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Things To Eat and Drink BEFORE/AFTER Taking A Massage in Your Massage Chair

December 23, 2021 4 min read

You must’ve heard from someone at some stage of your life “you are what you eat”, and that isn’t wrong. Food does have a huge impact on our physical and mental health and growth. Choosing what to eat, whether healthy or just for the satisfaction of the tongue, is totally up to us. Eating and drinking before and after a massage in your massage chair are not different. A massage chair can help bring great improvement in the overall condition of your body, helping to reduce anxiety, stress, back pain, and improve mobility. Getting a massage in a massage chair can ensure you get all the benefits of a good massage. However, to get the best out of your massage, you should only eat and drink those items that will help complement your massage. While some food and drink items complement an upcoming massage, others improve the effects of a massage when taken after. Let’s have a look at things that you should eat and drink before and after your massage.

Things to take before a massage in the massage chair

Here are a few things that you should eat before taking a massage.

  • salmon

Salmon is known to be a rich source of Omega-3 acids, an item that our body cannot produce, so it can only be taken from the food you eat. Being a great source of protein and vitamin B, salmon helps in improving the time of muscle recovery, and improve overall body health including the functioning of the heart. Salmon also helps in reducing blood pressure. Because of the multiple benefits it offers, Salmon can be a part of a pre-massage diet. It can be taken in form of Salmon sandwiches or in any other way you like. Nevertheless, be sure to take it at least 15 to 20 minutes before starting your massage.

  • Banana

Banana is known to be a potassium-rich fruit that helps to maintain moderate stress levels. Being useful for promoting sleep, it can be great for a massage session. Eating a few bananas 15 to 20 minutes before a massage can be a great start to massage therapy. Being known for its healing nature in blood and heart conditions, bananas also greatly help in digestion problems. Bananas are also good for avoiding stomach ulcers, constipation, and heat gas, and therefore serve as a healthy item to eat before starting an amazing massage session in a massage chair.

Things to take after having a massage in a massage chair

Once you’re done with your massage, here are a few things that you should take.

  • Take a lot of water

Water consumption is very necessary after a soothing massage. Water is useful in helping to flush toxins out of your body once you’ve had a massage. Try to take as much water as you can throughout the day because the amount of water in your body decides your level of energy. You’ll never be in a good mood if your body is dehydrated or thirsty. If you don’t take enough water after a massage, your massage won’t really be as efficient. When you take enough water after a massage, you will maximize your physical performance, feel more motivated, and less fatigued.

  • Broccoli

Several 4D massage chairs can help give a high-intensity massage session. If you enjoy high-intensity or deep tissue massage types, you’ll benefit greatly from eating broccoli. Broccoli holds great nutritional value because it is rich in minerals and vitamins along with bringing freshness to your table. Broccoli has antioxidants that help to reduce blood sugar, stress, blood pressure, and cholesterol levels. It contains bioactive compounds that reduce inflammation. So from the dietary point of view, broccoli is a portion of good food that can be consumed post-massage because of the multiple benefits.


Food and drinks to avoid pre- or post-massage in a massage chair

After having a look at things to eat and drink before and after a massage in your massage chair, let’s have a look at things that you should avoid pre- and post-massage.

  • Coffee/Tea

Relaxing in your massage chair can be great but taking coffee either before or after a massage may become counterproductive. When you have coffee, your relaxed muscles may get tensed up. Taking coffee can also rough up the nervous system along with making your body dehydrated. Your body needs to stay hydrated after a massage, but coffee will only turn it upside down. A night massage can be a great step to a good-night sleep, but coffee will keep you awake, thereby reducing the efficiency of a good massage. So, if you take coffee before or after a massage in your massage chair, you won’t feel relaxed or sleepy, thereby reducing the effects of an effective massage session.

  • Heavy meals or Alcoholic 

It’s also better to always avoid alcoholic items before or after having a massage in a massage chair. While a massage chair gives you a relieving, therapeutic experience, alcohol can take that away from you. Wait for 24 hours after a massage, at least before taking alcohol. The toxins that are released after a massage may have negative effects on consuming alcohol. You should wait for the toxins to be washed away. Alternatively, try to take water or fruit juices. Moreover, one other thing to avoid before and after a massage is a heavy meal. On the day you have a massage, keep your diet light.

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