Massage Gun for Wrist Pain

Massage Gun for Wrist Pain

Your wrist is a complex structure composed of hard and soft tissues. Ligaments, tendons, muscles, and bones work in synchrony to allow the wrist to move and bear weight. 

Wrist pain or discomfort can seriously hamper your ability to hold and grip. Luckily, massage guns can help relieve wrist pain.

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Causes of wrist pain

There are multiple causes of wrist pain. The following are some actions and conditions that can lead to aching in the hand and wrist region. It's important to note that not all wrist pain requires medical care; some cases can be managed with self-care, while others may need immediate medical attention.

Excessive weight lifting

Many athletes have reported that weightlifting causes wrist pain. Lifting weights is a great way to attain a strong body. However, some maneuvers can lead to unbearable pain. Excessive weight lifting is one proven cause of hand and wrist tendinopathies.

The causes of wrist pain after weight lifting include:

  • Improper form 

  • Lifting weights heavier than your load-bearing capacity 

  • Working out too much 

  • Working out even after sustaining an acute injury 

Amateurs often focus on the weight and reps before the form. This is why they often develop wrist pain early on. Seasoned veterans of the gym usually understand the importance of form. However, they can also suffer from wrist pain.

CrossFit workouts

Fitness fanatics who go the extra mile to build strength often take up CrossFit workouts. Olympic weightlifters and Cross Fitters have a greater propensity to acquire injuries such as wrist pain. The high-intensity exercises put you a step closer to wrist conditions. According to a 2021 study, CrossFit athletes are more prone to developing hand and wrist pain.

The soft tissue injuries in CrossFit men were common in the wrists, elbows, and shoulders, a study suggests. The causes of these wrist syndromes in CrossFit athletes include the following:

  • Dorsal wrist impingement 

  • Scaphoid impaction syndrome 

  • Distal radius stress fracture 

Carpal tunnel syndrome

Carpal tunnel syndrome occurs when the median nerve becomes compressed at the wrist, leading to wrist pain and affecting 3-6% of adults. The median nerve, which runs through the carpal tunnel, provides sensation to parts of the hand and controls some thumb movements. Wrist pain arises due to the impingement of one of the three major nerves in the forearm.

Pinched nerves lead to pain, burning, or tingling in the hands and wrists. The following are groups at a greater risk of developing carpal tunnel syndrome:

  • Obese

  • Wrist overuse

  • Pregnant ladies

  • Rheumatoid arthritis patients

  • People with a family history of the disease


Different forms of arthritis can lead to wrist pain. Managing arthritis symptoms often involves a combination of treatments, including medication, physical activity, and consulting with healthcare providers. Major forms of arthritis that can cause wrist pain include the following:

Arthritis treatments may need to be adjusted based on environmental factors like humidity and cold, which can worsen symptoms.

To relieve arthritis pain, a combination of over-the-counter or prescription medicine, staying active, and consulting with a provider or physical therapist for suitable exercises is recommended.

Rheumatoid arthritis

Wrist joint degeneration is common in rheumatoid arthritis patients. According to a longitudinal study, total wrist arthroplasty appears in a significant number of cases of rheumatoid arthritis patients.

Wrist joint pain carries value in diagnosing the extent and progression of rheumatoid arthritis.


A degenerative disease that occurs in old age is known as osteoarthritis. Increased friction between bones of the wrist joint can lead to swelling and persistent pain. 

Gouty arthritis

Excessive uric acid in the blood, often due to the body producing too much uric acid or not excreting it sufficiently, can lead to the deposition of urate crystals in the joints. The main deposit sites of the crystals are the big toes, fingers, and wrist joints.


Falls, roadside accidents, and sports injuries can cause muscle sprains. The severing of ligaments and muscles may be the cause of wrist aches. However, in severe cases, it is an underlying fracture that causes pain. 

Massage therapy for wrist pain 

Whatever the cause of wrist pain, massage therapy has shown promising results in providing relief. Massage therapy can also be an effective way to relieve arthritis pain by improving blood flow and reducing inflammation. Massage therapy for wrist pain is a pretty effective, non-invasive treatment. Massage therapy targets wrist pain from all sides.

A study revealed that deep friction massage can help relieve pain symptoms in athletes. CrossFit athletes and other athletes can take full advantage of massage therapy.

Deep friction massage also helps improve the range of motion of the wrist. When combined with taping, deep friction massage can significantly decrease wrist pain and improve muscle strength. Splinting and massage therapy combination can provide good results in subsiding symptoms of carpal tunnel syndrome.

