Massage Chair for Car

Massage Chair for Car

If you have a work schedule that requires a lot of driving, shoulder and back tension is a common problem that you may be aware of. Long hours of driving with a hard car sear can lead to neck pain, shoulder pain, and muscle tension. Behold, comes in the car massager to relieve all the pain. What is a car massage chair, you ask? A car massage chair is a chair shaped insert that is designed to be attached to the regular car seats.  A car seat massager rejuvenates and eases your back, neck, shoulder, and spine, and relieves joint stiffness and muscle tension.

Popular massage chairs for cars usually include shiatsu, deep tissue massage, and vibration amongst other features for offering comfort during driving. If you are someone who has a continuous driving job and feel muscle tension, a massage chair for your car is a perfect solution to all your problems! Let us help you find the best massage chair for your car. We have a perfect massage chair for you along with a complete guide to finding the best car seat massage chair.

While there are different massage chairs available in the market today, we have our top favorite one reviewed for you.

Zarifa Classic Massage Cushion

Is your body tired of all the driving? Do you need comfortable seating during your driving journey? This Zarifa classic massage cushion comes with jade heating, 4 massage heads, vibration, and spot targeting amongst other things that make your massage experience perfect! This massage chair combines a proper clinical massaging experience with portability, making the perfect blend of productivity and relaxation.

Coming with a vibration comfort cushion that supports a heated massage, Zarifa classic massage chair loosens muscle tightening and encourages an anti-inflammatory response. If you want t perfect treatment massage without a visit to the clinic, Zarifa massage cushion is a perfect driving partner that offers improved blood circulation with its deep tissue massage nodes.

With the jade heating function, your joints become flexible, and the soreness of the muscles is healed. The heating system also improves your body motion and reduces the tension and pain associated with contracted muscle joints.

The Zarifa classic massager cushion comes equipped with a Shiatsu massage classic technology allowing adjustment of vibration and heat. This helps to cover different muscle problems like muscle spasms, lower back pain, inflammation, and sciatica. The massage chair has 27 different targeting methods that give a tailored massage experience specific to your needs. The upholstery fitment and solid stitching give longevity to the product.

Massage Chair for Car | Zarifa Classic Massage Cushion

Offering rigid construction, the user can get a strong kneading massage on any surface. This Zarifa classic massager also has a lower back spot targeting technology that gives a customized massage where needed. The handy car adapter that comes with Zarifa classic massage cushion allows this massage cushion to be carried literally anywhere. Whether you are just going to the market or heading on a long journey, this massage cushion offers relaxation massage during the entire journey with its long battery life.

Enjoy the perfect full-body targeting massage that covers the entire body. The massage chair also has spot targeting technology that allows the users to target the area of pain and get a perfect, customized massage for relief. With Zarifa’s classic massage cushion, muscle tension and pain have become a thing of the past! Forget about traveling with discomfort because this massage chair is your perfect travel partner that will offer you the best massage during all your journeys.

Pros :

  • Spot targeting
  • Heat and vibration functions
  • Deep tissue massage
  • 27 different targeting modes
  • Durable and solid construction
  • Portable
  • Handy car adapter for travels
  • Long battery life

Cons :

  • Expensive

There are multiple massage chairs available in the market today, and this has been our favorite for a long time. Now, before you choose a massage chair for yourself, be sure to search the market thoroughly, so your investment is worth it. 

Why Buy a Car Seat Massager?

A massage chair for your car can offer your several physical and mental health benefits. These massage chairs offer an affordable and convenient way to get a perfect massage that is usually offered in a spa. Although the car seat massager cannot replicate the massage of a proper massage therapist, here are some of the reasons why you will need one for your car.

 1. Reduces stress

Car massage chairs can offer a nice and comfortable massage that relieves your muscles from stress and eases your body. As this massage limits the cortisol levels in the bloodstream, it offers a complete relaxation to your body reducing its stress levels. One of the reasons you need to have a massage chair for your car is because it relaxes your body and relives stress.

2. Boosts your mood

One amazing fact about body massages is that they can truly be useful in releasing the hormones that reduce stress and pain as well as giving a boost to one’s mood. Endorphins are the hormones the improve the mood and reduce stress and pain. A relaxing massage in your car seat massager can improve your mood as it encourages the release of your hormones.

3. Improves circulation

One of the other benefits of a good massage in a car massage chair is that it promotes proper blood circulation in your body. As the blood flow of your body is improved, the immune systems benefit greatly and strengthens it as well. As a result, a good massage can improve the overall functioning of your body

4. Puts an end to muscle pain

A car seat massager can offer a range of different massages like a kneading massage that often releases muscle tension allowing them to relax. So, this massage not only relieves the muscle from pain, but also makes your fresh. So, a good massage can be good for your mental and physical health.

Features in Massage chair for car

There are many potential buyers of car massage chairs who want to get one for their car, but before they do, they want to review the features of this massage chair. There are different car massage chairs in the market today, each differing based on their features and price. There are some common features that you will find in most massage chairs, if not all. Here are some common massage chair features:

1. Heat therapy

Heat therapy is one of the many features that are available in massage chairs for cars. Heat is known to have great healing abilities. Some massage chairs only heat a particular area while there are others that can heat several areas together. with a car massage chair that has heating feature for individual areas, you can use the heat where it is needed. The heat feature of car massage chairs makes the massage relaxing and improve blood flow and reduce swelling.

2. Kneading massage

Kneading massage is one type of massage that is often offered by these car massage chairs. It is amongst the most important features because this massage has a firm yet gentle squeezing movement. For a kneading massage, the rollers move across your back sideways to give a relaxing massage. If you are looking for a massage chair that has a kneading function, make sure to choose one that has a separate motor dedicated to this type of massage. This ensures that the massage is performed well.

3. Auto programs

Most massage chairs for cars have an automatic program works with simple button presses to deliver a perfect massage. Massage chairs for cars with auto programs have pre-set programs that control the different massage styles, locations, durations, and systems. But keep in mind that not all massage chairs will have the same auto programs. When you want to choose a car massage chair with auto programs, choose one that has the functions and therapies that you need. For example, if you need a shoulder massage, you will have to get a massage chair that covers this area.

4. Music

The top massage chairs for cars have massage and music synchronization that can easily synchronize the movements with the rhythm of the music. Touching one button, you can get the music-synchronized with the massage. The tempo of the music will also change the intensity of the massage for example rock-type music will give a more vigorous massage than one with simple classical music.

5. The shape of the chair

Most massage chairs available in the market will either be L-shaped or S-shaped in their design. The S-shape massage chair for cars will have the rollers running up and down in relation to the curvature of the spine while the L-shaped chairs have a different functioning system. In addition to moving up and down, the L-shaped massage chairs have rollers beneath the seat. Thus, both these shapes are common for massage chairs, but the L-shape massage chairs for cars offer a back massage covering the hamstring and lower back.


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