How To Relieve Muscle Spasm In Neck And Shoulder?

How To Relieve Muscle Spasm In Neck And Shoulder?

Did you know that an average adult person's brain weighs around 1.1 - 1.3 kg? But you do not feel this weight because this CPU is submerged in cerebrospinal fluid.

The head, however, is a different story. Your head is composed of a dense network of bones, joints, muscles, and vessels carrying a lot of weight. This composite structure is supported by the collective efforts of your neck and the shoulders.

The increasing prevalence of "slouching" i.e. forward tilting of the head is becoming a menace for society, thanks to the addiction to smartphones. This persistent slouching habit makes all of us prone to developing neck and shoulder spasm.

Your neck and shoulders are anatomically connected to each other. Therefore, in the majority of the cases, sprain in the neck is accompanied by spasms in the shoulders and upper back. In order to get complete relief, one has to ease the stress from the neck and shoulders too.

There are a number of causes of neck and shoulder spasm including:

  • Repetitive movements of the neck and the shoulder blade
  • Carrying heavy weights for long periods
  • Poor posture
  • Following Improper methods of exercise
  • Text neck syndrome

Text Neck Syndrome

The unwanted outcome of prolonged screen usage (smartphones, tablets, and computers) is a condition known as Text neck syndrome. According to a study, text Neck syndrome accounts for more than 68% of all neck disorders.

Signs And Symptoms

Text Neck syndrome is characterized by the following symptoms:

  • Pain in the neck, shoulders, and upper back
  • Forward tilting of the head
  • Reduction in the mobility of neck and shoulders
  • Inability to flex the neck

Best Ways To Relieve Neck And Shoulder Spasm

Massage Therapy

The easiest and most effective way to get rid of neck and shoulder spasm is to get a massage therapy session. The touch of a professional therapist can release the pressure off of your neck and associated structures.

Work-related stress in the neck and shoulder is a reality and faced by plenty of people across the globe. Muscle activation of neck muscles in patients with work-related neck and shoulder pain shows significant improvement in symptoms.

It is proven by studies that massage (especially electric massage) plays an important role in reducing spasticity while increasing the flexibility of muscles.

Connective tissue massage is a special type of massage that can aid in providing relief to chronic neck pain sufferers. As per a study, connective tissue massage leads to pain alleviation and relaxation of muscles.

On the other hand, traditional Chinese therapeutic massage has also shown positive results in lowering neck/shoulder pain while simultaneously improving mobility.

Spasm of the trapezius muscle and the sternocleidomastoid muscle can lead to excruciating pain and neck plus Shoulder spasm. One study claims that deep transverse friction massage reduces trapezius muscle spasm while a randomized controlled trial supports the use of massage for sternocleidomastoid.

Neck and shoulder disorders are best managed using manipulation and physical therapy. A systematic review advocates the use of manual therapies for alleviating pain in neck disorders. In another systematic review and meta-analysis, massage therapy efficaciously reduces spasms in the muscles of the upper extremity, however, no evident decrease in pain was noted.

Electric Massagers

Gone are the days when you need to wait for a professional massage therapist. Electric massagers are the thing nowadays. These massagers are ergonomically designed to provide relief at specific trigger points on the neck and shoulder.

Electric massagers are similar to kneading hands applying pressure via the shiatsu massage technique. The highly efficient massage appliances are effective in removing the pressure points on the muscles. This breaks the spasticity and improves the range of motion.

These devices are ergonomically designed to fit your neck and shoulder region. An ideal neck and shoulder massager targets the most common sore points and also helps alleviate pain from underlying causes such as degenerative disc disease.

Ice Therapy

Muscle spasms, whether in the neck or the shoulder are accompanied by inflammation and heat. The greater the inflammation, the more the heat. Ice therapy plays an important role in removing the heat from the sore muscle, thereby, reducing inflammation. A cross-sectional study claims that cryo-therapy (cold therapy) improves healing and rehabilitation.

There is evidence that ice can literally freeze pain in musculoskeletal disorders of the neck and shoulders.

Heat Therapy

To relieve pain and mobility issues of the neck and shoulder region, you can take benefit from heat therapy. There are two common types of thermo-therapy. Dry heat has shown to be effective against neck spasm. A lot of modern electric massagers come laced with heaters that result in superior results as compared to massage alone.

Moist heat is also an option to remove stress from spasmodic muscles. Convection heat (type of moist heat) provides deeper penetration into the tissues. Therefore, it is an effective strategy.

Exercise And Stretches

A highly effective method of increasing your neck and shoulder mobility is to stretch them in the right way. Research shows that stretching and carrying out exercise can be the best way to manage text neck syndrome.

The habit of stretching will also be significant in providing you relief from pain induced by trapezitis (inflammation of trapezius), a study shows.


In some cases such as a cervical fracture or a cervical disc slip might get aggravated by using an electric massager. It is advised to always seek medical guidance before using an electric massager for your condition.

Where Can I Find the Best Neck And Shoulder Massager?

You can find the best neck and shoulder massager by clicking here. This massager from Zarifa USA provides 3D Shiatsu massage and ensures flushing away of tensions, aches, and pains from your neck and shoulder region. The heating pads, paired with the massager positively impact conditions like neck pain, spasm, and frozen shoulder.


Neck and shoulder spasms are the result of different conditions including poor posture, slouching, repetitive movements, and improper weight lifting. The best way to manage this condition of reduced mobility and increased pain is to get a massage. Electric massagers are as effective as massage therapists. In addition to massage therapy, heat, cold therapies and stretching can also help.



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