Are Massage Guns Safe During Pregnancy?

Massage Gun safe During Pregnancy

Pregnancy is an emotional and physical rollercoaster from start to finish.From the day you learn that you are pregnant, your daily routine starts to change. You don't eat the same things, activities change, and you have endless questions.

To put it simply, when pregnant, you need both psychological and physical support to keep your health at its best. According to the American Pregnancy Association, massage therapy can help reduce depression, anxiety, and other symptoms, but using a massage gun during pregnancy is a simple way to reap those benefits at home.

Be aware that you should only use the massage gun on the specific body parts outlined in this article because percussion massages for pregnant women can be quite technical and require caution.

However, percussion massages for pregnant women can be quite technical and require caution. You can use a massage gun on your own. However, you should only use it on the specific body parts outlined in this article.

PLEASE NOTE: We recommend consulting your doctor before doing any massages by yourself while pregnant, especially during the first trimester. “Are massages okay during pregnancy?” is a frequent question we get asked, so please be sure to read the entire article. 

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What is percussion massage therapy?

Percussion massage therapy is not a hands-on massaging technique. Instead, a special device known as a percussion massager or massage gun is used.

So, is using a massage gun during pregnancy safe? The short answer is "only on specific areas of your upper body, like your neck." However, it's a bit more complicated.

Let's cover the basics first. A percussion massager stimulates your muscles and increases blood flow. Percussion therapy is not recommended for every pregnant woman. To know if it is safe for you, you need to consult your doctor or a healthcare professional first. Whether your partner is giving you a muscle massage or you are doing it on your own, you must ask your doctor before considering massage therapy.


When is the right time to use a percussion massager during pregnancy?

Once you are through your first trimester, go for a complete physical check-up.  If your doctor approves of it, you can begin percussion massages. 

Some massage therapists and doctors advise against a percussion massage during the first trimester as it can increase the risk of a miscarriage.

These therapy massages can release endorphins and relax both the baby and the mother. If you have swollen legs and feet, a therapeutic foot massage will do wonders.

What happens when you do percussion massages while pregnant?

During pregnancy, the purpose of percussion massages is to trigger pressure points, alleviate body pain, treat muscle spasms, and reduce stress. With regular therapy sessions, you can feel significant improvements. Percussion massage therapy also helps strengthen muscles.

So, who can give you a percussion massage? That’s up to you to choose. You can consult a professional masseuse to perform the task. If you own a massager, you can do it on your own or ask your partner to do it. Choose whatever you are most comfortable with.

Where to use percussion massager when pregnant?

During pregnancy, the blood flow in your body increases. Because of this, it is not healthy to use a percussion massager on your lower body parts. Why? A percussion massager follows the deep tissue massage technique. Deep tissue massage increases blood circulation to treat strained muscles. During pregnancy, there is a natural increase in blood flow. If you use a percussion massager on your legs, the blood may start to clot in your lower body parts. Therefore, your doctor may advise against using a percussion massager.

However, using a massage gun during pregnancy does not negatively impact the upper part of your body (i.e., shoulders, neck, and back). Percussion or deep tissue massages cause problems if you perform them on your lower back, thighs, lower legs, and abdominal area during your pregnancy. Avoid overstimulation in lower body parts as it can cause blood clotting. 

Percussion massagers are only safe when used on upper body parts like shoulders, neck, and back. Make sure to avoid your lower legs, lower back, thighs, and stomach. Overusing it can be risky for your baby, so don't play around with anything on your own. Do your research well and follow the proper guidelines from your doctor.

Here are some other commonly asked questions about pregnancy massages.

What are the alternatives to percussion massage?

If you are not careful enough, a percussion massager can do more harm than good. If you are not an expert at using a percussion massager, you must always contact your doctor or a professional masseuse for complete instructions.

Are you having second thoughts regarding a massage therapy session? It's natural to get paranoid at times. If you are not confident to go ahead with it, it's better to resort to a gentle hand massaging therapy session.

During pregnancy, massage should not include any fast strokes or deep tissue pressure. Take it slow and use light strokes to relax your muscles. A light hands-on massage is not harmful to you or your baby. You can also read about deep tissue massage gun.

When to stop a pregnancy massage?

What works for other pregnant women may not work for you, and that's okay. If you continue to feel restless after a few therapy sessions, consider taking a break from it.

You should stop your pregnancy massage session immediately if you start experiencing nausea and preterm labor symptoms. Preterm labor symptoms include contractions, lower abdomen cramps, vaginal bleeding, and high blood pressure.

Preterm labor causes premature birth, which isn't healthy for your baby. If you have any of the symptoms above, consult a doctor as soon as possible. Your doctor may also strongly advise against pregnancy massages if you have had a miscarriage before.


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