Moderate pressure massage given to rheumatoid arthritis patients improves their range of motion and reduces wrist pain. Massage therapy also effectively reduces hand arthritis pain.

Many studies prove that massage improves blood flow. Therefore, massage therapy can also heal and recover from a wrist injury. A randomized controlled trial concluded that massage reduces hyperalgesia and improves pain perception.

Massage gun for wrist pain

Frequent visits to a massage therapist are not always possible. Therefore, the best way to get consistent massage treatments is to get a massage gun. Massage guns for wrist pain work well. 

According to a study, a massage gun is critical for athletes and weight lifters, two groups prone to wrist pain and injury. Its percussion massage therapy can increase the range of motion and reduce muscle soreness. 

A massage gun extends the same effects as a manual hand massage:

  • Relief from muscle tension 

  • Alleviation of wrist pain 

  • Improvement in circulation 

  • Increase in range of motion

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Understanding and Treatment of Wrist Pain

Wrist pain can be debilitating, affecting daily activities and reducing quality of life. Understanding the full scope of potential treatments beyond initial therapy options is crucial for those suffering from persistent wrist issues.

Advanced Diagnostic Approaches

Before treatment, precise diagnosis is essential. Medical professionals may use advanced imaging techniques such as MRI or CT scans to get a clearer picture of the underlying causes of wrist pain. These imaging techniques help in identifying not just fractures but also subtle ligament tears and areas of inflammation that standard X-rays might miss.

Physical Therapy Techniques

Physical therapy plays a pivotal role in the rehabilitation of wrist pain, offering several techniques tailored to the needs of the patient. Therapists may employ modalities such as ultrasound therapy, which uses sound waves to promote healing and reduce inflammation. Another technique, electrical stimulation, can help manage pain and aid in muscle re-education.

Ergonomic Adjustments

In cases where wrist pain is exacerbated by workplace activities or daily habits, ergonomic adjustments can be highly beneficial. Ergonomic consultants might suggest changes to the setup of a workstation, the use of ergonomic keyboards, or even the adjustment of chair heights to reduce strain on the wrists.

Nutritional Considerations

Nutrition also plays a role in managing conditions like gouty arthritis, where diet can impact uric acid levels significantly. Patients may be advised to avoid high-purine foods that can trigger gout attacks and instead focus on a balanced diet rich in anti-inflammatory foods.

Surgical Interventions

For severe cases, such as those involving significant structural damage from injuries or advanced arthritis, surgery might be necessary. Procedures can range from minimally invasive arthroscopy to more extensive surgeries like joint fusion or replacement, depending on the severity of the condition and the patient's lifestyle needs.

Holistic Approaches

Holistic approaches to managing wrist pain can include acupuncture, which may help alleviate pain by triggering the body's natural painkilling chemicals. Additionally, yoga and tai chi can improve flexibility and strength, which might help relieve some types of wrist pain.

Long-term Management Strategies

Long-term management of wrist pain involves a combination of regular physical therapy, continued use of ergonomic practices, and possibly routine massages to help maintain muscle and joint health. For athletes, regular conditioning and preventive exercises tailored to their sport can help minimize the risk of re-injury.

Community and Support

Joining support groups for individuals with similar conditions can provide emotional and practical support. Sharing experiences and tips can be invaluable in coping with chronic conditions that affect the wrists.

Innovative Therapies

Recent advancements in treatment also include regenerative medicine techniques like stem cell therapy and platelet-rich plasma (PRP) injections, which have shown promise in treating various musculoskeletal injuries by promoting healing.

The Importance of Regular Follow-up

Regular follow-up with healthcare providers is crucial to adjust treatment plans as needed and to monitor the progression of the condition. Continuous monitoring helps ensure that treatments remain effective and are adjusted to changing symptoms or levels of activity.

The bottom line 

Wrist pain is an activity-limiting condition. Arthritis symptoms, such as swelling and stiffness, are common complaints among those suffering from wrist pain. Several of underlying causes are associated with wrist pain. Nerve impingement of carpal tunnel syndrome can cause numbness and tingling in addition to wrist pain. Athletes and weightlifters - especially CrossFit athletes - are more prone to pain and injury in the wrist joint. Arthritis patients and those with wrist injuries also complain of swelling and pain in the wrist.

The ultimate solution to wrist pain is massage therapy. Massage guns save time, money, and effort all while providing pain relief.

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