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Massage Gun for Wrist Pain

August 30, 2021 4 min read

Your wrist is a complex structure comprised of various structures including hard and soft tissues. You have ligaments, tendons, muscles, and bones working in synchrony in this small biological area. The convergence of these different structures allows the wrist to be flexible and an efficiently weight-bearing component. 

Wrist Pain or discomfort can seriously hamper your ability to hold and grip stuff. Massage guns for wrist pain can be judiciously used to provide relief.

There are multiple causes that can lead to aching in the hand and wrist region, some of which are discussed below:

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Causes of Wrist Pain

Overuse of Hands :

Many sportspeople and athletes have reported that weightlifting causes wrist pain. Lifting weights is the appropriate way of attaining an attractive muscular body. However, sometimes this maneuver can land you in unbearable pain.  Excessive weight lifting has been identified as an important factor inhand and wrist tendinopathies.

The causes of wrist pain after weight lifting include:

  • Improper form of exercise 
  • Lifting weights heavier than your load-bearing capacity 
  • Working out too much 
  • Working out even after sustaining an acute injury 

It is usually the amateur folks that focus on the number of weights and not on the method, that develop wrist pain early on. Seasoned veterans of the gym might also suffer from wrist pain.

CrossFit Workout :

Fitness freaks who go the extra mile to build strength often take upCrossFit workouts. Olympic weightlifters and CrossFitters have a greater propensity toacquire injuries such as wrist pain. The high-intensity exercises put you a step closer to wrist impingement syndromes. As per a2021 study, CrossFit athletes are more prone to developing hand and wrist pain (injuries).

The soft tissue (muscle) injuries in CrossFitter men were common in the wrists, elbows, and shoulders, astudy suggests. The causes of these wrist pains (syndromes) in CrossFit athletes include:

  • Dorsal wrist impingement 
  • Scaphoid impaction syndrome 
  • Distal radius stress fracture 

Carpal Tunnel Syndrome

Carpal tunnel syndrome is a common cause of wrist pain and affects3-6% of adults in the general population. Wrist pain arises due to impinging of one of the three major nerves in the forearm i.e. the median nerve.

The pinching of the nerve leads to pain and/or burning, tingling in the hand and wrist region. There are certain groups at a greater risk of developingCarpal Tunnel syndrome:

  • Obese 
  • Wrist overusers 
  • Pregnant ladies 
  • Rheumatoid arthritis patients 
  • People having a family history of the disease


Diverse forms of arthritis can lead to wrist pain development. Major forms of arthritis that can cause wrist pain include:

Rheumatoid Arthritis :

Wrist joint degeneration is common in rheumatoid arthritis patients. As per alongitudinal study, there has been a significant number of cases of total wrist arthroplasty in rheumatoid arthritis patients.

Pain and destruction of the wrist joint carry diagnostic value to access the extent and progression ofearly Rheumatoid arthritis.

Osteoarthritis :

Degenerative disease occurring in old age is known as osteoarthritis. Increased friction between bones of the wrist joint can lead to swelling and persistent pain. 

Gouty Arthritis :

Excessive uric acid in the blood i.e. hyperuricemia can also lead to deposition of urate crystals in the joints. The main target site of the crystals is the big toe of the foot, fingers of the hand, and wrist joint. 

Injury :

Falls, roadside accidents, and sports injuries can also cause muscle sprains. The severing of ligaments and muscles may be the cause of the ache, however, in severe cases, it is the underlying fracture that causes pain. 

Massage Therapy For Wrist Pain 

Whatever the cause of wrist pain maybe, massage therapy has shown promising results in providing relief.Massage therapy for wrist pain is a pretty effective, non-interventional treatment methodology that actually imparts pain relief. 

Massage therapy targets wrist pain from all sides. All aspects of wrist pain are addressed by the touch of a professional masseuse. In astudy, it was revealed that deep friction massage can help relieve pain symptoms in athletes.

Deep friction massage also helps in improvingthe range of motion of the wrist. Crossfit athletes can take full advantage of massage therapy. Whencombined with taping, deep friction massage can significantly decrease wrist pain and improve muscle strength in tennis elbow patients.

Splinting and massage therapy combination can provide good results in subsiding symptoms of carpal tunnel syndrome. 

Moderate pressure massage given to Rheumatoid arthritis patients leads to improvements in range of motion and reduction in wrist pain.Hand arthritis pain is efficiently reduced by massage therapy.

It is proven by studies that massage improves the blood flow of the region. Therefore, massage therapy can also help in healing and recovering from a wrist injury. It was concluded in a randomized controlled trial that massage reduces hyperalgesia and improves the pain perception of patients.

Massage Gun For Wrist Pain :

In modern times frequent visits to a massage therapist are not possible. Therefore, the best way to get help yourself is getting a massage gun. It is believed that massage guns for wrist pain work superbly. 

As per astudy, a massage gun is critical for athletes and weight lifters (prone to wrist pain and injury). The percussion massage therapy imparted by a percussion massage gun can increase the range of motion and reduce muscle soreness. 

A massage gun extends thesame effects as a manual hand massage including:

  • Relief in muscle tension 
  • Alleviation of wrist pain 
  • Improvement in circulation 
  • Betterment in range of motion

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Conclusion : 

Wrist pain is an activity-limiting discomfort that can be attributed to a number of underlying causes. Nerve impingement in Carpal tunnel syndrome patients can cause numbness/tingling in addition to wrist pain. Athletes and weightlifters (especially Crossfit athletes) are more prone to getting an ache in the wrist joint. Arthritis patients (RA and Osteoarthritis) and those suffering injury also complain of swelling and pain in the wrist. 

The ultimate solution to wrist pains is massage therapy. Smart people chose efficient massage guns to save time, money, and effort while getting evident pain relief. 


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