If you’re suffering from chronic pain in your nerves or muscles and want to use something for pain relief that isn’t addictive or harmful medication, Transcutaneous Electrical Nerve Stimulation (TENS) and Electric Muscle Stimulation (EMS) are safe alternatives. These methods of pain relief are designed to stimulate your nerves and muscles so that your body produces natural pain relievers. When you combine TENS therapy with EMS therapy, you can get pain relief that actually works.

Some companies like Hidow, Dr. Ho, Smart Relief, The GoodBody, and Omron Healthcare make products that are only TENS oriented. These products will only mask your pain instead of relieving it permanently. You’ll find yourself needing to use these products more and more frequently, which can lead to some painful side effects or, worse, encourage you to turn to addictive pain medications instead of taking a holistic approach to healing.

We knew there had to be a better way to approach pain relief, which is how we came up with the idea for our revolutionary TENS/EMS products that combine the two therapies into one easy-to-use pain-relieving experience. Zarifa USA has products that combine both TENS and EMS that you can use at home, at work, in the car or wherever you go. Our units combine the benefits of TENS with EMS to help give better results, strengthen muscles and joints, increase blood circulation, and permanently get rid of the pain.

Here’s everything you need to know about the differences between TENS and EMS and how they work together in Zarifa, USA products to provide lasting pain relief without harmful or addictive side effects. 


The short answer is that TENS units deliver short bursts of electrical currents directly to your nerves to block pain receptors in your brain.

To get more detailed, TENS units work by stimulating the nervous system to produce endorphins, which are your body’s natural pain relievers. You’ll attach adhesive electrodes to your skin, which is where you’ll receive the electric current. These adhesive electrodes are easy to take on and off, and they’re reusable. TENS units are safe enough to use every day, and you can even use TENS units multiple times a day on different parts of your body to get the pain relief you need so you can live your life without relying on prescriptions.

The Zarifa TENS/EMS unit delivers a low-voltage electrical current to two electrodes that attach to your skin through the Zarifa Oxygen Sensor pads. When an electric current gets delivered, your nerve signals get temporarily shocked and blocked before they get to your brain. The result is instant pain relief.

Our TENS/EMS units are especially beneficial for anyone who suffers from chronic pain, including people who suffer from sciatica, fibromyalgia, multiple sclerosis, endometriosis, arthritis, sports injuries, and spinal cord injuries. The low-voltage shock doesn’t hurt. In fact, it does the opposite by giving you instant pain relief. 


How to use a TENS unit

In general, TENS units are fairly simple to master. You’ll need to adhere electrodes to your skin. Fortunately, you don’t need to limit your use of a TENS unit to home use. While there are models that work best when you’re at home, or at least when you have some privacy, the Zarifa TENS and EMS Wireless unit is designed for you to take with you to provide discrete pain relief so you can get through your day no matter where the day takes you.

To use a TENS unit, you’ll first need to adhere the adhesive electrodes to your skin. Next, you’ll choose your desired intensity. You can adjust the intensity as you go. We recommend starting at a lower intensity and working up to higher intensity during your session until you find a level that’s comfortable for you and provides pain relief. Many people find that they get pain relief on the lowest level of intensity, while others need to use a higher level of intensity to get the full benefits. Everybody is different, so with the different levels to figure out what works best for your specific pain.

Some TENS units have a frequency option. Once you have the electrodes attached and have selected your desired intensity, you’ll choose a frequency. In TENS units, frequency refers to how many electrical pulses are sent to your body per second.

If you have acute pain, you may want to choose high-frequency pulses, which range from 80 – 120 cycles per second. Chronic pain sufferers may find more relief with a low frequency, which ranges from 1 – 20 cycles per second. At lower levels, the electric stimulation encourages your body to release endorphins, which are your own natural pain-killing hormones, at a high rate. The result is fast, natural pain relief.

Our TENS/EMS unit combines TENS therapy with EMS therapy to deliver massage modes that you can customize depending on your level of pain and the type of relief you need on any given day. You’ll simply choose your mode, sit back, and enjoy the soothing sensations of combined TENS and EMS pain relief that targets both your nerves and your muscles. 

TENS unit benefits:

Following are the common benefits of using a TENS unit in various health conditions:

  • The primary advantage of this machine is nerve stimulation to block the pain signals from reaching the brain resulting in a reduced sensation of chronic or acute pain.
  • It enhances overall blood circulation within the body.
  • The TENS unit is found to help improve sleep patterns.
  • Using a TENS unit can also help patients suffering from nerve damage to retrain nerves.
  • With the proper usage of this device, patients can also reduce inflammation caused deep within the muscles.


Even though TENS and EMS are generally grouped together as pain-relieving alternatives to prescriptions, they have different functions. Unlike TENS units, which target nerves throughout your body, electrical muscle stimulation (EMS) therapy stimulates and strengthens muscles all over your body by causing muscle contractions through electrical impulses. EMS therapy is also commonly referred to as neuromuscular electric stimulation (NMES), e-stim, or muscle stim.

