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Massage chairs for petite

August 11, 2021 6 min read

Who says all the luxury things are just for tall people? Why can’t petite people get the same advantages? Who says they can’t! If you are a petite person in search of a good massage chair suitable for you, don’t worry! We have compiled some of our favorite massage chairs for petite people. While a regular-sized massage chair will work for many, shorter people will have different requirements. You must find a massage chair that fits well with your height and body stature. Only when your chair is the right size, can you avail the benefits of a massage chair?  All massage chairs are different, and we need to find the right one for you so you can avail the maximum benefits.

Our extensive research has led us to find some of the best massage chairs for short or petite people. While there are many options, not all are created the same. So, look at our collection of massage chairs for petite people because we are sure you will like them.

Best Massage Chairs for Petite People: Product reviews

While there are many options for massage chairs for petite people, we want you to have a look at some of the best ones. See our choices. We are sure you will love them!

1: Z-Smart Massage Chair Plus

Z-smart massage chair plus is a perfect massage chair the combines everything that you could think of. This massage chair is designed with different luxury massaging features and is the perfect size for petite people. Incorporating a hand massage, an ergonomic foot massage, memory modes, AI voice control, and much more, say goodbye to tensed muscles and joints forever! Operated with AI voice control, this massage chair gives s a perfect luxury massage using voice control, excluding the need for a remote.

The Z-smart O2 ionizer ensures that all outside odors and distractions are removed, creating a clean and safe environment. The smart L and S ergonomic design of this massage chair extends the massage from your back down to the thighs and glutes. With 7 adjustable massage chair lighting, you can match it to the space. The companion app allows easy operation and control. With 5 levels of width control, you can easily set the massage chair to your size for a perfect massage.


  • Full Body Massage
  • Hand Massage
  • Companion app for easy operation 
  • Back width adjustment
  • Improved massage ranges
  • 5 levels of speed for massage
  • Airbags
  • AI voice control
  • Space-saving design
  • 7 LED accent lighting levels


  • Expensive

2: Z Smart Massage Chair

With a Z-smart massage chair, bid your goodbyes to tired, aching muscles because this massage chair is your ultimate relaxation partner. Offering a perfect massage covering all areas including the stubborn areas, get ready to give your body a break! This massage chair supports 3D and 4D massage programs that offer variability in speed. This imitates the massage of an actual therapist. With 7 adjustable LED accent lighting levels, you can adjust this massage chair anywhere in your home.

With adjustable motor pivots, this massage chair allows perfect targeted massages for every person tall or short. With the back width adjustment, this chair can be set to the size of any person, making this a perfect choice for petite people. Get a perfect whole-body massage with this chair’s unique massage features. From the back down to the feet, the massage rollers give a perfect massage. The airbags imitate the actual hand kneading massage, and the infrared heating system offers perfect relaxation to your body.


  • Easily operated controls
  • Full body massage
  • 3D and 4D massage
  • Infrared heating system
  • Different massage positions
  • Back width adjustment
  • 5 adjustable speed levels
  • O2 ionizer
  • Airbags


  • Heavyweight

3: Z-Dream Massage Chair

With Z-dream massage chair life is no less than a dream. Equipped with a full massage airbag for targeted massage, handy controls for arms, and absolute heat comfort support, your body will get the massage it needs. Z-dream massage chair has an adjustable width to give a perfect fit to every individual whether petite or taller. This massage chair is easy to move around with its four vertical moving wheels. With a quiet and noiseless massage chair, you can relax as you enjoy your massage. Z-dream massage chair has eight different massage modes to choose from each of which offers a customized and professional massaging experience.

With the built-in sensors, this massage chair can detect the body and adjust the chair to give a perfectly customized body massage. Because it is adjustable, this massage chair can work perfectly for petite people. This massage chair also supports Bluetooth that allows you to turn on your favorite music or shows during your massage.

Equipped with an infrared heating system, you can easily adjust the temperature from three different modes to get the perfect, cozy, and warm massage that gives your body a much-needed break. Experience a deep and effective massage with a Z-dream massage chair. The embedded armrest provides easy access to adjustments and controls during your massage. The massage chair’s handrail has a storage box that can conveniently be used to keep your mobile, remote, or phone.


  • Infrared heating system
  • Bluetooth surround sound
  • Auto body recognition
  • Spine adjustable width
  • 5-speed levels
  • Whole body massage
  • Airbags for kneading massage
  • Quick access and convenient storage box
  • Space-saver design
  • Portable with 4 moving wheels


  • Expensive

4: Z-Cloud Massage Chair

Z-cloud massage chair supports the perfect comfy sports ergonomics with different massage methods and targeting methods, giving your body a perfect full-body massage. This massage chair offers a complete customization system that allows the user to adjust everything from the height to the shoulders, and extending down to the feet, making this massage chair perfect for petite people. With the open-toe massage concept, you can get a full foot massage from every angle.

The Z-cloud massage chair uses speaker systems that give a full 3D surround sound experience for creating the perfect atmosphere for relaxation during a massage. This massage chair doesn’t just offer a back massage but is also perfect for a foot massage with its advanced foot rollers. The companion app can be downloaded to any device and used to get access the touch menu.

The back width adjustment feature makes it suitable for all bodies either tall or petite. With an extended massage range that moves from the hands to the neck, shoulders back, you will get the best massage that a massage chair can offer. Experience a zero-gravity effect with a perfect whole-body massage experience.

Pros : 

  • Full body massage
  • Companion app
  • Back width adjustment
  • Extended range for massage
  • Zero gravity
  • Storage pouch for convenience
  • Multiple targeting
  • Space-saving design
  • 3D Bluetooth support


  • Heavyweight

Problems with short people while using a big massage chair

There are certain massage chairs for petite people because of the problems that come with big chairs for them. Big massage chairs can have certain problems for short or petite people. Here are some of the problems that these people face.

  • Massage rollers pass over the head

A big massage chair for petite people will not fit well. As the person’s body is not able to fit into the chair, the massage roller will often go past the person’s head without giving a proper massage. This is because the person’s body is not in contact with the chair’s surface. This can be a hurdle for petite people to enjoy a good body massage.  

  • Shoulder airbags aren’t a fit

Petite people will often have smaller frames than larger people. As a result, the width of the massage chair will not fit the person well. Massage chairs often have air compression bags for shoulders, but if these airbags don’t touch your shoulder, the massage won’t be effective. This can be one problem for petite people trying to use a big massage chair.

  • Feet won’t touch the roller bottom

Many massage chairs offer a phenomenal foot massage with rollers, but if your feet don’t reach the bottom, the foot massage rollers won’t work. One problem that petite people face sitting in big massage chairs is that their feet won’t be massaged at all.

Few benefits of massage chair for short people

What benefits do massage chairs offer for short people? Here are some of the most important benefits you can take advantage of.

  1. It improves the posture of the body
  2. A good body massage gives the immune system a boost
  3. A relaxing massage can release tension in the muscles, comforting muscles that are sore
  4. It can give your mood a boost by releasing more endorphins.
  5. It helps to tackle many digestive issues
  6. An effective massage can improve the blood flow in the body reducing risks of problems like abnormal cholesterol, cardiac problems, or high blood pressure.

Although most massage chairs available are big in size, there are other ones designed for petite users. This does not mean you simply buy a big massage chair. Search the market to find a massage chair for petite people that have adjustable features to fit everyone’s size. Some of these massage chairs have been reviewed above for you! 

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