relative, or neighbor.

You may also want to buy chair sliders, which allow people to carefully push the chair across the floor and reduce the length of time you have to carry the hefty weight. Just put one slider underneath each foot.

Anybody who has ever moved to a different house or renovated a room understands how difficult it is to transfer furniture. With one false step, you may harm yourself as well as damage your walls and floors. When it comes to moving massage chairs, the same applies. A massage chair is sensitive to damage more than just scuffing the fabric. Improper handling may destroy of a costly piece of equipment, leaving it unusable. Be prepared, ask for help, and you will be fine!


Consider room measurements 

Whenever it comes to our impression of space, our eyes may fool us. Doorways, curves, and automobiles are frequently narrower than they appear. Making a rough estimate of whether a chair would fit in a room and then discovering you're incorrect may be a waste of time and effort.

Before you start moving, get a measuring tape and write down the measurements of the chair. Then, measure the locations you'll need to maneuver the chair through and its final position. Then, you can move it slowly and softly, taking care not to dent the doorframe or mar the paint, into its new home. Keep in mind that you may have to turn, lift, and tilt the chair to effectively move it through your house.

Take what you can

Depending on the model, it may be possible to remove components of the chair before transferring it. Typically, the arm, foot, and rear seats may be removed. This will considerably reduce the size of the chair and make it much easier to maneuver through tight areas.

Moving sheets and furniture gliders

Moving a chair isn't always simple, especially if you're injured or don't have anybody to assist you. Luckily, you can still safely relocate your massage chair. You can buy furniture hinges for a few bucks. After placing these little rubbery rings underneath the chair's legs, the chair should glide easily across the floor. If your chair lacks legs, a sliding blanket can suffice. You may also want to consider using a rolling furniture mover.

Transportation security

If you are transporting the chair beyond the house, it is critical to protect the fabric and electronic components of the chair from the weather. Before transporting the chair into a truck or vehicle, tuck the wires into the chair so they don't get destroyed. Then, to prevent your chair from mud, cover it in greaseproof paper or plastic wrap. Use blankets to protect it from being scuffed. Whether you're relocating your chair from the living room to the bedroom or transporting it massager across the nation, planning ahead of time may save you effort and time while also protecting your chair.

Disconnect it and lock the controls

This may sound obvious, but forgetting to disconnect your chair or trying to maintain the controls when transporting it is the fastest way to harm it. Check that the cord is not underfoot or looped across the chair, where it might be damaged, and that the start button and remote are in a secure location.

The courier delivers one armchair on a pallet, ready for self-assembly and installation. It is important to assist the other person in moving the chair. It takes two individuals to deal with its arrival. It is also possible that the urge to adjust or even relocate the massage chair emerges after delivery.

The massage chair may be simply relocated thanks to the wheels attached to it. Most models have wheels in the rear. All you have to do is lift the front section of the chair using your back, put its weight on the axles, and rotate it. If you are doing the move yourself, it may be useful to get the assistance of a few people to help you cover the chair in protective coverings such as moving sheets and carry everything out of the house. Again, be sure to take into account any holes you'll be passing the chair through and plan where you'll put the chair in the dump truck. You don't want anything heavy or pointy to fall.

All Zarifa USA products are HSA and FSA-eligible. This means you can contribute your health savings funds towards the purchase of any of our products!


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