Like TENS, EMS units deliver an electric charge to your body through electrodes that attach to your skin. Zarifa’s TENS/EMS unit uses EMS technology to deliver electronic pulses that relax muscle spasms and increase blood circulation. Additionally, our unit re-educates your muscles and breaks up lactic acid, making it ideal for anyone recovering from an injury, mobility issues, or a tough workout.

EMS therapy is generally used among athletes and people who are going through rehabilitation after an accident or injury. While they used to be reserved only for professional athletes, trainers, and physical therapists, EMS therapy is becoming more mainstream as people everywhere are starting to recognize the benefits of EMS technology, especially when compared to other methods of muscle stimulation and pain relief. 

EMS therapy side effects

Unlike harmful stimulants, like steroids, there are no damaging or life-threatening side effects of EMS therapy. Some side effects that some patients have noted include skin irritation at the electrode application site, headaches (usually when the unit is applied near the neck or head area), and painful muscles when the unit is used on an atrophied muscle or afflicted joint. In some cases, patients have noted feeling pain when they put the electrode on a muscle that’s prone to muscle spasms.

You might also experience some discomfort or pain if you use your EMS unit excessively. For best results, use the unit on different parts of your body throughout the day instead of using it repeatedly on only one or two parts of your body all day long. 


The benefits of EMS far outweigh the side effects, and, for most people, the benefits of EMS therapy are enough to get people to stop relying on prescription medication for pain relief.

By turning to a holistic method of pain relief, we believe that people will become less at risk of becoming addicted to harmful pain medication. Our goal at Zarifa is to promote holistic healing so people around the world can live pain-free lives without relying on medication, and our TENS/EMS machines are designed to do just that.

EMS can help patients restore mobility and balance to their muscles, making it popular for athletes recovering from injuries. It can also help reduce pain and restore function, so it’s used by physical therapists to help anyone who has suffered from a serious injury, has chronic pain, or has a physical condition that limits mobility.

We’ve designed our TENS/EMS units to work for anyone. So, even if you don’t have a chronic pain condition or a specific injury, you can still benefit from a TENS/EMS unit. Laborers, as well as office workers who sit hunched at a desk all day long, can find relief for their sore and tired muscles by using one of our TENS/EMS units

How to use an EMS muscle stimulator

Zarifa’s TENS/EMS Pro VI unit is easy to use. Both of our units include electrodes that attach to your body. The units deliver electronic pulses to your body, and you can choose the intensity level you want.

One thing that sets Zarifa’s TENS/EMS units apart from competitors’ products is our use of Zarifa Oxygen Sensor Pads. You can put these sensor pads on any part of your body that needs pain relief. They combine with silver circuits to deliver high-powered neurostimulation wherever you need it.

Because EMS isn’t a stimulant, you can use it throughout the day to relieve your pain. Instead of taking pills or relying on medication to get through the day, simply attach the sensor pads to your body and turn on the unit for instant pain relief. Move your TENS/EMS unit to different parts of your body throughout the day to avoid side effects and to get targeted pain relief where you need it most. 


While our competitors only have units that use TENS technology, Zarifa’s TED/EMS units combine EMS and TENS to deliver a full-scale pain-relieving experience for your body.

TENS relieves pain by cutting off communication from your nerves to your brains. EMS stimulates your muscles, causing muscle contractions that increase circulation, promote muscle strength, and relieve pain. Combining these two modes of pain relief gives you the ultimate experience in pain relief by targeting your nerves along with your muscles.

This revolutionary advancement in EMS and TENS technology is the best way to relieve pain without medication. Instead of just masking symptoms of pain and giving you temporary relief, our TENS/EMS units actually target the root of the problem, giving you real pain relief. Eventually, our hope is that you will no longer need to use or TENS/EMS units because your pain will be permanently gone.

In the meantime, here are some of the most important and popular benefits of using a TENS/EMS machine to target your nerves and muscles for pain relief and muscle stimulation


Electronic muscle stimulator for weight loss

Even though EMS devices are starting to become popular in gyms across the country, they aren’t necessarily a weight loss device. Instead, athletes use EMS to build muscles. In fact, EMS therapy is often referred to as a “best-kept secret” among elite athletes and bodybuilders.

In addition to using EMS for muscle stimulation, many athletes use EMS devices for muscle recovery and pain relief. When used this way, EMS can indirectly contribute to weight loss. That’s because when you use EMS after a hard workout, you increase blood flow. This helps your muscles recover faster, making it more likely that you can push harder during your next workout.

By reducing downtime in between workouts and having more energy to push through future workouts, many athletes and avid fitness enthusiasts find that they’re able to get more out of their workouts and, therefore, are able to lose weight at a faster rate when they use EMS units than when they rely on other methods for recovery. If you’re training for an upcoming athletic event, or if you just want to train smarter instead of harder, consider adding our TENS/EMS units to your daily routine.

