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Trigger Point Therapy Massage Gun

August 17, 2020 2 min read

Have you ever wished to receive a relaxing massage after an intense workout session? It might be difficult for you to visit a professional massage therapist regularly, but our Zarifa Massage Gun can help you that. This easy-to-use massage gun provides you deep tissue massage to help you relieve muscle pain. The Zarifa Massage Gun helps you to improve your sports performance as well as helps in fast muscle recovery and relieving muscle pain and stiffness. This massage gun also offers trigger point therapy to ease the source of muscle pain. You might be wondering what a trigger point therapy is and how this therapy helps ease muscle soreness. Here, we will discuss trigger point therapy and how the Zarifa Massage Gun provides trigger point therapy to ease pain and soreness.

Trigger points:

Before knowing about the trigger point therapy, you need to know what a trigger point is. We can describe a trigger point as a hyperirritable spot in your body muscles. These trigger points are also called ‘knots’ and can be extremely painful for you when squeezed. Trigger points have a particular characteristic known as referred pain. This means that a trigger point or a knot in one body muscle can induce pain in another muscle area. For instance, a trigger point in your neck may create referral pain in your shoulder.

Trigger point causes:

Stressed or damaged muscles often cause trigger points or knots. They are compact areas of firmly contracted muscles that can be caused due to an intense workout session. Trigger points can be made worse by any physical activity or stress. Knots are extremely common and are usually caused due to repetitive strain or a direct muscle injury. When your body muscles are injured or even stressed, they form trigger points, and these trigger points feel like dense firm knots in the tissues of your muscles. Pressing these knots causes muscle fibers to shrink, and as a result, you feel sensations of pain. Habitual poor posture during office work and muscle clenching due to emotional stress are also the causes of trigger points.

Trigger Point Therapy:

A form of massage therapy specifically designed to ease the source of muscle pain and stiffness via cycles of confined squeeze and release is known as a trigger point therapy. This therapy applies direct pressure on specific points of your muscle tissues to decrease muscle stiffness and tension.

How the Zarifa Massage Gun uses Trigger Point Therapy:

The Zarifa Massage Gun generates strong pulses and vibrations and then delivers them into your muscle tissues. It results in improved blood flow in the targeted area and helps to relax muscles and reduce pain and soreness. You can use this device to target specific muscle areas that are causing you extreme pain. The Zarifa Massage Gun uses trigger point therapy to repair your muscle fiber, and it delivers rapid bursts of pressure in swift concentrated pulses deep into your muscle tissues while focusing on knots. Our Zarifa Massage Gun may be small but it is powerful and provides an effective trigger point therapy.

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