Do muscle stimulators work for abs ( Tens Unit ) ?

Getting a six-pack without going to the gym sounds like a crazy dream, but it’s actually been proven that muscle stimulators can reduce the amount of fat on your waistline and turn that fat into muscle when used over time.
For instance, Zarifa’s Six-Pack Pro stimulates muscles in your abdomen to help you get those six-pack abs you’ve always dreamed of without taking harmful stimulants or spending hours at the gym. This product is a safe and proven-effective way to stimulate those hard-to-workout abdomen muscles every day. Make sure to follow the product’s directions and limit your use to one area per day. Overusing the Six-Pack Pro could result in muscle fatigue.


Electric muscle stimulator for pain :

EMS therapy is also useful for people who suffer from chronic pain or have weak muscles. It can be used in conjunction with physical therapy and is often used by physical therapists in their offices. You can use EMS therapy to tone weak muscles and minimize pain as you heal.

Zarifa’s IQ Massager Pro IVS Combo Kit, for instance, gives you all the EMS and TENS relief that you could ask for. Along with our EMS/TENS unit for muscle stimulation and pain relief, you’ll also get slippers and a back massager, which are both designed to target specific nerves and muscles that are in pain. When you have a chronic condition, using a full range of TENS and EMS products will provide all-over pain relief so you can continue doing the activities that matter to you without taking harmful medications.

Plantar fasciitis pain relief :

If you suffer from plantar fasciitis, you know all too well how painful it can be to do normal activities, like walking or even standing. While common among runners, we also see people develop plantar fasciitis who have a history of wearing unsupportive shoes for long periods of time and people who are overweight.

You may have tried either EMS for plantar fasciitis or TENS for plantar fasciitis, but if those haven't worked, then consider a product that combines both EMS and TENs technology. Zarifa’s TED/EMS slippers are specifically designed to help anyone who has problems in their feet, including plantar fasciitis, by delivering targeted electric signals that stimulate your muscles and block pain receptors in your nerves.

A lot of people who suffer from plantar fasciitis try to work through the pain, but this can lead to even more problems, especially if you change how you walk to accommodate your condition. Instead, wear our slippers to eliminate your pain so you can get back to your normal activities. You can wear them in the morning, which is when many patients have the most pain, or after workouts to reduce pain brought on by exercise.




Neuropathy Treatment from Tens Unit : 

Peripheral neuropathy isn’t a standalone condition. It’s nerve damage that can be caused by several conditions, including injuries, metabolic conditions, malnutrition, vitamin deficiency, or diabetes. Often characterized by tingling, numbness, and sharp pain, neuropathy frequently goes away with at-home treatment.

Doctors often prescribe pain medication to ease symptoms until the condition goes away. However, you can get pain relief without a prescription by using Zarifa’s TED/EMS slippers instead.

Because neuropathy affects the nerves in your body, TENS for neuropathy is becoming a popular option for treatment. Our products combine EMS with TENS to give you pain relief that gets to the root of the problem so your neuropathy can clear up safely and holistically as your body heals.

Doctors often prescribe pain medication to ease symptoms until the condition goes away. However, you can get pain relief without a prescription by using Zarifa’s TED/EMS slippers instead.

Because neuropathy affects the nerves in your body, TENS for neuropathy is becoming a popular option for treatment. Our products combine EMS with TENS to give you pain relief that gets to the root of the problem so your neuropathy can clear up safely and holistically as your body heals.

EMS and TENS machines for arthritis :

Arthritis is a chronic condition that can be debilitating and make it difficult to perform everyday functions and participate in activities you love. EMS and TENS machines can help arthritis patients get pain relief naturally. Because our TENS/EMS units are safe enough to use every day, they’re ideal for arthritis sufferers who want long-lasting pain relief without relying on prescription medication.

TENS and EMS unit for back pain relief :

Anyone can suffer from back pain. Whether your back is sore from working, working out, pregnancy, or from an injury, our back massage belt can do more than just temporarily ease your symptoms of pain; it can actually get rid of it altogether.

Zarifa’s back massage belt is especially useful for patients who have lower back pain or herniated disks. It’s small enough to take anywhere, so you can use it while you’re relaxing at home or sitting at your desk at the office. It’s like having a personal masseuse on-hand anytime your back pain becomes too much, and it’s a safe alternative to pain medication.


There are a lot of benefits to TENS and EMS, especially for people who want to find a holistic way to build muscle and relieve their pain without turning to harmful and addictive medication. By combining the technologies of TENS and EMS in our products, we’ve created a line of products that target both your nerves and your muscles to give you permanent pain relief.

If you’re tired of suffering from pain or using pills and products that only mask your symptoms, be sure to check out our full lineup of TENS/EMS machines that are available to help you relieve your pain for good. 


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